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  1. MacBeth

    Olivia Pierce

    I imagine the Art team wanted a reason to explain why the Spider mastermind, this giant murder brain, had a bunch of human cyber augmentations, having Olivia geared out in a full exoskeleton gives us a reason to believe this monster is half machine. And with Samuel being somewhere in the 130+ age range in that terminator body and Olivia being his prized pupil, its easy to imagine she's probably in her 60s+. I'll have to reread some of the lore bits, but being in close proximity to Hell could cause physical complications for many people, Olivia started to wither away physically after her extensive research into Hell, and I cant recall if Samuel got the brain cancer before or after the discovery of Argent. Plus, employees are willing to put up with unconventional looking people when said person is a genius intellect or phenomenally talented in a certain field.
  2. The amount of armor and health you get from pick ups are greatly diminished depending on difficulty level, Ultra Violence for reference gives you a +5 with an armor shard, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare only give you a +1. The enemies also hit harder, you'll often find your 150 armor will become 40 in one or two attacks.
  3. MacBeth

    Favorite rune.

    As much as I enjoy the rich get richer, I would have to say my favorite rune is probably inflight mobility, followed up by Armored offensive.
  4. MacBeth

    Prowler demon sucks

    We already have a Specter and his pouncing disable will slow the game down, causing only anger at its addition to the SP.
  5. MacBeth

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I don't think he's native to Argent D'nur, purely for the fact that his armor isn't like that of the other Night Sentinels, and he was wearing it from the get go. If you look over the Doom slayers armor in game, you'll find the Night sentinel's sigil on his helmet and lower right abdomen, However unlike the Knights; he has writing like EXO manufacture with a serial numbers printed on his armor, as well as caution labels and designations like D22 and 8623. And it's pretty safe to assume a Demon didn't create the armor, but more than likely modified it to consume and process Argent energy.
  6. MacBeth

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Huh... That's and interesting observation.
  7. MacBeth

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    I need to come down off the high first, but for me the list probably looks something like this... 1. Doom 2. Doom 2016 3. Doom 2 4. Final Doom/ Doom 64 5. Doom 3+ ROE I think my biggest beef with Doom 2016 is that most of the Demons were fought in the death arenas and not spread out through the levels, the game would be damn near perfect if they had a healthy dose of Imps, Possessed guards, Hell knights, Revenants and smatterings of more serious demons like the Mancubus, Baron and Cacodemon inbetween the death arenas, to keep you on your toes more often. It would of felt more like an Demon invasion if it was constant demons with some quiet moments and then big demon fights, not a lot of quiet moments and then big battles, you were allowed too much quiet time to recover.
  8. MacBeth

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    At work so I cant go too in depth right now, but I recall that the Doom marine was given the super human power by the Seraphim, which I assume were the Knight sentinels. I don't think they ever said he was part of the Knight sentinels from the beginning, I thought it was stated he found Argent during his multi dimensional demon killing spree. It would explain why he looks like a space marine and not a Techno knight, and why he has an affinity for human weaponry over a long sword. If you look over his armor you'll find the Knight sentinel sigil painted on his helmet and right side of his torso armor, also the fact you find tablets, drawings and statues of this armor everywhere, and it was stated the traitor demon who crafted him the armor only happened after Argent and the Knight sentinels were destroyed, so it stands that he had always worn that style of armor from the beginning. The story is so absurd that you can easily assume this is the same Marine from the previous titles because he has been dimension hopping this entire time, for all we know this Doom marines earth never fully recovered from the Demon invasion and he's desperate to not see everything repeat itself.
  9. MacBeth

    Voting for single player dlc or a sequel

    Ehhhhhh, I wouldn't argue against the idea that a number of the assets being used in the Old blood were discarded content, but something like the Old Blood taking several years to make for a team the size of machine games... not very likely. Depending on the quality, you can pump out quite a number of assets in a matter of months. I imagine the thing that took the most time was actually the level design an the wall climbing mechanic. I imagine most of the animations were already done and reusable for any new models they created. Then there is the testing phase to make sure they're weren't any outstanding bugs, clipping and tearing etc. But something the size of the Old blood with an engine you aren't mucking with too much, year an half at most depending on the size of the team.
  10. MacBeth

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I haven't read through the thread yet, I'll fix that later today, but I'll throw this little thought down... I was under the impression that this was the original Marine who decided to spawn camp Hell for eternity, while dimension hopping and murdering every demon he could get his hands on, found himself on Argent D'Nur and became best buds with the Techno demon hunter Knights, was granted demi god status by said Techno knights and then saw his new found home and buddies invaded and absorbed by Hell... He goes on another rip and tear spree and then gets trapped for an undisclosed amount of time only be to awoken by the same assholes who ruined his life the first time round. The reason I believe he's our beloved hero from the first games is because his armor is unique compared to the Knight sentinels and clearly space marine inspired compared to techno space knight of Argent. And if I recall correctly it said he found Argent D'Nur. I could be very wrong but it seemed they set up each game with an age of Hell, the first age was Doom, second age was Doom 2 and the third age, depending on how you look at it could be Doom 3 or Doom 64.
  11. MacBeth

    Voting for single player dlc or a sequel

    I think an Old blood style DLC would be ideal, a full blown sequel would be too soon at this stage, give them at least half a year to figure out what worked and what people want more of, so that they can create new demons, weapons and levels that would compliment the content we already have. Plus they can experiment with all of the above in a DLC pack and see if any of sticks, they had to be careful to some extent with this game. Wait a good year or two before clamoring for the sequel :)
  12. MacBeth

    what are your thoughts on the Demons of DooM '16?

    I think all of the new Demon designs are awesome this time through, they're over the top and fairly colorful with clear inspirations from the original games, I do have some nit picks on each demon but I'm super pleased with how each demon looks. Although I think the art is well done and respect the artists who created them, I hate the art design for Doom 3, if it weren't labeled Doom I think it'd be great, but I feel it's far too influenced by anime and doesn't fit the style or absurdity of Doom.
  13. MacBeth

    what are your thoughts on the Demons of DooM '16?

    Good sir, Doom marine is neither late to Boston and he is no longer laying down on the job :)
  14. MacBeth

    Who's buying this for $60?

    I don't imagine my defending DLC will be popular, but DLC is something of a work around for a company in the industry to try and retain developers past the titles release date; this way, artists in particular aren't just cut from the company once the game is released. So you can try to think of DLC as keeping talented game devs working.
  15. MacBeth

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    What... really? The 2016 Baron towers over the original Baron/Hell knight, Doom 3 included. I'd say the Mancubus stands a good heads length over the original, and the Cacodemon is slightly bigger, the Revenant is about equal to his old appearance. However the Hell knight is slightly thinner than the Doom 3 Hell knight, and probably a good 3 inches shorter to boot, but it's possibly because the Hell knight in Doom 4 is hunched over running the entire time.
  16. MacBeth

    Who's buying this for $60?

    I preordered this a couple months back without hesitation.
  17. I'll admit the response and the idea of the impending retort gives me a pretty big smile, but I think patience should be taken on the wee one, he does not know to whom he speaks. As to the armor, I still wish they went with bare arms instead of the full body suit and kept just a smidge closer to the original Doom guy helmet, but honestly those are nit picks, I'm really digging this new Doom marine.
  18. MacBeth

    Post your current player stats

    Highest: 29. Average: 6.0 Lowest: 1.3 Took a couple hours get the feel of the game, but once you learn the maps and where the pick ups are along with a general idea of spawn location, yer pretty set.
  19. Haha I won't argue that, but it is still a viable if not dreadfully harmful option :)
  20. You didn't need invulnerability to survive that rocket, sure it hurt but it wasn't hard to have a surplus of health and armor at that point in the game.
  21. Are you guys confusing strafe jumping with bunny hopping? Because strafe jumping is Quake and bunny hopping is a counter strike thing. As to the question... Guys double jump is in this game, I think what is "Doom" went out the window with the addition of a normal jump. And as LkMax brought up, rocket propulsion was already in E3M6, so rocket fueled transportation in this Doom wouldn't be all that out of the ordinary imo.
  22. MacBeth

    DOOM Space Marine Images (Lithograph)

    Man... For a modern Doom guy he fucking rocks, I think the only way it could be better is if we could see some biceps, just go all fuck it and look at my manly arms as they rip yer girly ones off your body.
  23. MacBeth

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    Hey everyone! I'm currently partaking in a Halloween sculpt a day for the month of Oct. And I decided to create a bunch of Doom creatures. And I decided to start with my favorite Demon... The Baron of Hell! I hope you all like my version of the Baron :) I'll attempt to sculpt more of our favorite baddies over the month, the plan is to Sculpt the Imp tomorrow, unless you all want to see a different monster.
  24. MacBeth

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    MrGlide - Thanks man I appreciate the kind words, at first, being the dyslexic person that I am, I read that you thought my Barons face was derpy, I was like wah... My, my child's face is derpy looking? But I do agree about the new Doom's Baron, he does kind of have this crossed eye I'm a brick shit house that runs through walls and he don't care look about him, not knocking the design, I think it's rather cool. Personally I always kind of viewed the Baron as possessing a cunning intelligence mixed with a I run through walls and don't care look. TraceOfSpades - Come on man, you were grasping at straws there :) My plan for that region of the body is the wooly legs, plus a kind of loin cloth made of Imp skin, with one or two skulls from an imp and human strapped to it as war trophies, and don't fear, there will be a plain Baron and trophy Baron. HavoX - Yeah as much as I didn't want to take his ears away, they were causing me too many issues for very little pay off, plus I figured a giant hell beast like this either evolved to not have ears, or all Barons at some point in their life have had them torn off.
  25. MacBeth

    Baron of Hell Sculpt

    Hey guys, sorry again for the late update, took a break from the Baron and working on a couple other models at the moment, thought I'd give you guys a small update on the Barons face. Also what is every one's opinion on the new Baron of Hell design that id software released? I have to say I'm quite pleased, probably more relieved that they went straight up demonic Demon with the horns and giant build. Oh... And not a chance TraceofSpades, this ain't no Dante's inferno.