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  1. Steve1664

    Hellbound - Updated

    Okay, great WAD in total, but Map 30. . . I think that was a terrible decision you made bringing up the Icon of Sin AND having to go through all those ridiculous hoops and keyhunts with respawning enemies. I HATE Icon fights, especially long, drawn out ones like that, so I just went with God mode and Noclip to see if I was right. Bad way to end an otherwise enjoyable mapset.
  2. Steve1664

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    I'm going to second the nominations of Hellbound and D2TWID as best WADs. Really great stuff and consistently enjoyable. As for mods: Project MSX is one of my all-time faves right now after the latest beta update, and "Accessories to Murder" is a terrific collaboration between WildWeasel and DoomNukem. Simple but effective, it looks and plays very well.
  3. Steve1664

    Hellbound - Updated

    I'm almost done with this one. . . all I have to say is that this has been GODLY. Outstanding level design pretty much all throughout with only one or two missteps, tough but fair challenge with few frustrating moments, and generally great flow. I tip my hat to you, good sir, this is Cacoward-worthy.
  4. Steve1664

    Going Down: [bug fix update: 22/08/15]

    Geez, this thing is brutal. Too brutal for Brutal Doom or any other mods I might be using that involve reloading weapons in the middle of loads of enemies bearing down on you. I'm sticking to classic vanilla, and it's been a lot more fun two maps in. Great concept, and a really good mapset so far.
  5. Steve1664

    Doom 2 The Way id Did [Final Beta Released!]

    I'm not really feeling map 19 - it doesn't have a lot of flow to it, and all the damage zones and cramped narrow paths don't help. A bit too convoluted, is what I'm trying to say. I'll pick it up tomorrow; maybe some fresh perspective will help.
  6. Steve1664

    Doom 2 The Way id Did [Final Beta Released!]

    Map 15. Only one thing to say: GODDAMN FRICKIN' REVENANTS! Other than that, it's been a blast so far. Nice levels with good flow to them, enough combat to puzzle ratio while staying true to the original design philosophy. I guess the secret levels haven't been fully implemented yet, because they're both the Wolfenstein ones.
  7. Steve1664

    Maps with lots of Revenants?

    You. . . you actually WANT to be swarmed by those damned things? The stuff of nightmares screaming and shooting endless salvos of homing missiles at you? Sarge, I figured you were kind of a crazy guy with how Brutal Doom's been turning out, but this is pure insanity, good reason or no. I do remember that a good bunch of the original Plutonia had loads of the bastards, so Plutonia 2/Plutonia Revisited might be good for a look.
  8. Steve1664

    A more violent approach? aBRASION Test - GET IT!

    Seconding the desire to have a ZDoom/Zandronum version of this mod - I tried to use the current test version but couldn't get EDGE to run properly. The weapons look amazing, and I'm hoping the action will be faster paced to follow suit.
  9. Steve1664

    Hellbound - Updated

    Some great architecture and design, and brutal stuff so far; in fact your penchant for impromptu slaughterfests late/midway through maps tends to be a bit jarring. That aside, it's been very enjoyable. Keep it up!
  10. Steve1664


    Very impressive! I'm seven maps in so far, using this as kind of a chaser while replaying Doom 3 on Veteran, and I must say this is a perfect reminder of why classic Doom's design works and stands up so well - it strikes that balance between atmospheric architecture and fast-paced combat nicely without the overreliance on sneak attacks, ambushes and cheap shots. I'm hoping it keeps up this great quality for the rest of the WAD!
  11. Steve1664

    Troubleshooting Sikkmod and Wulfen

    Okay, so I got the itch to pick up the Doom 3 Pack on Steam today and tried fooling around with the big mods - Wulfen and Sikkmod. At first I ran into the resolution problems; the res wouldn't stick even after I restarted the game, so I went with the advice on the forums to fix it. Trying to activate Sikkmod from the main menu brings it back down to base resolution though. Eventually I just decided to stop trying Sikkmod and just use the texture pack, but Wulfen somehow keeps certain screens and interactive touchpads (like supply keypads) blank. Any help in getting both of these mods to work properly? I've followed all the instructions, but the results have just been problematic so far. EDIT: Sikkmod seems to be working fine now, but if anybody has any idea why the interactive screens in Wulfen come up blank I'd appreciate the help.
  12. Steve1664

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Reelism really is one of the most brilliant projects to come along in a while. It's a testament to what one can do with the Doom engine's versatility, even if it's using a source port, it's well executed and presented, and it's just great fun to begin with.
  13. Steve1664

    Getting Doom 64 TC to work

    Okay, the problem has been resolved thanks to some help from the ZDoom forums. A moderator can close and lock this thread so as to discourage any further arguments.
  14. Steve1664

    Getting Doom 64 TC to work

    Thank you Graf. It's good to see a respected member of the community being helpful. As for your questions. . . 1. GZDoom, Skulltag and any other OpenGL ports work fine for me. I use 'em all the time. 2. I run an Intel Core2 Duo CPU @2.20 GHz, 289 GB of memory, with an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M graphics card, using Vista. I don't think hardware is the problem here. If it helps any, here's the details from the error report: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Absolution.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 3fdeb622 Fault Module Name: Absolution.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 3fdeb622 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0007e90b OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: e24c Additional Information 2: 02d62e91155580a3c64055340416cc9f Additional Information 3: 85d5 Additional Information 4: 69a72b73ca90f1962303285a71b386ed I have doom2.wad in the bin file where it should be, and the music WAD where it should be, but it just ups and crashes upon launch. Let me know if there's anything you can extrapolate from the problem.
  15. Steve1664

    Getting Doom 64 TC to work

    Okay, seriously, I'm just asking a simple question here. I don't want to use EX, I don't want to spend extra money buying something that will rip a ROM from the cartridge just for one game that I can just as easily play in the format that has been available for years now, and I don't want to hear any more about the subject. All I want is some information about how to get the TC to work when I have everything in place. Some simple troubleshooting is what I was hoping for, and if nobody here will help I'll go ask elsewhere. Sorry for the intrusion.