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  1. gamul312

    Spooky Giant Worms

    hmm, not sure this is what I was hoping to finds
  2. gamul312

    Spooky Giant Worms

    yeah I could see that. Or if they can wrap around you and squeeze you to death, it could be a cool death animation. Also you could shoot enemies that back their way up into them and then watch them get squeezed and go "pop!"
  3. gamul312

    Spooky Giant Worms

    They should be something that keeps regenerating that you gotta shoot back to get through places
  4. gamul312

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    That looks awesome! hope it's representative of what's actually in the game during gameplay (tentacle enemies coming up?)
  5. gamul312

    Final Doom-PSX: Thoughts and Opinions

    I always liked this version of the game. At the time I think I got it in a bargain bin somewhere and hadn't really played regular PSX Doom (actually a launch title for the system and runs with less framerate problems due to less on screen - definitely get it though if you want more like Final Doom). The mood of the game, dark and grimy with the new lighting and sound, felt more in line with then-current Quake/NIN Id Software, in a vague sense, and I was definitely feeling that. But it did run a bit slow. I actually like the PSX controls a lot. Triangle to shoot, as I recall, works well, feels right. I liked it more that way than playing it with dual analog on Doom Classic Complete maybe, years later, with PS3... but that's good too. Just makes Doom too easy :) I like the enhanced speed of the PS1 ports, plus various tweaks it received, like shotguns shooting farther with less spread. I forget the list of changes that were on the plus side. There's some cons (big cons) like missing enemies, simplified levels, lower resolution graphics, etc. The lower resolution is more noticeable on a big modern LCD than ~20-inch 90s CRTs with analog connection that it would have been expected to be played on at the time (same with Jaguar Doom and the other ports). I really do like the gloomy feeling of the PS1 versions and wish they had been put up on PSN to download on OLED Vitas. Even on PSVR is might be a nice way to play now (I tried Duke Nukem that way, but it did give me motion sickness after a short while. Still cool though for its theater-like viewing experience).
  6. gamul312

    The Little Things Thread

    It is the injector thing but I meant it is the same sound.
  7. gamul312

    Errant Signal - Doom (review?)

    I think the new Doom is more like Robotron, actually, because that game had arena levels that were just squares, where as 1993's Doom was more like Berzerk or Wizard of Wor or something with its maze walls. It's probably hard or impossible to do as much with monster placement in Doom 2016 due to the "advanced AI" of the enemies, such as the imps and barons that constantly hound you. All the enemies get around pretty good though except maybe the laser blasting guy or the shield guys or other possessed humans (zombies). Maybe they could have done a little less arena design still, nonetheless, as some parts show, like I think on level 13 when you're approaching the final zone, I forget the moment, but you're hopping down different floating platforms and you can actually see the monsters way in the distance and they throw fireballs at you all the way up, which was cool, and made me think, wow that imp could really make a good outfielder with an arm like that.
  8. gamul312

    Art direction and sound design

    I agree. This might be my biggest gripe with the game. The sounds themselves I don't have a big problem with (taken on their own), but the way they mix (or don't mix) turns to mush, especially when there's a lot going on. I frequently back up into enemies and don't even know they're attacking me until I die or turn around (you lose health fast). This is kind of annoying and it seems like even older games like Quake 1 didn't have this problem. It might be that if I turn the music off in the settings i'll hear things better, but it seems like the 3D-ness or surround quality (on headphones, at least) is lacking. I wish on PS4 they'd release some Gold Headset profile like a few 1st party games get. That might help. I'm not using that headset though. Some games provide different mix profiles in the settings for TV, big speakers, small speakers, headphones, etc. Killzone: Shadow Fall does that with the "small speakers" thing. I will say though that it's louder than most games, which is nice.
  9. gamul312

    The Little Things Thread

    The plasma gun sound effect from Doom 1/2 used during the Argent Tower sequence? (https://youtu.be/aySdXXUdrFc?t=1857)
  10. gamul312

    Biggest problem with the game...

    To keep framerates and resolutions high you can't have too many monsters in one place, so you have to restrict them to rooms so not too many crowd up.
  11. gamul312

    Ultra Nightmare Playthrough in 4h45m

    umm wrong thread oops
  12. gamul312

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    Yeah, there was actually mouse control options for Quake II on PS1 (with the PlayStation Mouse) and there were mouse peripherals for Super NES and Genesis before that, but little used by any games. One difference though, before LCDs and HD became popular for TVs (mid 2000s) you had lower resolution tubes in comparison to computer monitors, which were often used at 800x600 and above by mid to late 90s. So you're sitting closer, the resolution matters more. But now I don't see the excuse and I think developers, especially if they have a PC background, could easily implement the same mouse interface, controls or provide it as an option... the question then becomes does it provide unfair advantage in online play? well you could have separate categories in the servers, if that's the case. The trouble with consoles is that they used to be a much cheaper way to play video games, but then the prices got closer and closer together, and some of the drawbacks of PCs, like installing updates and online hassles and stuff starting entering the picture, then they charge for online too, which is ridiculous. So it's messed up. It's no longer in the "toy for the kids at Christmas" category (well, Nintendo still is, but not Sony and Xbox). Each company/service wants you stuck in their "ecosystem" like for life. Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Apple iOS, Windows Store, etc. I think it should be that you buy a digital license and it's cross-platform (cross-company, I mean). If you buy a license to Doom you can download it on Xbox, Playstation and PC.
  13. gamul312

    Why does almost every one here hate consoles?

    In my opinion companies should encourage the idea of playing FPS with keyboard and mouse on consoles. Reading game forums, I know a lot of people use monitors with PS4 and sit close. Some games do allow KB & M (not sure about Doom), for instance Final Fantasy MMO. That was allowed on PS3. So it's up to the developers or publishers to do that, if they want to. They're really just limited PCs that cost less and have their own digital ecosystem (store/accounts). I grew up with the 8/16-bit era of Japanese systems and loved those kind of games which weren't really available in nearly as good of quality on PC -- even the arcade ports weren't either. But that era died out in the 90s pretty much and now it's much more blurred over which "side" has the best, and I'd rather just see the platforms disintegrate, or meld together, as there are good games on all of them (mobile too), and it'd be nice if you could just play the mobile title you bought on your phone also on your TV-system (console) and bedroom system (PC) without re-buying or waiting for a port, or stream it from Steam/PS Now to the tablet or console. I hope that's the future, if it's fast enough.
  14. gamul312

    If id is going to do Quake next, then...

    Cool! I didn't even know they had a German section. I wouldn't think a new Quake is far-fetched - it's right there in the Zenimax blurb for the properties it owns ("id Software’s iconic brands such as Wolfenstein™, DOOM®, QUAKE® and Enemy Territory® have become staples of popular culture for generations of gamers.") but I would expect it to be more of a Strogg MP Quake rather than Lovecraftian+NIN SP adventyre.
  15. gamul312

    i spent $600 today just to play the new doom.

    Sounds like you might like Uncharted 4 with the climbing and great graphics. Also Infamous: Second Son and maybe Ratchet & Clank. All good games. Bloodborne is a challenge and from the Dark Souls guys, but exclusive to the system. Driveclub is a pretty good racer (great graphics as well), and Until Dawn might be a good horror game to get. (Just offering some recommendations for your new system). Maybe check out Journey too, the indie on the store. Lots of good smaller games on PSN. Alienation is an intense overhead shooter that came out recently.