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  1. Darch

    OK, NOW I'M MAD!!!!

    Loved it!
  2. Darch

    WADs with little ammo

    RF's 1024: https://onemandoom.blogspot.com.br/2016/06/rf-1024-rf1024wad.html
  3. Didn't read everything, but I think I didn't see anybody mentioning BTSX's Commander Keen secret level yet.
  4. According to the pool, that would be somewhere outside the U.S. xD
  5. Anyone knows wads with good liquid floor textures with permission to be used? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Darch


      Gonna download,  thanks rdwpa!

    3. Tracer


      I heard that Doom II Redux had the best liquid floor textures.

    4. bzzrak


      Aquatex has some decent ones.

  6. Darch

    Allan Holdsworth dead at age 70

    Liked the first 40 seconds and the ending riff. That shredding in between is a bit too much for me. Hadn't heard of him before, but RIP.
  7. Darch

    Preacher - new map 04/17/17

    @Zaratulnot all monsters, I just replaced the zombiemen faces because their human / military appearance weren't fitting the theme. Same thing for the high tech weapons, but if there are some good sprites out there, maybe more things can be replaced, why not. @rhinoduck seems like removing the server dehacked solved the issue; revolver animation works fine now and I didn't spot random sprites anymore, either. Thank you!
  8. Darch

    Preacher - new map 04/17/17

    Thanks @rhinoduck, today I was able to fix these things you pointed out and played it online with ZDaemon. One weird thing, though: in this version I added one extra frame to the pistol shooting animation, with one unused player death sprite (PLAYU0). Is this sprite already taken for something else in Zdaemon? Because the extra animation didn't work, and this sprite seemed to appear randomly at crazy spots, maybe when there were hitscanners around, but I'm not sure. When I ran Zdaemon offline, the pistol animation worked as intended. No clue on what's happening.
  9. Now I really want to play this map27 by Espi. Back on op's question, maybe Temple of the Lizardman series fits in.
  10. Darch

    BDBU drinking v2

    I was about to open a beer, but I'm just gonna play this mod instead.
  11. Darch

    Preacher - new map 04/17/17

    @rhinoduck I noticed Preacher server is still running (thanks for that!), could we update to this new version? I think I was able to fix some things in the multiplayer department.
  12. Darch

    Need help with A_PlaySound usage

    You need to define it in SNDINFO lump: https://zdoom.org/wiki/SNDINFO
  13. Darch

    Your Favorite Avatars on Doomworld

    Nevanos avatar makes me want to play this game... anyone knows where is it from?
  14. Darch

    I need an artist

    This one didn't turn out as expected, but anyway here it is if you want to use:
  15. Darch

    I need an artist

    It's png. Doom palette doesn't have that blue, it turned gray when converted.