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  1. The new DOOM should have powerful weapons and a strong feeling of immersion. Like you should feel like you are in the game.
  2. Yeah, I don't know who Markiplier is.... he sounded cool in the video but I don't know if he's actually like that. He held my attention though, with his voice and all. It commanded me to listen to his voice. That being said... I kind of wish that Brutal Video Vault/Mr. Chris himself did the video... I think he would have been a better fit.
  3. I hate it when I see comments like that on your videos. Seriously, Brutal DOOM is good but Vanilla DOOM is awesome too you know?! Like this one guy that says Vanilla DOOM is too slow and clunky, has he or she played it on Nightmare? Nightmare is really brutal and just if you get past it only using your keyboard. No mouse, I mean just using your arrow keys, ctrl, shift, and spacebar... then dear sir I commend you. Even more so if your doing it on an 486 CRT monitor and it's the original game.
  4. It should be like Doom the way id Did in feeling.
  5. I hate the people in the comments section saying that John Carmack is wrong for what he said. He's not wrong for what he said. Most video games these days either have a story that's lame and really generic (COD, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Halo, Titanfall) or they don't have a story at all (DOOM, PONG, TETRIS, PAC-MAN, ASTEROIDS). Story really doesn't belong in a game like DOOM or any other sci-fi horror FPS game because it takes away from the immersion of it being YOU the player....
  6. Badass man, keep up the good work! \m/ \m/
  7. Joe667 do you know what annoys me in the community that we can all agree on? Kaskaum.
  8. Bwahahahaha! Those idiots don't realize that we have cell phones with cameras built inside and somebody is going to probably upload a 1080p video of the new DOOM game to Youtube and everyone is going to go crazy.... That is if it's actually DOOM. If it's DNF or Aliens: Colonial Marines then I am out....
  9. You are the reason why the gaming industry sucks now-a-days. You are that one gamer that tells the companies it's not about the gamer it's about the money. I fucking hate it when people care more about the money than the consumer. We are the consumer, we want to actually you know have a fucking DOOM game you know. We don't want any of your shitty suggestions for Call of Mcgeneric: Modern Halo Titanfall fest. I'm sick'n tired of you trying to make DOOM modern by putting shitty ass generic shooters in it. Yes Halo is extremely Generic just like Titanfall. It has regenerating health and a two-weapon limit. You can't find secret areas, the story is lame, everything. Trust me, I've played Halo before and I used to own an Xbox 360 until I traded it in for a Wii U which was the smartest move I have ever made. DOOM isn't going to fucking be Serious Sam. DOOM isn't going to fucking be Rise of the Triad either. Have you even fucking played the original DOOM? It's nothing like Serious damned Sam. I'm sick of people comparing that game to DOOM. DOOM didn't lock you up in a tiny ass arena packed with enemies and then told you joke's on you motherfucker and made you have to kill everything. No in DOOM you could actually explore vast levels that were creepy, ominous, atmospheric, and made you feel like you were on another world. Seriously let the work of remaking D1-D2 with ID Tech 5 next gen graphics for modders? Really?! Do you have any idea how fucking hard that is? Do you know that they are not going to release the source code or the editor?! DO YOU FUCKING KNOW THAT?! Quake 4 was a horrible excuse for a Quake game just like 3 and 2. I honestly can say I loved Quake 1 with a burning passion. After that Quake just sucked and became overrated. This is a good remake of Quake. For DOOM we are not so fortunate, we are indudated with thousands of crappy 3D models, awesome high-res sprites that are never finished, or we don't get the story that was in DOOM 1. To me, a DOOM 1 remake should have the story of demons breaking through on Phobos. You go to Phobos, Deimos, and Hell and kill the Spider Mastermind, and then go to the Moon to that teleporter to then come to Earth and see it in ruins. So far all of your posts have been saying the same shit.... Kaskaum: DOOM should have a two weapon limit, regenerating health, DLC, linear plot, it should have a DEEP storyline because omg it totally needs one, it needs to have an open-world, because you know DOOM 1 was linear and lololololol it should totally be open-world. Let's make it slow as fuck so it's like Halo or Titanfall on the consoles and PC, and also let's say fuck modders and not let them mod, and we should also make the game look generic. Heck maybe instead of demons it should be aliens from the planet Tei Tenga. LOlollolololololol No pentagrams man, only green circles. Lololololololl. The Community's response: Fuck no! Keep your modern warfare bullshit out of my DOOM game. DOOM doesn't need a fucking weapon limit, DOOM doesn't need to have regenerating health, DOOM doesn't need an open-world because the levels are like mazes. DOOM doesn't need to have a deep storyline because it already has a storyline. DOOM is fast-paced and it should embrace being fast-paced. Most people are fucking tired of feeling slow. DOOM should be modder friendly, because DOOM 1 and 2 and 3 were all modder friendly. DOOM has a unique style to it, which is to say Evil Dead meets Aliens. Fuck no, DOOM has always been about killing demons from Hell and there's pentagrams and inverted crosses and all of that because you are killing fucking demons. id Software either make a PROPER remake of DOOM (1993) or just make a sequel to DOOM 64. The community would be much pleased with a sequel to DOOM 64 or a proper DOOM remake (1993).
  10. Passing the feeling of an indie game? Open world, deep storyline. Man fuck that, seriously all you have been doing is talking about how DOOM should be like Halo or Titanfall. I don't want to see my beloved DOOM turn into some monstrosity that is the generic first-person shooter. DOOM is much more than that. DOOM should keep on being what DOOM is. It's not going to pass the feeling of an indie game. If Nintendo releases a new Mario sidescroller with a story that's not exactly in your face, everyone is OK with that. But if id Software does the same thing with DOOM.... suddenly DOOM needs an elaborate story and an open world? Come on man, DOOM isn't Fallout or Elder Scrolls. DOOM is DOOM, and I've read all of your posts. You essentially want the new DOOM to look like this. Also here is my response to your silly Titanfall. I also have a question for you. Why do you keep pushing for a generic feel for DOOM? Literally all of your posts either read that DOOM should feel like Halo or Titanfall or (insert generic shooter here). DOOM isn't Metal Gear. DOOM isn't Halo. DOOM isn't Resident Evil. DOOM isn't Titanfall. DOOM is DOOM and it ought to stay that way. On another note, just because Hideo Kojima doesn't agree, doesn't exactly make him right does it? Did he found id Software? Did he make DOOM or Wolfenstein or Quake? No he made Metal Gear, a good game in it's own right but it's not id. John Carmack just left id Software to go work for Oculus VR. id Software should at least pay their tributes to him by following his design along with the other three founders... John Carmack, John Romero, Adrian Carmack, and Tom Hall are original id Software give or take. Tom Hall was going to bastardize DOOM by the way. DOOM was meant to be an experience that you the player partake in. Because YOU are supposed to be the marine. YOU are supposed to feel stranded and have no help. Tom Hall was going to make DOOM feel cheesy and not that good. That's why they cut his story ok? Also, the DOOM Bible was used again for DOOM 64 with the Unmaker weapon. If the new DOOM game comes out, it should just do what the original did so well. It should be atmospheric, immersive, creepy, and suspenseful. I was playing DOOM today. DOOM still holds up pretty well. The new DOOM game should just be DOOM plain and simple. If I wanted a generic shooter I would play a generic shooter. Also, is anyone else tired of having all of these big elaborate Hollywood type touchy-feely stories? Doesn't anyone here actually want to play a game, you know a video game? Anyone?! For real?! Why does everyone insist on pushing cinematic crap down our throats that just water down the result of playing the game?! .... I question the sanity of myself sometimes. Plus DOOM already had a story, demons broke through the gateway you are sent into stop the invasion on Phobos and Deimos and go into Hell and kill the Spider Mastermind and go to the Moon to go the teleporter there and end back on Earth to see it in ruins. There that's the DOOM story in a nutshell lol. At this point I say either make a remake/reimagining of DOOM (1993) or make a DOOM 64 sequel. I end this post/log/whatever with one message. id Software make a DOOM 64 sequel please! Thank you.
  11. This is really good. I personally love this ROTT remake. It actually requires skill, something that most modern first-person shooters don't have. If you want DOOM to be some slow Halo shit then fine go ahead. But I want DOOM to either be at a ROTT speed or at.... I <3 Black Mesa. The thing is though, the main question is... what kind of story would the new DOOM have? If it's a reimagining perhaps it should elaborate on the original DOOM's story. In my opinion it should be a good story with a great gameplay.
  12. I know right dude? Anyway man, I like your username cause it's a reference to Megadeth and all and I'm a metalhead. *see Wayne's World for reference*. Anyway, back on topic. DOOM 4 or the new DOOM should just have kickass gameplay. And umm... it should be suspenseful like DOOM 1. DOOM 2 was meh compared to DOOM 1 because it lacked that atmosphere.
  13. No the real problem with DOOM 3 at the time, was the fact it marketed itself as a DOOM remake, all the while lacking a setting on Phobos and Deimos. Also, the Hell levels should have been extended. And on top of that the Spider Mastermind should have been the final boss. No Soul Cube to defeat the Cyberdemon, actually use guns. Guns should have looked like DOOM 1 and 2 counterparts..... Etc.etc.etc. Anyway, a bit on-topic would anyone here like to see a DOOM 64 sequel?
  14. Nope, Chuck Testa. Also, one more thing. I wish id Software would make a DOOM 64 sequel.
  15. It's just a video game.... eh? From what I know, and from what the community knows... DOOM is more than just a video game. DOOM is an experience. The original DOOM was just so good, so amazing. It was an experience. Not a video game. The same goes for Wolfenstein 3D, Quake 1, and Half-Life 1. Yeah I know not everybody thinks like me. Some people here just don't want innovation. Some people just want DOOM to become another stupid modern cookie-cutter shooter (stares at Kaskaum). I loved Black Mesa for Half-Life 2 by the way, it goes to show what kind of reimagining DOOM needs....