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  1. byblo

    Official DOOM Playstation Soundtrack Release

    Thank you. Link got reduced by forum. Here is fixed link: http://aubreyhodges.bandcamp.com/album/quake-nintendo-64-official-soundtrack
  2. Go to Options, Advanced, Gameplay Options, Fast Monsters set to: YES Its like playing Nightmare difficulty but without the annoying respawns. Its very good to compensate the fact we now play in high res but also with mouse+keyboard instead of the joypad.
  3. byblo

    Official DOOM Playstation Soundtrack Release

    Yes please. Download links from bandcamp seems to die very quickly :( Its impossible to download updated version without having to ask to the support service for a reactivation. BTW, there are also a lot of glitches on the PSX album: 15 - Corrupted (Level - Deimos Lab) For instance at 0:13, 2:25, 3:21
  4. byblo

    Official DOOM Playstation Soundtrack Release

    I cant wait to listen those bonuses :) Btw: "All of the ingame music was created using the Sony and Nintendo tools. Basically they allowed me to load tiny little samples into a cheesy sampler and use my sequencer to trigger the samples. Once I completed a song I saved the sample bank for use in game with the midi file. Most of the songs fit into about 170-250k of memory. Funny thing is that the bad quality gave the songs a gritty quality that made the pieces seem scary...like really underground industrial stuff. Almost all of the samples came from recordings of weird objects mic'd really close. One for instance was a bee caught in a can. I almost got stung for that song! hehe The music you were able to rip was used only in the menu. The game was too rough on the disc to allow streaming music during the game. Which...turned out to be a good thing after all." src: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/42939-fun-psx-doom-stuff Maybe it will be interesting to have some pictures, just for curiosity but also for the videogames soundtracks history. Would be nice to see which machines produced such great audio tracks :)
  5. byblo

    Official DOOM Playstation Soundtrack Release

    Playing the psx doom with that soundtrack was like walking in hell. One of my favorite sountrack, with quake and silent hill :)
  6. Glad to see motivated people to convert maps to the PSX version :) As others, I'd prefer to keep the original PSX maps order, and make new maps list with new episodes. Or maybe it is possible to both, for instance different episodes on the same game: "Ultimate Doom, Ultimate Doom PC, DoomII, DoomII PC", ect... A little suggestion about converting maps: each person should post 1 converted map as a mock-up, and for discussion with others, this maybe could help to keep a common line of conversion ?
  7. Damn 90' magazines ! None of them told me about it.
  8. Thank you :) (can also use the variable: sv_dontcheckammo true) Curiously, the empty weapons still not switching when rotating weapons.
  9. Yes, my first step was simply to notify some of the differences between original and TC version, regardless the way to fix them, if possible or not :) About the autosave feature, I suggest we disable it by default (player still can save his game when he wants to), until someone request to the (g)zdoom author (http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5848) the ability to disable the autoload feature when a player die. I'm a bit astonished that it was not possible already. Knowing you will lose all your items and weapons when dying was part of the PSX gameplay (the game is already easier since we can play it in the PC) Unfortunately. But again, maybe we can request such feature to the gzdoom author. Currently, even if its more a matter of taste than anything else, I vote to remove those bright attributes to weapons. Playing with colored muzzleflashes really recreate the psx doom ambiance. (the loss of muzzleflash's bright is barely noticeable, except in some very dark places like for instance in Club Doom's first room) Im not sure to understand. By default, gl_light_ambient is set to 20. Lowering to 1 shows few difference. It just fixes the problem i reported on my previous post. By "dynamic lighting" (I don't have technical vocabulary, sry), I meant the increase of brightness around the player when he shoot. It is present in psx and tc, but in tc, it is barely noticeable. Maybe this can be fixed too. edit:The saddest thing is that bright attribute for weapons works properly in zdoom. Even the brightness around player is there: Something got lost in gzdoom :s
  10. Hi :) While comparing Doom's PSX (& PSX Final Doom) and TC version, I noticed some differences that id like to report here: PSX: When player dies, he should restart from the level's beginning, no weapons (only pistol), no keys, no ammo, no armor. TC: Last saved game is loaded after player died (with all his weapons, armor and ammos) PSX (see video at end of post): Chainsaw and fists always shows '0' ammo in status bar. TC: Ammo field is empty. The '0' is missing. PSX (see video): Bullets puff are non bright and always colored by sector, except for 'PUFF A'. Alpha is something around 0.9 TC: Alpha is 0.5, PUFF B and PUFF CD using bright attribute. After messing with it for an hour, this should match the PSX version: In EXPLOSIVES.TXT->Actor PSXBulletPuff : BulletPuff Replaces BulletPuff { Scale 0.92 RenderStyle Add Alpha 0.9 VSpeed 0.4 States { Spawn: PUFF A 4 Bright PUFF B 4 Melee: PUFF CD 5 Stop } } (psx version) (tc new attributes) PSX (see video): - Muzzleflash is always colored by sector. - Muzzleflash is NOT bright if sector contain a color value but no progressive lightning. (fading light) - Muzzleflash is bright on other cases (sector without color value, sector with fading light and color value) TC: Muzzleflash is always bright, and not colored in all cases. (I hope it is possible to reproduce this muzzleflash's behavior in PSX TC. Without being colored, muzzleflash doesnt fell like playing the PSX version of doom) (Muzzleflash is colored but NOT bright if sector contain a color value but no progressive lightning) (Muzzleflash is bright and colored by a sector with fading light and color value) TC: fading light is sometimes not matching PSX version (see first exit room on Doom II, fade speed it much faster in TC than PSX version. Also, on PSX version, rocket launcher's secret room should fade from total darkness to full bright, which is not the case on TC version. PSX:brightness around player TC: nothing. It seems it can be activated using DOOM in 'Sector light mode' (gl_lightmode 2, see http://zdoom.org/wiki/OpenGL_preferences) But it seems buggy :( (brightness around player using DOOM in 'Sector light mode'. It seems buggy: too dark... also, restart round or game and the effect is gone... edit: setting is reseted due of lightmode variable into the file ZMAPINFO.TXT. Nervermind) PSX (see video): Player still can select weapon with empty ammos, then once trying to fire, the weapon is automatically switched to another one. TC: weapons with no ammo can't be selected anymore. TC: Clipping in fading light on exit room of map 1 (Ultimate Doom) Can be fixed setting variable gl_light_ambient to 1 PSX (see video): While firing, the dynamic lighting around the player is clearly visible TC: The lighning is barely noticeable Video: ePSXe_2012_08_31_04_55_33_199b.XviD.mp3_[CE36A5DA].avi: http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/14406609/file.html
  11. Yes it does. But i need to reinstall my old psx on my tv if you need the proper alpha value. (on TC, I tried with alpha 0.5, seemed fine) BTW, following the lafoxxx post, I removed the 'Bright' attributes to keep the muzzleflash like the original psx version (instead of this... http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/192/screenshotdoom201208111.png), but the rocket launcher seems to behave differently? Are you guys planning to remove or to keep those 'bright' attribute for the weapons ?