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  1. OpenMaw

    reloading not worth it

    Hey, it was good enough for Schwarzenegger in Commando.
  2. OpenMaw

    Female Doomslayer

    I think you should calm down.
  3. OpenMaw

    Female Doomslayer

    Only if it's Crash and she's talking trash.
  4. OpenMaw

    Female Doomslayer

    I'd love to see Crash represented in a Doom game in some way. A DLC campaign for her would be awesome. Could even tell the story of how she ended up in the Arena Eternal. Getting whisked away after defeating a (new) demonic bad ass boss.
  5. OpenMaw

    Female Doomslayer

    I didn't know it was against the law for women to play. Who knew? What he said was true. They are more commonly and better associated with those things both historically and from an evolutionary perspective. You're leaving out one important fact. How many firefighters does London have in total? 300 out of 30,000 is practically nothing. 300 out of 3000 would be at least a respectable chunk.
  6. OpenMaw


    Bumping for the release. Happy birthday, Doom! Have fun guys.
  7. OpenMaw

    Best Dummy texture wad?

    Thank you! Here was the next best thing I could find for Doom: https://realm667.com/index.php/en/component/docman/?task=doc_download&gid=924&Itemid= It's still not on par with what GoldSRC/Source Engine WADs are out there for dev textures. I figure the reason something like that doesn't exist is generally speaking Doom maps are far simpler to design and it's ultimately easy enough to start texturing right away. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to bust out a few stand in dev textures of standard dimensions, though.
  8. OpenMaw

    Best Dummy texture wad?

    Hey, hardcore_gamer could you link me to the Quake wad you're using?
  9. OpenMaw

    Spider Mastermind Model Released for Doomsday

    Very beautiful work. Fantastic.
  10. OpenMaw

    Doom 3: Phobos

    *Gives the B5 salute* Brother...!
  11. OpenMaw

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Canon, guys. Canon. Cannon shoots. Canon is the collective lore. Doom 3 : Phobos; Well, what can I say? Congratulations to the team. You guys did what many fail to do. You finished something you set out to do years and years ago. It's a reality. Good job. So many projects die on the vine and don't make it even half as far as you guys did. Well designed levels, very much in line with what the official Doom 3 environments look like. In that regard you could probably put this stuff side-to-side and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Some of the environments are even better looking than the base game. It's obvious lots of polish went into this aspect. Lighting was very nice, with one exception where combat was involved, I found it a little too dark. Though, you eventually do power up the lights in that particular area, that's after you've already fought the battle. It might have been more foreboding to have the player traverse that spot in the dark and then activate the power. The story on the other hand is too front heavy, and the performances are not that great. The leading voice is not entirely convincing. In terms of the story and the way it's being played out, less is more. Say more with fewer words. People in day to day life don't tend to talk in this overlong form that's going on here, Screenwriters will normally tell you to keep away from using too many words. There's a reason Doom 3 leaned on the PDA for a lot of the story elements, and why Doom 2016 continues that trend with the Codex and data entries. Keeps the expository aspect contained and allows the player to play the game first and foremost. In the world of games, especially in a first person shooter like Doom, not everyone is going to appreciate the story you want to tell. I don't have anything against the particulars of the story, just maybe a few minor flaws in the delivery. I also agree that the stylistic inconsistency with the portraits on the screens was a little disconcerting. I understand certain concessions have to be made with a mod to get things done, but a more true-to-the-look style would have been more appropriate. Combat encounters are pretty good, and the difficulty curve seems very organic. All that being said I look forward to the next episode, and I hope t his group actually stays together and continues to evolve creatively on a new project. Maybe something on the Unreal Engine next?
  12. Can someone explain to a relative new comer what a terrywad is?
  13. OpenMaw


    Updated the first post with "The Story So Far..." After looking at it in those programs and getting some feedback from Misty via PM I realized that first area alone basically blows out the lines. Oops. It's a shame there isn't some way to enable a limiter in Doom Builder for that kind of thing. Alas. Some testing has been done so far and i'm working on the balance and improving the game flow in a few spots.
  14. OpenMaw


    Sent you a PM, Billy. Thank you for the information. Yes, i'm running the latest version of ZDoom. In Doom Builder I started with the basic "Doom 2" configuration. I didn't use any of the Boom/Zdoom specific configs. I'm not really sure if that actually puts a limit on sector/line limits in editor or not, though. I need to bust out my DOS exe's and see how it runs in plain-jane Doom 2. For curiosities sake if nothing else. :D Thank you for the information. I was just looking through the ZDoom wiki this afternoon and I can't seem to find anything on this particular inquiry... Is there a way to check the number of visplanes? I'm assuming there's some kind of a console command that spits out that kind of information. As far as I know i'm just using the stock Doom 2 map format. I didn't use any ZDoom-specific configurations, or Boom.
  15. "In Hell, I Rage" is a single map WAD for Doom II. Inspired by the writings of Mike "impie" Macdee. Particularly from his first Doom Novella "Knee Deep in the Dead" which describes the Hellish landscape, including a Castle whose peaks touch with another castle jutting out of the sky. This imagery in particular inspired the initial spark for this level. Developed with the AMAZING Doom Builder, and tested solely in Zdoom. It should also work with GZDoom and PRBoom+ as well. I'm breaking the limits here to be sure. My second map for Doom/II. My first was Comic.wad Download link: https://www.moddb.com/engines/zdoom/downloads/in-hell-i-rage Special Thanks to: Misty, Cage, Impie, Saad356, and Big Ol Billy for testing, creative contributes, and inspiring the work. Also, thanks to id Software for DOOM. Happy 25th. THE STORY SO FAR... SCREENSHOTS