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  1. Fitzkrieg

    Rare kills

    I think it still counts as a rare kill if an enemy takes as many shots as possible. A mancubus eats 4 rockets and still craves more. Occurs in hellbnd.wad, prboom+ cl2, at around 4:33 (-skipsec 273) hb04rare.zip
  2. Fitzkrieg

    Hellbound demos [-complevel 2]

    Map03: Testing Chambers UV-Max in 7:23 Now with cl2! ...Sorry about that. Will be consistent from now on. hb03-723.zip
  3. Fitzkrieg

    Hellbound demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 02: Canal Road UV-Max in 6:11 If competitors are going to be using cl9, so be it. hb02-611.zip
  4. Fitzkrieg

    Hellbound demos [-complevel 2]

    Hmm, I've been using -complevel 2 for my MAP02 and MAP03 runs (not submitted yet) as Andy Olivera suggested to me. However, an unofficial secret in MAP03 became inaccessible as I used this setting. The Hellbound text file states that it's been tested with GZDoom and PrBoom+, and may not run with Vanilla Doom. So, I'll be redoing those 2 maps with -complevel 9, and trying MAP01 again when I'm ready.
  5. Hellbound Map01 UV-Max in 3:51 I didn't even notice until now that Daiyu's run was from a few days ago. I just felt like playing some Hellbound! As someone new to the Doomworld demo recording community, what course of action is recommended for recording a playthrough? (i.e. Should I create a Hellbound thread? Continue posting here?) No Hellbound demo thread currently exists. hb01-351.zip
  6. I would be interested in creating a contribution to this project. Is there a deadline?