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  1. I'm using ZDoom 8.1 and PRBoom
  2. Exactly. In the test map, if go up the stairs after Arch Vile starts its attack, sometimes the lamp will be spawned inside the floor, at the same height you were when attack started.
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much, @holaareola. The biggest issue (object spawning on air) is solved, but we still got the object inside the floor if we go to a higher floor after the fire sequence starts. Is this also fixable?
  4. That would be perfect, can you show me how to do it?
  5. That helps, thank you. Unfortunately it still has no gravity. So, if I'm standing on a higher floor when Arch Vile starts his attack, then go down in the middle of it, the object will still be spawned in the air.
  6. I'm trying to make an Arch Vile attack that leaves an object behind. The problem is, this object is not subjected to gravity. I've removed the gravity state with Whacked and added an object after it's last frame (tall lamp, just for testing) and sometimes it's spawns on air and even inside the ground. Here's the code: Thing 5 (Archvile attack) Bits = NOBLOCKMAP+TRANSLUCENT Frame 310 // (vile attack last frame) Next frame = 442 // (tall lamp first frame) My test wad is also attached if someone can take a look, thanks fire test.rar
  7. Darch

    Adding new face sprites to hud?

    You mean grittin teeth + invulnerability eyes? That would require extra frames. As far as I know, you can't add frames, only replace the existing ones.
  8. Darch

    Random Image Thread

  9. Darch

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    This was the first Doom map I couldn't beat with iddqd. I became indeed an "imortal smoke trying to reach the moon" as the map title says, and couldn't get back to the floor. Later I figured it out and beat it properly.
  10. Watching my 6 year daughter learn how to write, what does not make sense for me (in any language) is that C sometimes is pronounced as S, and S sometimes is pronounced as Z, G sometimes is J, etc etc. It would be much simpler if every letter sounded always the same. Most of her spelling errors happen because she writes the words exactly as she hears them, and it makes more sense to me.
  11. Darch

    Textures - keeping track of what is used

    @RDETalus the problem with this "delete unused textures" option is that it also deletes frames of animated textures, since you generally don't place them all into maps, breaking their animations. If I had few animated textures, I would make some walls outside of the map with every frame of them. (didn't test it, but should work) @TheGreenZap I look at doombuilder which textures were used, exactly as @RDETalus mentioned above, which can be a slow and painfull task if you have lots of textures. I was just about to ask the same as you, if there was an easier method.
  12. The above, is it possible? I get a "texture not found" error whenever I use a texture from another wad, and PrBoom closes. I have to use ZDoom to test my maps, even when PRboom is the target port. I'm using Doombuilder DBX2019.1, because that's the latest version my pc could run.
  13. Darch

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Played the first and second episodes and this is fantastic so far. The new balance works perfectly for fast paced dooming.