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  1. Army of Darkness!
  2. Anyone here remember the TC called Vixens for Duke3D? You had to fight evil female aliens and other abominations. When I was 10/11 i loved that TC!
  3. I love the new Rise of The Triad and new Shadow Warrior!
  4. It's called Grezzo 2 because Grezzo 1 existed, but not released, was nothing more than a total conversion, it replaced monsters and sounds and no more. It was created in 2004. Anyway the best translation for grezzo is "brute"
  5. If I have permission from both my friend and the author, I'll post even pics of that insane evening. Unfortunately I was not present :(
  6. I think non Italian users miss 99% of the fun with Grezzo 2: being Italian I consider grezzo 2 the most trash thing (in a good way)ever done. All characters in the game represent the scum that our television shovel down our throat everyday, so you will find tv characters and some politicians. The dialogs aren't even in italian language, but a dialect from Umbria (a region in the center of Italy). A friend of mine went to the release party of Grezzo 2 and met the author himself: a very insane guy (of course!) but with a real passion for Doom. Anyway long live Grezzo 2!
  7. Voted for Damnation. I'm playing the last levels: aaargh I love these kind of battles, me VS tons of bastards that will die without mercy. +1 also for the John Carpenter's Halloween theme in a level :D
  8. Damnation! Also Hellbound deserve the cacoward.
  9. This deserve a cacoward! I really love this wad, I'm playing on lvl 23 and this is one of the most infernal wads I've ever played: lots of action, tons of monsters, really infernal atmosphere (the hellish levels are awesome). I cannot wait to finish this wad (I'm sure the last level will be more than hard, I expect tons of cyberdemons/masterminds)
  10. I need some effects/projectiles from Psycophobia mod: imp fireball, cacodemon fireball and rocket/barrel explosions. I don't know how to extract them. So I need someone who can help me how to do it. I have permission from the author of the mod.
  11. Once I've done the opposite: used Doom HD textures in Your Path to Destruction (Doom total conversion for quake). Result was quite good, but the mod itself was so crappy that I've deleted all.
  12. Avevo giocato il primo Italian Doom, non pensavo gli autori fossero in giro ancora, mi fa piacere. Avrà nuovi mostri e armi o tutto standard?
  13. Once on youtube I've saw a quite crappy mod where you play as a red baron of hell and enemies are marines.
  14. Peccato non sono uno che fa mappe, però potrei sempre testarle per vedere bug, se mostri/munizioni sono equilibrati a seconda delle difficoltà etc...ho giocato palate di megawads quindi un pochino dovrei intendermene di livelli