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  1. My computer is quite old and I need a new one (or upgrade this one), but I don't really know much of what I need in terms of system specifications, video and audio cards. What I wanted to do with it: - record and mix music (not heavy recordings, around 16 tracks or less) - video edit (around 10 tracks or less) - run latest versions of GZDoom (currently it doesn't run anything past GZDoom 1.9) - run games like Dark Souls I'm aware lots of people use mac for audio and video edition, but I owned a mac and really didn't like it. So if you guys work with some good audio and video editing programs for windows, Id like recommendations of those, too. actual system: processor: Intel core Duo Cpu @2.93 Ghz RAM 4 GB Operational System 64 bits Thanks!
  2. Darch

    Multiple texture edit

    Can I resize multiple textures at once at the TEXTURE1 lump? For example, I have tons of textures sized 90x45 that need to be resized 128x64 (just the texture sizes, not the graphics) and apparently I have change them one by one. I'm using Slade 3.3
  3. Darch

    Return to Hadron Episode 3 - Idgames release

    Downloading right now!
  4. Preacher MAP 09 - Crown of Thorns This is almost an "open world" doom map, with basically everything we've seen so far taken to gigantic (or ridiculous) proportions. Call it repetition, or cohesion :P There are tons of starting spots for the initial teleporter, platforms going up and down, and more than 800 monsters that can move anywhere in the map. There is one single Baron of Hell placed in this map, and I've meet it at many different locations while testing. I don't remember exactly, but I think it took more then 8 months to build this map (yes I'm slow). It was long and painful for me too, pals. The last fight was an attempt to make a dynamic IOS fight, so it moves up and down, and bars also move protecting it from mouselook players, hehe Sometimes, rockets don't hit IOS properly. I didn't notice that while testing, I probably should have raised its height in dehacked, apparently it doesn't match the sprite size. Preacher MAP 10 - Judgment Day A credit map. When I was a kid a loved a Sega Genesis game called "Toe Jam and Earl", and was amazed that I could still control my character in the ending sequence, instead of cutscenes that were shown at the end of 99% of the games. That works fine in Doom, IMO. So that's it, thanks for playing and sharing your opinions here at the megawad club!
  5. Preacher MAP 08 - Witch Hunt This map takes monster mobility to a cyberdemon size, so cyberdemons can move anywhere in the map. There's a cat-rat chase here (hence the map name): You start in a small room, along with a Cyberdemon and not enough ammo to kill it. Your only choice is to flee out by the teleporter, and the cyberdemon will follow you. So you start as the rat. After you find some keys, you will be able to grab ammo for weapons 6 and 7, then you can chase the cybers left in the map. Basically all health is placed at the center of the map, so hopefully you can't camp at the corners for too long. In the center there's also an annoying platform that allows monsters move in an out those blood pits, but is also about chaos and players not having much control of the environment.
  6. MAP 07 - Sanctuary More ICO references here (pics below): The stair steps have been resized so monsters could move freely. Monster mobility is something has been taken care overall, even with hidden switches designed specifically for monsters, and a few teleports when there was no other way. I tend to play my own stuff a lot while making it, and knowing where every monster was got boring quickly. So maps are designed in a way even I could be surprised sometimes. But hopefully it also rises replay value, along with the random start spots. By the way, this is a berserk punch map. That's why there's no chainsaw so far, it would get in the way when you switch weapons. Pistol starters won't probably survive without punches, but continuous players may not notice it until they got their ammo stripped down. Or not :P
  7. hehe if by dual-action lifts you mean lifts that can be triggered both by walking near them or pressing use on them, that's because I believe things flow better when the lift is already down when you walk into it, but it would be weird if they couldn't also be triggered by pressing use, as it is the standard method. And yes, since I didn't have a specific lift texture, it's easier to identify them if the thing moves by itself. By the way, MAP 05 music is an "arabic" attempt, so it feels like Jerusalem desert instead of western America desert. Not sure if that worked :P Preacher MAP 06 - Noir This one is inspired by American Mcgee's Alice "Pale Realm" map, and there are even some textures from it: Near the yellow key, there's an "arachnotron tower" with a defense mechanism: it closes when it's shot by hitscanners. It can be hit with projectiles, though. Some players didn't like it, but I kept it, it felt like an RPG where you have to use the right weapon to take an enemy down. The 3 key secret is reminiscent of the two exits previous system. The "real" exit was once there, and the normal exit used to be a death exit.
  8. Preacher MAP 05 - Forty Days in the Desert For those not familiar with christian mythology, there's a passage in the bible where Jesus spends 40 days in the desert, being tempted by the devil or something like that. That's the reference. The Spidermastermind fight was inspired by this: Shadow of the Colossus' dirty / rusty / abandoned locations are a huge influence in this whole mapset aesthetics. Also, there's a slightly different kind of monster closet along this map: they also change layouts a little bit. And this was the first map made in an order that later became the standard method: layout - gameplay - lightning - texturing - detailing. I used to place things when everything else was done, but then there was not much room left for for traps and things like that. Now I place things as soon as possible. In my case, that lead to more interactive designs.
  9. Preacher MAP 04 - Dark Tower The random start spot idea came while playing @cannonball's Thy Flesh At a Draft Excluder (https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/d-f/draftex): After I died, I restarted at another spot. I thought it was a great concept that fits perfectly with non linear layouts. But then I died again, and the spot didn't change. And again. So I checked it out, and there were no random starts, I had probably mistaken two different maps. So, I tried to make a map with such system, and it worked. It was map04 (Dark Tower) This gimmick was kept at all next maps, and the previous two maps were deleted. Difficulty is hard (at least for me), so player hopefully dies at least once, and restarts at another map spot. There are videos of the deleted maps: There's a secret at the end that requires a key. This is reminiscent of a concept that was thrown away: every map had a secret exit, and the standard exit was a death exit, forcing pistol start at the next map. You had to find the secret exit in order to keep your guns and ammo. This kind of locked secret will also appear at the next 3 maps, as they where the first ones made, before this concept was discarded.
  10. Preacher MAP 03 - Sacrificial Altar This was one of the latest maps made. There were some nice and unused Shadow of The Colossus textures which still needed a home, so two small / medium maps were made with them (maps 03 and 08) The last fight is an attempt to reduce player's ammo and armor, trying to bring them as close as possible to 50 bullets and no armor. Yes, pistol start; that's the intended gameplay. But to keep both options balanced, these final fights are an attempt to prevent continuous players from getting filled with ammo. They happen at every map. Here you have a chance to get the super shotgun for the first time, and Preacher guy will yell even more, because there's some shouting attached to the Super Shotgun sound. By the way, all his voice clips are joined with sounds that play at full volume. (Baron of Hell death sound being the only exception). Some people find it annoying. They're ridiculous, but it's part of the fun, IMO. Same for the other little dark humor bits here and there. But those sound clips are one reason why this wad is only one episode, his yelling starts getting old at the end. Maybe five maps would be more appropriate, but again, there were so many unused good textures.
  11. Also, when you place the mouse pointer over a thing on DB, it shows it's number (thing 14, thing 156, etc). The player start with the highest number will be where you spawn.
  12. About that Cyberdemon fight at map 01: That was supposed to be a little "puzzle": you're put against a cyberdemon and some other foes with a few rockets. I assumed players wouldn't want to use rockets against a cyberdemon, so they should use rockets on the other monsters and enter the little dark room where the BFG necro staff is. There is not enough ammo to kill the cyberdemon on UV. But it felt a bit too much for a first map on HTMP, and since it is basically UV with more ammo and resources, you can kill the cyberdemon without doing this. This wad is probably more enjoyable on UV, since many battle situations are based on ammo scarcity. Although it can get a little insane by the end. Preacher MAP 02 - Babel This map is heavily inspired by the PS2 game ICO, with textures from it. Even the vertical layout was ICO's influence. That's also an attempt to make a map without sky, since I always tend to built open maps. My ceilings generally sucks, and this is no exception. but I loved those windows textures and had to use them somewhere. This map was also made with slot 01 in mind, because map 01 spoiled 5 out of 6 new weapon sprites, and 2 out of 3 custom enemy sprites. I didn't mind it before, because there were suposed to be around five maps in total, but, when it got bigger, maybe the custom stuff could be delivered slower. So the only weapons available here are the shotgun and rocket launcher. And there are no zombiemen. But, at the end, Pagan Temple felt like a better introduction, and this got slot 02. The music track is called "Preacher Theme", since it was once the title screen track.
  13. Thanks a lot, Gez! Problem solved
  14. I've seen some wads using helper dogs' slot (thing 140) for custom monsters lately, but I couldn't find its frames numbers anywhere. I want to change the duration of its pain state frame, for example. How do I do it?
  15. Preacher MAP 01 - Pagan Temple Pagan Temple was the 5th map made for this project, with 1st slot in mind. It's small intro section is an introduction to new item sprites, armor, and a new switch texture, also attempting to build some mood. First weapon you get is the chaingun replacement (thompson submachine gun), for a change. Maybe because there are plenty of shotgun based mapsets out there, maybe because player sprites are holding a tommy gun. As said in the txt.file, these are only graphic and sound replacements, weapon behavior is untouched. The midi music was also written for this map, so it starts slow for the intro and grows heavier at the second part, and this pattern will be heard at many midis in this mapset. This one was an attempt to sound like Black Sabbath with a church organ. At the final version, there is not much left of what was originally planned for this project: it would be a "musical", with a Those Poor Bastards' song at each map, and map locations would try to reproduce some of the lyrics, turning each map into some kind of "videoclip" of each song. It would be a linear ZDoom mod, with real music and lots of scripting. I even considered printing the lyrics at the screen. But after first beta releases, players complained about music being too distractive. And once Preacher Guy got his cultist voice clips, MP3 music was definitely removed from the maps.