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  1. +1 This is a great idea, hopefully the keycard fix, weapon aspect ratios and missing actor fixes that hfc2x created could be fully incorporated instead of patched in as well.
  2. Love those add ons MG_Man! The accuracy enhancement should replace what's already there and the other 2 enhancements hopefully can be incorporated properly into the Customizer on the next release.
  3. Worked out what it was, I was using an older version of GZDoom (1.8.02) not 1.8.6 or later - reason why was when I googled GZDoom it took me to: which said 1.8.02 was the latest release but it wasn't - should have re-read Scottgrays post! Latest GZDoom release can be found at
  4. Thanks for the response - tried what you suggested and the exact same thing happened, it booted up Doom II PC version unfortunately
  5. Apologies for the bump - cannot get this to work on a PC with Windows 10. I've downloaded all the relevant resources and when I click on "PSXDOOM.BAT" in the GZDoom folder it's just running regular PC Doom II. It looks like it's loading the TC before GZDoom starts though? So a bit stumped on this one if anyone is able to help. Kind regards
  6. This is way past a Pre-Beta now, could the forum topic title and first post be updated if possible?
  7. Sounds great! The Oboe at 3:40 in the video sounds a bit out of place now though, even if it is in the background, not sure whether it would be better to change it, or remove it completely
  8. After Job's lighting recommendations I thought I'd try this today with a DualShock 4, I used the tool from here to get it working properly: Plays absolutely beautifully, much better then a DualShock 3 and the program to run it was more clean and simple then MotionInJoy. I also copied controls from PSX/Final Doom for authenticity: DPad = Backwards/Forwards/Turn Left/Right (NO analog sticks, all turned off under axis configuration) Triangle = Fire Square = Run X = Strafe Circle = Open Doors/Press Switches L1/R1 = Strafe Left/Right L2/R2 = Previous/Next Weapons Share Button (Replaces Select Button) = Toggle Automap
  9. MG_MAN - Have tried your new HUD PK3, great work and thanks for Scottgray for explaining how to install it properly. I did have 2 very small problems with it though, for some reason where you've said "HUD has altered graphics for widescreen (the bar background extends across the black bars, works for both status bars)" - unfortunately for me it's only extending on the Doom Status Bar (For Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Lost Levels) The Final Doom Bar is not extending (Master Levels, TNT, Plutonia - The brick background has gone, it's just black either side though, not extended) Also when starting PSXDOOM.BAT, there is now a small red error line of text in the GZDoom loading window which says "Tried to register class "'IsFinalDoom' more than once" - this error doesn't occur if I remove PSXFDHUD.PK3 from PSXDOOM.CFG. Still eventually starts up ok though. Hopefully these are relatively quick fixes.
  10. Have just bought a widescreen monitor and have changed resolution and aspect ratio to match. Does anyone know of a way to hide the brick background on the left and right hand side of the HUD (just make it plain black)? I really don't like having the brick artwork, you can stretch the HUD to cover it but that looks pretty bad too. I've had a fiddle with the SBINFO.TXT in the PK3 (Tried replacing it with MG_MAN's that I found here: but couldn't get that to work. Also there is a small black bar beneath the HUD, could the whole HUD be resized slightly to make better use of the space? Thanks
  11. DeXiaZ, that trailer is awesome!
  12. Know I'm bumping an old thread here, I have a small request. As people are adding mods incorporating features not present from the PSX version such as Nightmare difficulty as an optional download, would it be possible to have the "You are here" Map after completing levels as a downloadable option as well? To me that was another one of the good features missing from the PSX version which added to the Doom experience.
  13. A lot of people will not be playing this in multiplayer, and to keep it authentic to the PSX version I think the cutscenes should definitely stay. Can understand they are not to everyones taste though, perhaps a download without them included for people who would not prefer them like the psx startup, or simple instructions to remove them from the main download if possible?
  14. Thanks fenderc01, however even after changing to POV,joysticks in Motioninjoy, and setting the button configuration I'm still able to amend the Axis Configuration in Control Pad>Configure Controllers. What are your settings here? Thanks in advance. On a separate note I am trying to play this game on an HDTV, however whenever I put it in fullscreen mode, no matter what the resolution is; high or low, it always appears off centre. It plays fine in the windowed mode so long as the resolution is smaller then the desktop resolution of 1920 x 1080, but I would really like to play it in fullscreen at that resolution. I am using GZDoom 1.6 and do not have any problems with other games, it's also a relatively new graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series) Again I'm hoping it's some sort of video setting I'm missing somewhere?