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  1. Great, it has been fixed. That's what I needed to know, thanks.
  2. I'm working on a PRBoom wad that has lots of music changes, using thing 14101 for that. It's fine with PRBoom, DSDA Doom and ZDoom. Today I tested it on GZDoom (unfortunately GZDoom 1.8 is the only version that I can run currently). It's really wild, music changes all the time, even when I'm far away from the sector where the music changer is in. I know GZDoom has its own methods to change music, but I wanted this PRBoom wad to be GZDoom compatible. So, how GZDoom handles thing 14101? What do I have to do to change music correctly? I've seen wads placing a bunch of music changers instead of only one, but it still changes a lot more than it should. If this behavior has changed in recent GZDoom versions, please ignore this question.
  3. These are the dlls I downloaded. Unfortunately, couldn't run Gloome even after that. It closes on load screen.
  4. Couldn't run it. After getting some missing dll messages, I downloaded the dlls and now Gloome shuts after loading screen without any message. Not sure if I got the right dlls because there were more then one version of each. I downloaded the 64 bits ones.
  5. Sure, I'd like to test it in GlOOME
  6. I did that. Didn't help, but thanks, anyway. I wanted to understand why GZDoom behaves differently from ZDoom, but now I tested the wad in an old ZDoom version and it's also buggy. Maybe it has been fixed on recent GZDoom versions.
  7. I see. To me, it makes more sense to call the rooms by the doors that lock them, since the actual key is no longer there to orient the player, and we usually rely on automap in this type of situation, where we can see the doors colors. But it's your call, of course.
  8. Congrats on the Cacoward, Essel! I've just started playing it, really impressive so far! Didn't read the thread, but in case nobody pointed it: at the first map, there are instructions to use the bomb at the rock wall at the yellow key room, but the rock wall is actually at the red key room.
  9. Let me explain: - I changed the arachnotron plasmaball sprites and sounds for a custom projectile for a new monster (SS replacement) - Now I'd like the arachnotrons to shoot the same plasmaballs as the player, since I have no other "missiles" available (all other monsters shoot their own projectiles already) - I'm aware of a_monsterprojectile on MBF21, but this is an old PRBoom+ project with tons of dehacked already and I wouldn't like to change compatibility just for this one projectile. Is it possible? Thanks!!
  10. Indeed, it doesn't shoot anything at all using A_FirePlasma. I think I remember @Doomkid talking about BFG zombies and how you could make any monster shoot any weapon, but couldn't find it anymore.
  11. Thank you @Gez, that did work. MBF edit text file says: "Note that the frame's tics field must not be -1, for this to work correctly" but it worked anyway. I only had to change frame 921 duration to 1 instead of 0, because 0 tics gave me 100% skulls. But that's good enough, thank you!
  12. I'm trying to use MBF's random jump to spawn one of two things in a map, randomly of course. The problem is, it always goes to the same frame at first. If it randomizes several times, it works properly, but it's no use since my intention was to spawn an static object, only once. Just as a test, I picked the flaming skull slot, because it has 3 states. The first one is the randomizer. Then it should go randomly to the second state (a tree) or the third state (a lamp). In this test , I made them go back to the first state, just to try to understand what was going on. The skulls always turn into trees at first, then they start randomizing. This is the code and there's a test wad attached: Frame 921 // skulls Duration = 100 Unknown 1 = 923 Unknown 2 = 128 // even if I change this to 255 (100% go to lamp state), it still picks trees at first Frame 922 // tree Duration = 200 Next frame = 921 Sprite number = 115 Sprite subnumber = 32768 Frame 923 // lamp Duration = 200 Sprite number = 117 Sprite subnumber = 32768 [CODEPTR] FRAME 921 = RandomJump random jump test.rar
  13. Welcome back! Super fun and creative mapset, great music, played it in one sit. Might make a nautical themed wad myself someday :)
  14. Don't know if bugfixing is still going on, but in case it is: there's a Cacodemon stuck in a Pain Elemental on E2M12, Skill level 3. Looks kind of cool, tho. Fantastic mapset, by the way!
  15. In PrBoom+, if you shoot the plasma gun near a wall, the firing sound (DSPLASMA) gets cut out by the plasmaball death sound (DSFIRXPL). I've tried changing sound priorities with dehacked, but it didn't work. Anyway to fix this?
  16. Darch

    Plasma Rifle sound cut out (PRBoom+)

    @Aurelius I didn't know about MBF21, thank you. Looks like a "clean" solution for me, but according to the Doom Wiki. it's not supported by PRBoom+, I'm afraid
  17. Darch

    Substituting textures for keys

    The red skull key graphic is STKEYS5 and the red card is STKEYS2. Just replace them with your custom graphic.
  18. Darch

    Custom Melee attack

    I didn't know that. Thanks
  19. Darch

    Custom Melee attack

    I'm working on a monster replacing the MBF dog. His melee attack should be similar to the revenant punch, playing A_SkelWhoosh when it misses, and the custom dog attack sound (DSDGATK) while hitting. Problem is: when I define first attack frame in dehacked, it immediately plays DSDGATK, no matter what frame I choose. If I set that frame to a_SkelWoosh, then it plays the Woosh sound, but of course there's no damage. Is there a custom state for the dog attack (like A_TroopAttack, A_SargAttac, A_SkelFist, etc)? edit: forgot to mention that I'm using dehacked
  20. Darch

    Custom Melee attack

    That dog is an MBF actor, not vanilla. His sounds and states cannot be edited with wacked4, as far I know. But thanks, anyway
  21. I'm using ZDoom 8.1 and PRBoom
  22. I'm trying to make an Arch Vile attack that leaves an object behind. The problem is, this object is not subjected to gravity. I've removed the gravity state with Whacked and added an object after it's last frame (tall lamp, just for testing) and sometimes it's spawns on air and even inside the ground. Here's the code: Thing 5 (Archvile attack) Bits = NOBLOCKMAP+TRANSLUCENT Frame 310 // (vile attack last frame) Next frame = 442 // (tall lamp first frame) My test wad is also attached if someone can take a look, thanks fire test.rar
  23. Exactly. In the test map, if go up the stairs after Arch Vile starts its attack, sometimes the lamp will be spawned inside the floor, at the same height you were when attack started.
  24. Awesome! Thank you very much, @holaareola. The biggest issue (object spawning on air) is solved, but we still got the object inside the floor if we go to a higher floor after the fire sequence starts. Is this also fixable?