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  1. Got Some Basis Design Things here, nothing special yet, but that will change.
  2. Lite Sparkle


    This is stunning. I've no words for how beautiful this is. Actually I did found something, This is what the Sequel to Doom 64 would have been.
  3. I made some good progress on my map, but i forgot to make screens.
  4. About The Lights, i typed IDBEHOLDI before i made the screens so that explains why everything is the same amount of light. I'll get to changing some of the walls, I was more busy with architecture than I was busy with texture placements. The Ceilings will get their share of friendship, since that's magic isn't it? The idea for this map came from E3M7 the chasm from heretic, i always loved that map. but the best music is E2M3 (The river of fire)
  5. As promised some screens, I know it isn't much that is shown here, but I like to post a Screenshot of an area when I think it's done. (Yeah, It's tested in Zdoom, but the used format is just standard DOOM2, so you could just launch it with Doom95)
  6. Lite Sparkle

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I've seen this thread for quite awhile, and i'm just wondering. What's Skyrim?
  7. Lite Sparkle

    Fuck Anthrax... (bacteria, not the band, dammit)

    Anthrax and S.O.D are both good bands.
  8. The Map I' ve got doesn't feature a sky texture, but it does feature some Boss monsters like the Cyber/Mastermind. So It could be an episode 2/3 map. I'll get to screens when I'm home.
  9. Just one more month and it's that time of year again.
  10. Lite Sparkle

    Do you like Doom 64's music?

    More Interesting, how would they be able to code something so cryptic in the game is more something I'd like to know.
  11. Thanks, just have a few quick questions. Are custom textures & Music Allowed? And I would also like to know what the standard format. (Source Port compatibility)
  12. Lite Sparkle

    Anyone know this WAD?

    The only Wad i can think of is Zen Dynamics, since that one had black gloves.
  13. Do you still have open slots? If you do count me in.
  14. Lite Sparkle

    Doom64 EX 2.0 Released

    It looks like the original and feels like it. Awesome, defiantly gonna lock some hours playing this :D