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  1. francis247uk

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Managed to play some Final Doom today - plays perfectly, great stuff. Created a shortcut to the settings folder where the .ini's are stored and a shortcut back to the game folder - it helped massively if you want to go in and out trying various changes of the settings quickly, and the simple "QUIT" option in-game on the main screen works great as well, thanks for implementing. When using @Fenderc01 & @Ruritanian solutions for playing with a gamepad, I found that if I bound "Toggle_Map" & "Menu_Back" to the same key/button, when pausing and bringing up the menu functioned the same as I remembered on the Playstation, so might be a suggestion for the default binds potentially? (Would be "Gamepad Back" or "M" or "Tab") - don't think it interferes anywhere having them on the same key..... Long term, to avoid having to use another program to bind the keys either via emulating an Xbox 360 controller or emulating the keyboard (for non Xbox controller), could the game hypothetically be programmed to recognise the generic numbered buttons of a generic game controller - so keep the default binds the same so it doesn't interfere for the majority, but allow for them to be used as options in the control_bindings.ini - so the "# Gamepad buttons:" section looked something like this potentially: # Gamepad buttons: # Gamepad A Gamepad DpUp Gamepad LeftStick # Gamepad B Gamepad DpDown Gamepad RightStick # Gamepad X Gamepad DpLeft Gamepad LeftShoulder # Gamepad Y Gamepad DpRight Gamepad RightShoulder # Gamepad Back Gamepad Start Gamepad Guide # Gamepad 1 Gamepad 2 Gamepad 3 # Gamepad 4 Gamepad 5 Gamepad 6 # Gamepad 7 Gamepad 8 Gamepad 9 # Gamepad 10 Gamepad 11 Gamepad 12 For reference, when you plug in the Playstation Classic Controller, windows recognises it as in the below picture. If too much hassle, then no worries of course!
  2. francis247uk

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Many thanks fenderc01!
  3. francis247uk

    PsyDoom 0.5.2 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Hi @intacowetrust, runs great for me, thanks for all your hard work putting this together, it's appreciated! Even works with multiple .bin files for me as well, although no music at start menu/level complete screen (music plays in game though, no biggie!) As optional extras, would there be any scope in future for: Initial option to select between both Doom and Final Doom, can have .cue & .bin files in the same folder Saves Smooth door & enemy animations Higher resolution options Widescreen support (both field of view and status bar, remove the black boxes either side for example) Bit more user friendly way of changing options would be great - was a bit tricky to locate the folder where they are stored, then editing .ini files correctly is quite difficult for a novice user I also like the PS Startup sound and Williams pages pre main menu, appreciate I'm probably in the minority and for copyright purposes etc is likely not going to happen. Can anyone help - I'm playing on Windows and trying to get this to work with a new Playstation Classic controller (USB) for that authentic old school feel, as for nostalgia purposes this is my favourite way to play compared to mouse/keyboard or Xbox Controller. With regards to amending the control_bindings.ini file, I'm a little unsure where to start. As per the original PSX Doom manual, and then mapping the controller in GZDoom for example, it recognises the inputs as follows: Fire = Triangle = JOY1 Use / Open = Circle = JOY2 Move Forward = Dpad Up = AXIS1MINUS Move Backwards = Dpad Down = AXIS1PLUS Strafe Left = L1 = JOY7 Strafe Right = R1 = JOY8 Turn Left = Dpad Left = AXIS2MINUS Turn Right = Dpad Right = AXIS2PLUS Run = Square = JOY4 Strafe = X = JOY3 Next Weapon = R2 = JOY6 Previous Weapon = L2 = JOY5 Toggle Automap = Select = JOY9
  4. Was trying Doom & Final Doom with the Xebra emulator today for reference, managed to get the controls feel pretty similar on Gzdoom [GEC] Master Edition using a usb psx controller with the following settings: Configure Controller (Screen) Overall Sensitivity 0.100 x Axis Turning Overall Sensitivity 1.00 Invert No Dead Zone 0.050 y Axis Moving Forward Overall Sensitivity 0.100 Invert No Dead zone 0.100 Really enjoyed playing this today, thanks a lot Gerardo194 Would you consider optimising the status bar for widescreen displays on Doom & Final Doom (which I imagine is most people these days) Think this worked really well in the old TC: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1158467 https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1158542
  5. Hi, been playing a bit today and having a couple of issues that someone may be able to help with: I'm now using a Playstation classic USB controller - all buttons mapped fine as per the psx manual - however I can't seem to get the turning speed right to match the original PSX version (too fast or too slow!) - does anyone have any recommended settings on the Joystick Options>Controller Options>Configure Controller screen? Even with Autorun switched off, and no toggle run, I seem to be constantly running everywhere, any ideas? Run button makes no difference but is mapped fine I know the option to skip the intro is coming in the next version (looking forward to that) - low priority, and not a problem if it's too much work, however is there any scope for an option to include the PSX start from the console as an option for PSX Doom & PSX Final Doom - basically the first 14 seconds of the following video:
  6. Super thanks CoTeCiO! Gave it a go and really impressed - just put the wads in the SourcePort folder and off you go, very easy to get going! For authenticity, I disabled the Dynamic lights in the Opengl > Dynamic Lights sub menu, however I'm also getting a bit of screen tearing, had a quick look around the options and cannot find an easy way to disable it (is it called v-sync or something?) Also there appears to be some kind of added effects where the enemies eyes glow and muzzle flash at close range, does anyone know a way to disable that too? Final error for me is the intro animations are a bit jumpy - I did set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 however even at this resolution they run a lot smoother in the PSX Doom TC, so not entirely sure why that is, nothing major though! Many thanks for your work Erick194 & Gerardo194
  7. Hi, looks like I'm late to the party, was involved with playtesting the PSX Doom TC back in the day. Clearly some great work going on here, however I'm a little confused, what are the benefits exactly of playing this over the PSX Doom TC, how is it more authentic? Also has anyone tried playing this with a Playstation Classic controller, as they are USB they apparently work well on PC - wonder how different they are to the original PSX controllers.
  8. Updated from gzdoom 2.1 to 3.5.1 Have encountered a few problems whilst using the following: PSXDoom 2.135 gzdoom-bin-3-5-1-x64 Trying to use: PSXTCMUS.PK3 - music not working - tried to load in with the launcher PSXFDHUD.PK3 - updated psx style bottom bars not working - tried to load in with the launcher PSXDOORS.PK3 - key blink not working - tried to load in with the launcher If anyone could offer assistance it would be appreciated.
  9. +1 This is a great idea, hopefully the keycard fix, weapon aspect ratios and missing actor fixes that hfc2x created could be fully incorporated instead of patched in as well.
  10. Love those add ons MG_Man! The accuracy enhancement should replace what's already there and the other 2 enhancements hopefully can be incorporated properly into the Customizer on the next release.
  11. Worked out what it was, I was using an older version of GZDoom (1.8.02) not 1.8.6 or later - reason why was when I googled GZDoom it took me to: http://www.osnanet.de/c.oelckers/gzdoom/download.html which said 1.8.02 was the latest release but it wasn't - should have re-read Scottgrays post! Latest GZDoom release can be found at http://forum.drdteam.org/viewforum.php?f=23
  12. Thanks for the response - tried what you suggested and the exact same thing happened, it booted up Doom II PC version unfortunately
  13. Apologies for the bump - cannot get this to work on a PC with Windows 10. I've downloaded all the relevant resources and when I click on "PSXDOOM.BAT" in the GZDoom folder it's just running regular PC Doom II. It looks like it's loading the TC before GZDoom starts though? So a bit stumped on this one if anyone is able to help. Kind regards
  14. This is way past a Pre-Beta now, could the forum topic title and first post be updated if possible?
  15. francis247uk

    Doom Remastered released

    Sounds great! The Oboe at 3:40 in the video sounds a bit out of place now though, even if it is in the background, not sure whether it would be better to change it, or remove it completely