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  1. Also, when you place the mouse pointer over a thing on DB, it shows it's number (thing 14, thing 156, etc). The player start with the highest number will be where you spawn.
  2. About that Cyberdemon fight at map 01: That was supposed to be a little "puzzle": you're put against a cyberdemon and some other foes with a few rockets. I assumed players wouldn't want to use rockets against a cyberdemon, so they should use rockets on the other monsters and enter the little dark room where the BFG necro staff is. There is not enough ammo to kill the cyberdemon on UV. But it felt a bit too much for a first map on HTMP, and since it is basically UV with more ammo and resources, you can kill the cyberdemon without doing this. This wad is probably more enjoyable on UV, since many battle situations are based on ammo scarcity. Although it can get a little insane by the end. Preacher MAP 02 - Babel This map is heavily inspired by the PS2 game ICO, with textures from it. Even the vertical layout was ICO's influence. That's also an attempt to make a map without sky, since I always tend to built open maps. My ceilings generally sucks, and this is no exception. but I loved those windows textures and had to use them somewhere. This map was also made with slot 01 in mind, because map 01 spoiled 5 out of 6 new weapon sprites, and 2 out of 3 custom enemy sprites. I didn't mind it before, because there were suposed to be around five maps in total, but, when it got bigger, maybe the custom stuff could be delivered slower. So the only weapons available here are the shotgun and rocket launcher. And there are no zombiemen. But, at the end, Pagan Temple felt like a better introduction, and this got slot 02. The music track is called "Preacher Theme", since it was once the title screen track.
  3. Thanks a lot, Gez! Problem solved
  4. I've seen some wads using helper dogs' slot (thing 140) for custom monsters lately, but I couldn't find its frames numbers anywhere. I want to change the duration of its pain state frame, for example. How do I do it?
  5. Preacher MAP 01 - Pagan Temple Pagan Temple was the 5th map made for this project, with 1st slot in mind. It's small intro section is an introduction to new item sprites, armor, and a new switch texture, also attempting to build some mood. First weapon you get is the chaingun replacement (thompson submachine gun), for a change. Maybe because there are plenty of shotgun based mapsets out there, maybe because player sprites are holding a tommy gun. As said in the txt.file, these are only graphic and sound replacements, weapon behavior is untouched. The midi music was also written for this map, so it starts slow for the intro and grows heavier at the second part, and this pattern will be heard at many midis in this mapset. This one was an attempt to sound like Black Sabbath with a church organ. At the final version, there is not much left of what was originally planned for this project: it would be a "musical", with a Those Poor Bastards' song at each map, and map locations would try to reproduce some of the lyrics, turning each map into some kind of "videoclip" of each song. It would be a linear ZDoom mod, with real music and lots of scripting. I even considered printing the lyrics at the screen. But after first beta releases, players complained about music being too distractive. And once Preacher Guy got his cultist voice clips, MP3 music was definitely removed from the maps.
  6. Glad to see Preacher here! I've seen some authors joining the club and talking about their ideas and map making process, so when we get to Preacher, I'll share some stuff too, if anyone cares
  7. This is a bomb that is thrown on the ground and explodes after a little while. Everything works as expected, except for one weird thing: it goes through impassible linedefs. It stops at monsters, objects and two sided linedefs (as it should), but it just goes right through impassible walls. It replaces BFG, here's the code: Thing 36 (BFG projectile) Bits = SOLID+DROPOFF Width = 131072 Missile damage = 0 Height = 131072 Frame 116 Duration = 30 Next frame = 117 [CODEPTR] FRAME 117 = Explode FRAME 118 = Explode Any way to fix it?
  8. Very interesting, gonna check it right now, thank you! edit: works like a charm :) edit 2: Is there any .Bex code for the Cyberdemon like this spider?
  9. Is there anyway to make the Cyberdemon and Spidermastermind vulnerable to explosions (radius damage) in PRBoom compatible projects? I'm using Whacked with .BEX format, by the way.
  10. Preacher - a musical CONVERSION Preacher is a religious themed Boom mapset with: - open non linear layouts; - random player starts; - chaos (hopefully); The goal is to create a chaotic environment where players have a different experience every time they play. Depending on the starting spot player is spawned (and the path he chooses thereafter), there will be a different weapon progression, some fights will vary according to the angle they are approached, also monsters have a lot of freedom of movement through the maps so they can be at different spots from one play to another. This is my first Boom project and any feedback, critics or suggestions are welcome. God bless. screenshots: DOWNLOAD: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/preacher Maplist: map01 - Pagan Temple map02 - Babel map03 - Sacrificial Altar map04 - Dark Tower map05 - 40 Days in the Desert map06 - Noir map07 - Sanctuary map08 - Witch Hunt map09 - Crown of Thorns map10 - Judgment Day credits: Songs by Those Poor Bastards; Sky by Skillsaw; Tommy Gun from Blood, centered by JoeyTD Rocket launcher and revolver from Powerslave Textures from American McGee's Alice, Voodoo Guns, ICO, Shadow of The Colossus, Bittersweet, NeoDoom, Sunlust and Aquatex; Zombieman mask by Ezepov Medikits from Epic 2 Sounds from Blood and Deathtrap Dungeon; Intermission screen by Alex K; betatesting by scifista42 "And when the Lord your God delivers them into your power for you to defeat, you must exterminate them." Deut. 7: 2 original post:
  11. Hey S! Thanks for the feedback This mod is done. If I make more maps for it, it will be Preacher 2 or something like that. Then I could also change more sprites, if I can find something fitting.
  12. My map is exactly your third idea. I think this project will be way more interesting if we kill IOS in creative ways, like Cyberdreams
  13. Many thanks!! It being at Zdaemon was crucial for its multiplayer development, thanks for that, too
  14. Thanks a lot @wintertowns and Snikle! Glad you enjoyed it. Since the thread is bumped, @Keyboard_Doomer could you update the version at Zdaemon with the final one, please? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/preacher Thank you!!
  15. Darch

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Happily surprised and honored to see Preacher was warded! I guess every year there's a mod nobody heard about before Congrats to all winners and Cacoward crew! Thanks @rdwpa for the kind review!
  16. Final version is up at idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/preacher Features lots of unnoticeable small changes :)
  17. @gaspe thanks a lot for the demo! It was highly entertaining to watch :D Well played!! That moment you had 1% health desperately trying to get the jesusphere was the best hehe Seems like the final maps have the pace I was looking for since the begging of this project.
  18. Oh right, the blue key trap at map 7. But you didn't get stuck, did you? Because the trigger that lower the bars back is repeatable. There multiple non repeatable triggers to raise the bars, so that's why you raised them twice. Unfortunately, I can't think of a way to have only one trigger to raise them without making that fight skippable. And the last map (map 09 on the latest version), can be pretty laggy, indeed. It should run fine with PRBoom, though Thanks for the feedback!
  19. Hey @Firedust, that secret exit is there because long ago we had forced death exits and very secret regular exits. I just didn't delete it because you could skip some fights with it, but maybe if it is only confusing I might delete it. At what map is that cyb fight you mention in your edit?
  20. Darch

    I will make the most impossible wad ever

    I don't need to finish a wad to have fun with it. So I vote for impossible and fun, so I will have fun forever
  21. Hey @galileo31dos01, thanks a lot for your help and effort with recording all these, I've watched them all. Your run with no BFG at map 08 was pretty solid, nice playing there! BFG is intentionally not so easy to find, so it's nice to see that map being finished without it. It was supposed to be - before BFG: hunted / after BFG: hunting I was wandering what you were going to do about MAP09, I never finished or watched no one finishing it without deaths. If you still have your demo laying around and feel like sharing it, I will gladly watch it, or any other demos you have from these maps, even unfinished ones. Again, thank you very much for your effort and help, much appreciated :) @Demonologist, thanks for your kind review and all feedback you gave since this project started (4 years ago!), it really helped. I made several changes based on your always welcome and relevant point of view. And @Teder, thanks for the interest, give your feedback after playing, if possible. I'll be uploading this to idgames soon :)
  22. Darch

    Post a picture of yourself!

    My avatar pic is me without my human mask
  23. Darch

    Phlegethontic Waves

    I read it was easy, so I gave it a shot yesterday. I was recording an fda, but I died 3 times at the beginning, heh. Tried again today, this is my second run, so not a proper fda (attached). Recorded with ZDoom 8.1 But I got stuck after this button, a Baron teleported in, but I didn't notice what else it did. There's a midtex bleeding there, by the way. I liked it a lot, great job with stock textures, it's visually pleasant, and interconnected in such a way that it doesn't feel linear. Still want to finish it! Where do I goooo Thanks for making an easy map, so I could survive until I got stuck. Guess I can't finish Doom maps one way or another! :P darchdies.zip
  24. Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys!! After a few days of midtex bleed hunting, they're hopefully all fixed. There were actually lots of those! It's something I never paid attention to, somehow. @Ribbiks thanks for pointing them out, glad you had fun playing it! @galileo31dos01That unused arena from MAP02 is gone. And, after a few changes, the last arena at MAP03 is not optional anymore. They made no sense from player's perspective, "mapper doesn't want to delete" is not a good reason to keep confusing areas heh