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  1. Kojak_Man

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Bleh, another one bites the dust so to speak. Oh well, the motto I had since I heard of the story-line tinkering was 'No Demons, No DooM"... guess what this turned out to be >.>
  2. Kojak_Man

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    Gentlemen (and ladies if you happen to be out there) I think one thing we should be able to agree on. This uproar would not be nearly so heavy if they hadn't appeared to take THE fundamental story concept of Doom (i.e. an demonic invasion from Hell) and changed it to something completely different (i.e. genetic experiment gone bad *cough* Resident Evil *cough*) At any rate until someone else sees it and shows that the genetic thing is a ruse and the creatures really are from Hell, I don't ever plan on seeing this movie. You don't EVER mess with fundamental story content when basing a movie on something. It's like making Schindler's List with the antagonists changed to the Taliban instead of being Nazis (don't make any comments on how this movie was based on history and Doom is based on a game, it's just an example.)
  3. Kojak_Man

    Not enough Memory. How much should I Get?

    Eer I have 1 GB and run Hi-Quality just fine. The video quality is supposed to be related to your video card RAM not your system RAM (i.e. from Id themselves 64MB low 128MB med 256 MB hi 512MB* ultra) *Of course there are no 512MB vid cards yet, but you can still get away with Ultra if you have a very good system.
  4. Kojak_Man

    installation problems

    Not related to your installation problems, but I feel I should let you know that integrated video will probably not cut it unless it is something from NVidia or ATI (not even sure if they make any.)
  5. Kojak_Man

    crashing on a GFORCE4 ti4600

    Double check your DirectX settings and make sure you don't have a refresh rate override (many monitors cannot handle 1024x768 at 120Hz for example), check your card settings for this also. Failing that, edit the config files and force the games to come up in 640x480 if possible and see if that clears it up. Since it happens in other games besides Doom3 this is almost certainly a system problem. EDIT: Also, if you have any kind of onboard video make sure it is disabled. I would strongly suggest not messing with any voltage settings unless you absolutely know for sure what you are doing and what your hardware can handle.
  6. Kojak_Man

    burnout issue

    Okay, could you please explain what board is shorted out? Was it the AX4SG? Shorts are usually caused by either direct physical contact to the chassis/other metal components or by defective circuitry in the board itself. If the board is defective you should be able to get it replaced under warranty.
  7. Kojak_Man

    What kind of music will be rejected?

    Thing is, there is no music for shareware Quake. You have to get the registered CD to have the soundtrack in the game (of course you can still play other CD's in the shareware version, but you need the CD of the game to play the real soundtrack)
  8. Kojak_Man

    Why did Id not fix this? [old map14 trick]

    Take a look at the Compet-N record demos if you think that is something ;)
  9. Kojak_Man

    Newbie to demoing

    Lost souls don't count as a kill, probably intended to prevent 100%+ kills in levels with Pain Elementals. However, archvile resurrected monsters can increase the kill count to over 100% so it's hard to say exactly why lost souls aren't treated as kills (This doesn't apply to ZDoom, lost souls count as kills there and the kill count is dynamic i.e. the total number of monsters for the kill count increases as new ones spawn.)
  10. Kojak_Man

    what good is armor

    Armor does very little in SP except against weaker damage. It only absorbs 20% of damage but always with a minimum of 1 (skewing it's protection in favor of weaker hits i.e. take 50 damage -> 10 Armor 40 Health which gives a protection of 20% however take 2 damage -> 1 Armor 1 Health which gives a protection of 50%) In short armor is only really effective at helping you shrug off minor damage (especially a large number of hits with minor damage such as machineguns or shotguns.) but isn't effective against heavier damage. I will agree that for what it does, there is WAY too much armor in the game, especially considering that none of the enemies hit all that hard. Of course you can change this by modding the game defs which is one thing I have done i.e. scaling up enemy damage and allowing more protection for the armor so it actually has some value. ;)
  11. Kojak_Man

    Doom3 demo

    Unfortunately a shot like that is highly dependant on your monitor's brightness and video card's gamma. The "adjusted" pic is actually a bit darker than that section on my computer. Usually what I do is find a dark area, turn up the gamma until I can clearly see the darkest colors, then adjust the gamma back down until the darkest areas blend seamlessly into the black.
  12. Kojak_Man

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    One thing I have been thinking about saying for a while. I mean, do people honestly expect zombies to utilize strategic combat tactics? Even in HL the only enemies with any real AI are the marines and even then, I've seen them do some strange things like stopping while running away from me and just letting me mow them down with the MP5. I think the Zsec zombies in Doom 3 do show some intellegence in that they do more than just fire at you (i.e. they dodge, fire from behind cover, and seem to have this habit of charging you guns blazing when you're trying to reload.) although I've seen their AI do strange things also. The most intellegent enemies I've ever seen in a SP game, or at least the most combat ready, would have to be the Skaarj in Unreal who constantly move, dodge, and return fire even leading you're movements with their shots. I'll have to disagree with you there. I think he looks awesome. However, I don't think the caption of there being no comparison holds. Both games look just as good at rendering faces. The only thing better I saw on the gman was skin detail that would only be noticable on a closeup view like the screenshot. Detail like that should only be used if the rest of your game looks photo-realistic.
  13. Kojak_Man

    Running poorly = Help Needed!!

    You're basically at the very bottom of the system requirements on your video card, which is probably the most likely cause. Check your card settings to make sure Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering are set to Application controlled and make sure your Image Quality settings are set to Performance or High-Peformance. Make sure ALL drivers for your video card, sound card and what not are updated. Barring that you'll need to upgrade, preferably the video card first. To check your frame rate type 'com_showFPS 1' in the console (use CTRL-ALT-'~' to get to the console -> '~' is the key immediately to the left of the '1' key on most keyboards.)
  14. Kojak_Man

    Hellknights too Weak?

    Well, my thoughts are the Hell Knight is more like the original's Baron's (which had a 1000 Hp) and Id just decided to get rid of the 'weaker' class of that demon. However, in general I felt the enemies were far wimpier than their original incarnations, none of the new ones hit as hard as the originals, even on Veteran (Pinky only does 17 Dmg vs. up to 40 in the original, Imp melee only 13 vs. up to 24) Of course, this can be 'fixed' by editing the def files (one thing I'm doing right now for my second run-through)
  15. Kojak_Man

    poor performance on a decent machine?

    The_FNG, you have a VERY similar system to mine with a couple exceptions, I have 1 GB of RAM and a standard FX 5700/256MB. Firstly, check your card's image settings and make sure Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering are set to App-controlled (8xAA or even 4xAA can really cut into your frame-rates.) Set the image quality of your card to Quality or Performance. Setting the card to High-quality for me gave a 30% drop in FPS with no appreciable difference in visual quality (and I checked several screenshots for comparison.) Even Quality didn't seem to offer much better visuals than Performance, so Performance is what mine is set to. Finally, set Doom3 to run in high-quality instead of medium. The difference in frame rates is negligable with a 256MB card (at least on mine) and the game looks much better. With my system and 800x600 Hi I get about 24-26 Fps on timedemo demo1 vs. when I started with my card's default at about 17-19 Fps. However, in-game performance is much better averaging about 30-60 fps and dropping to 20 fps at a minimum during graphically intesive spots (use com_showFPS 1 to check fps in-game.)