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  1. OpenMaw

    Doom Engine vs Build Engine (2018 edition)

    That would be a fair assessment. All credit to the boys over at Duke4 net for what they have done over the years, but Eduke32 itself is still very much a work in progress. GZDoom does not feel that way. Eduke32 has had an incomplete multiplayer for years and years now. When I was working on my Duke Nukem The Series machinima project it took quite awhile to find a build of Eduke32 that was both advanced enough to include certain features, but also included the legacy netcode so that I could actually film stuff in the engine. The biggest issue for the Duke Nukem community is that it shrank, and it shrank pretty hard between 2009 and 2012. Between 3D Realms closing, we lost a lot of good people in the community, and then when Duke Nukem Forever came out and was an incredibly pale shadow of what it was supposed to be, we lost more people. Including some of the most outspoken, ardent, passionate fanboys the Duke Nukem community had. That plus the lack of a cohesive multiplayer community that could unify and encourage continued modding of the game, we've bled our population down to just a few dozen spread across several websites. It's sad, honestly. Empty. What Duke needs is for the Eduke32 port to get a really good polishing, and be featured in some kind of a re-release/relaunch of it's largest community and through STEAM. There are a lot of custom maps, mods, and other content for Duke Nukem 3D. Officially: Nuclear Winter, Duke Carribean, Duke it out in DC, the Kill-a-ton collection, Duke's 20th Anniversary World Tour. Unofficially: DNF 2013, WG Realms, AMC TC, Alien Armageddon. Plus a load of legacy content which you can find online: http://dukeworld.duke4.net/2001-current/unsorted/other/Duke Nukem 3D/ With all that being said, and I am a HUGE Duke fanboy, I think GZDoom is going to beat it. I'd say that the Doom community as a whole probably beats the Duke community simply because it has modern easy-to-use user friendly tools, and tutorials, and examples that are readily available to anyone who seeks them out. For Eduke32 you have to dig through a lot of wiki articles, scour YouTube, and dust off some old tomes to really learn how to use the editor effectively. With level design specifically I think Doom is a far cleaner process. It has been my experience in dabbling with both games/engines over the years it's much easier to keep Doom levels neat and still get a(relatively) high detail versus Duke, where things can get messy and disproportionate very easy if you don't watch what you're doing. It's also a lot easier to break and corrupt levels for Duke in my experience.
  2. Hey guys, Wolfenstein 3D : The Old School, is a five-level replacement pack for Wolfenstein 3D Shareware. It's been at least a decade, if not more, since I fiddled with making content for ol' Wolfie 3D. About a week ago I started dabbling late at night, and I whipped up five levels for the shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D. All you have to do is download it from the link below and run it in DOSbox. (Or whatever port you prefer. It should work with most modern Wolf3D ports too.) Download Link on ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/games/wolfenstein-3d/downloads/wolfenstein-3d-the-old-school/#7151321 -Steve
  3. OpenMaw

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Yes, you'll be playing a dock worker/forklift operator. You wake up roughly ten minutes before the Resonance Cascade is about to happen. Much like Freeman and Calhoun, you're late by about 40 minutes. As you're heading to work you'll cross the over-ground tram seen at the beginning of Blue Shift. You can actually peer down from the basketball court and see the tram station and tracks. You'll be waved off by a guard. All the trams are knocked out. So you'll take a longer path to get to the Sector A locking docks, which is where you'll find yourself when disaster strikes. A couple chapters later will see you passing through the infirmary section seen in Opposing Force. (There's a section in Opposing Force right near the beginning where you see scientists carrying an injured marine on a stretcher. You can never get back there in Opposing Force. As Threshold's protagonist you'll pass through this area. Most of the mod will have the player ducking between surface areas and just inside the facility. Exploring the habitat and some of the support facilities that weren't really touched upon in the main game or the two official expansion packs. Some of the main areas I am looking to explore include the entire medical facility, a forge, and the main airfield. Another way to put it. If you think of the Black Mesa disaster like 9/11. Freeman and Barney are more or less at ground zero. Shephard's team are the 9-11 first responders, and your character in this is akin to an onlooker just down the street.
  4. OpenMaw

    Doom "COMIC" WAD

    Nosir, I made no modifcations to ketchup. Maybe it's some interaction between Smoothdoom and Ketchup? I'm not sure.
  5. OpenMaw

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Work continues on the exterior. I've also made considerable progress on the interior of the player's housing.
  6. OpenMaw

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Work continues.
  7. OpenMaw

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Half-Life: Threshold is a map pack i'm currently dabbling with. I just finished my first pass at putting a double barreled shotgun into the game. It still needs custom animations and a rework on the texture, but it functions over all at this point. :) Half-Life: Threshold is basically a "What if" there was another expansion pack released in the late 90s by a company like Sunstorm(Duke Carribean, Duke it out in DC,) or Raven Software(Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.) I'll be posting more updates here as I progress.
  8. I'd say good level layout is absolutely more important. A good layout can make even a somewhat dull theme/environment at least fun to play through. Not to mention, good level layouts, at least in Doom's sense, are almost always ubiquitous and can be transferred to a number of "themes" and "environments"
  9. OpenMaw

    Doom - Hangar (remake By Alex Brillante)

    Almost gives me a 1980s Doctor Who vibe. I like it.
  10. There are hints in the various pieces of documentation that on the whole can be taken one of two ways. Doom 2016 is a complete reboot with Easter egg references, or this really is the OG Doomguy after a whole life time of events, (Referred to as dimension hopping) where he went off and settled down with another civilization (hence why his armor is distinct from the rest of the Night Sentinels including in all the tablets we see of him/them.) etc, etc... As to Doom 3 marine's fate. I always assumed that he relinquished the Soul Cube to McNeil with a certain understanding in mind. Honestly the situation was more or less contained until ROE's protagonist went and fingered a demonic artifact... But yeah, the UAC of Doom 3 was a lot more multi-layer than the mustache twirling cult-of-personality types they are in Doom 2016. I always liked their more nuanced portrayal. The corporate lackey turns out to not be so bad after all.
  11. OpenMaw

    Doom "COMIC" WAD

    Doom COMIC WAD is inspired by the (surprise!) Comic book created in 1996. The level attempts to vaguely recreate the progression of events seen in the insane comic with vanilla Doom content. Meaning there's no additional scripting at work. Just Good ol' Doom. About the WAD: If i'm totally honest there are two locations that could have used more work, and I probably made the map a little too easy with generous helpings of weapons and ammo. Though, that might also be due to the fact that it's trying to replicate the events of the comic, which weren't exactly stacked against the Doom Marine later in the story. It's definitely nowhere near the glory of modern maps, but for my first effort i'm still pretty pleased with how it came out, and I definitely learned a lot. I created this a couple years ago now and gave it a slight revamp before uploading it over on ModDb. Anyway, I hope that it brings at least a couple players five or ten minutes of fun! Download link: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom/downloads/comic Instructions: Simply drop this into your main Doom directory and run with your Source port of choice. This was tested and built with Zdoom. ^ Video uses Ketchup Doom and Smooth Doom, not included with the WAD. :)
  12. OpenMaw

    Anyone create music?

    Lot's of awesome stuff in here. Loving that Marble Zone remix. I am currently working on an album that will be a tribute of sorts to lot's of dark ambient and, hate to use the word, "experimental" style game soundtracks like Silent Hill, Doom 64, and Quake 2 on N64. It'll also feature tributes to science fiction and horror like Evil Dead, Aliens, and Event Horizon. Here's my first track for the album, now on Bandcamp, Descent Into Acribus
  13. OpenMaw

    How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    Personally i'd actually really like to see a really grounded visually interesting but entirely believable Earth setting, and then spend the literal first third of the game having it warped and distorted and twisted before your very eyes. Take notes from Evil Dead or Ghostbusters or Aliens. Things like a bridge fusing with cars and their passengers and having it curl up into a giant mechanized Hell Hand. Have buildings consumed by flesh, cut open by shards of glass bleeding fountains of blood down onto the on lookers below. Imagine if it began similar to something like what Titanfall looks like, but is over-come by the insanity of Doom 3 and 4's Hellish macabre grotto... And then reality itself begins to bend with floating structures, and bone fusing with steel. Imagine all the familiar hall marks of a cityscape, all the utilitarian aspects, and now imagine they're being transformed into forms of torture and abstract horror.
  14. OpenMaw

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    My biggest complaint with the Hell sections in Doom 2016 isn't that they don't illicit fear... Though I do think the game could have taken a little risk at this point and injected some foreboding and dread at least towards the general idea of what Hell is. Even in parody's it's a good idea to, on occasion, build the baddies up. That would only contribute to the badassery of the Doom Slayer even more. The bigger the mountain he has to climb the better. But I digress, as I was saying my biggest gripe with Doom 2016's Hell was the general art direction. I think it could have done with some more lava pits, reds, oranges, deeper, darker, thicker, hues. Hell, as it stands, is just a little too high-fantasy-ish combined with Mad max-y wasteland for my taste.
  15. OpenMaw

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    Yeah, but for as annoying as Markiplier can get on a bad day, he's generally in a joyus mood and even if he's having not enjoying a game, he still tries to keep his attitude positive and at least semi-constructive, which is what makes him a joy to listen to sometimes. This guy is a shithead. Never, and why would they, exactly? They're not exactly completely different. They're both Doom games, with some similar core ideas, enemy roster, weapons... It's the same franchise, OF COURSE you'll compare them. That's perfectly valid. His conclusions are, however, totally wank. This is coming from someone who has been playing Doom for going on over two decades now, since I was 7. I love OG Doom. Doom 2016 could have been SO much more shitty, and it's actually a fairly clever reinvention of the franchise, and goddamnit, the most important thing of all... FUN.