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  1. Darch

    Quick thought on existence

    Considering this "universe creator" created everything in the universe, there shouldn't be consciousness before its existence.
  2. Darch

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    Great sprite work.
  3. Darch

    jmickle66666666's dumb tools

    Lots of Legendary Infinitys Not Enough Wild Circus The Lost Airspace The Oceanic Desert A Forum A Floating Arcology around Earth The Miniscule Base above Mind The Rainbow Infinity around Double Sky
  4. Darch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #472

  5. Hit Girl. Never read the comics, but the first Kick Ass movie was really good.
  6. Somehow I managed to miss this epic thread. Everybody hold your jokewads until 2016.
  7. Populating the map and testing it is my favorite part of the process, and I think it could be an interesting experience to do it in someone's else layout!
  8. Thanks for the FDA and feedback! I've made several changes to the gray map, removed lots of unbalanced player starts, and exchanged high HP monsters for weaker ones. There's also more ammo, and some buttons were replaced by walkthrough triggers. Hope this makes it faster and less frustrating. About the shielded arachnotron, it was one of my favorite mechanisms! At least I've never seen that before. I would have explored more this idea though the map, but ended up using it only once. I wanted the player to worry about that arachnotron for a little more time, as it was guarding the key. Suitpee complained about it, too. For now I'm keeping it, but might consider removing it if it pisses everybody too much, heh. Also, I added some more blood to the hud face at the states you pointed, hopefully it will be easier to recognize the health status. I'm working on a new map, guess I'll upload these changes in the next version.
  9. Darch

    My imp

    I was going to say that. Now all you need is a cyan card stock ;)
  10. Darch

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just found out: not the option itself, but the fun of it: using Boom's game speed setup to 10% faster then normal along with fast paced wads.
  11. Darch

    Run And Gun

    This is exactly the style of gameplay I'm trying to get in my maps at the time. Although it features most of skillsaws tips, (it could have a little more health and armor maybe), Scifista feedback was "slowpaced, tipical Darch" heh. Guess I tried to force this run and gun gameplay, which seems to be not as fun as just allowing it. The map was too open so you were chased from every side, and very non linear so you could meet high HP monsters before you get heavier weaponry, which slowed down the pace in Scifs' case. Voted for option 2.
  12. Tx for the feedback! I see Demonologist's point... this problem was even worse when I started populating the map, I had to remove lots of shotgunners and chaingunners, apparently not enough... there's also a chance that he spawned in a bad starting point, this map has too many starts, some less balanced then others... guess I'll make less starting points, so all of them can be balanced properly, like the previous map. About that secret, Scifista, you don't need that strafewalk, there's a much easier entrance at the other side. That was supposed to be the exit of that area. Btw you didn't need all that juggle to get the blue key, either. There's a switch nearby that uppers a sector that acts like a bridge. I was waiting till somebody mentioned the random starts, this will carry along all the mapset. I love how people have different experiences in the same map, Scifista had a slow paced one, I watched a friend getting SSG right away and having a fast paced play, and demonologist just hated everything. heh guess I'll try to change the hateful parts, at least.
  13. Did this launch means you were recording a fda? ;) I'd like to watch it, even if you didn't finish. Indeed this level was based on Alice's "Pale Realm". And its on slot 01 (oops). I'll place all new maps there because I remember in my last project, I'd post a new map, for example MAP05, and then get feedback like "played it until MAP03. cool". Anyways, tx for playing, feedback is always welcome, specially critics, so I can improve. If you want to say some things that discouraged you from playing it, I'd like to hear. I also felt the other map was better, but don't know exactly why.
  14. Hey this Powerslave game also has a nice revolver sprite! Added ;) Here's one more map for this project, following the non linear style of the previous. Download: confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/preacherv02.zip
  15. Darch

    Monster Generator

    I would try that with invisible decorate actors instead of scripting. Something like: actor generator1 { health 50 +SHOOTABLE +NOBLOOD states { spawn: NULL A 25 NUll A 1 spawnitemex ("Zombieman", etc, etc); loop death: NULL A 1 NULL A 1 spawitemex ("generator2") stop actor generator2 { health 50 +SHOOTABLE +NOBLOOD states { spawn: NULL A 25 NUll A 1 spawnitemex ("Shotgunguy", etc, etc); loop death: NULL A 1 NULL A 1 spawitemex ("generator3") stop actor generator3 { health 50 +SHOOTABLE +NOBLOOD states { spawn: NULL A 25 NUll A 1 spawnitemex ("chaingunguy", etc, etc); loop death: NULL A 1 stop
  16. Darch


    hah, crazy map. I enjoyed it. I liked how it was partially melee oriented, without relying on gimmicks. And what scifista said. The beginning was a little rough compared to the rest, but anyway, a great experience. Would play an episode like this.
  17. Darch

    Your thoughts on weapons in DM

    And what about weapon variety in DM maps, are you guys fine with maps that lack one or more guns to create different weapon combinations or do you think everything at least from shotgun to plasmagun should be there?
  18. Darch

    Cacowards 2015 Nomination Thread

    I think it has too much sense to win the Pelican of the Hour. Anyways, John Romero winning a caco would be fun.
  19. Darch

    Cacowards 2015 Nomination Thread

    Resourcer of the year
  20. Darch

    Things id got wrong

    Speaking about blood, the blood sprites always bug me. It looks to me as a bullet hole with blood splashing from it, but then the whole thing falls to the ground, bullet hole included.
  21. Darch

    Motion blur?

    Right, I activated motion blur in GLboom config file, but didn't notice any difference at all. I also randomly changed some of these other settings, with no success: gl_motionblur 1 gl_motionblur_minspeed "64.1" gl_motionblur_att_a "55.0" gl_motionblur_att_b "1.8" gl_motionblur_att_c "0.9"
  22. Darch

    Motion blur?

    Looks pretty sweet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Aqwougxj0I
  23. Darch

    mostly map things and caco

    ^ pleeease "self proclaimed love elemental" is the best name for a monster. Awesome material you got there.
  24. Darch

    junkcity :: victorian themed texture pack (v02)

    Amazing! No project planned for these babies?