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  1. gnudist

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    Edit: Disregard this, I derped
  2. gnudist

    Freedoom v0.11 Emerges

    Trapped between a tree and a rock near a slime waterfall in c1m1 after going off a cliff. Weeee
  3. gnudist

    On the subject of "hell"

    The concept of hell is public domain and God doesn't seem interested in lobbying for a retroactive copyright extension.
  4. gnudist

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    Oh good, I was wondering why you stopped working on FDcaco time for a virtual pet spin off :p
  5. gnudist

    Freedoom's Story

    Amazing Grape farMers Asymmetrical Gore and Maiming
  6. gnudist

    Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    Yeah baby more caco progress. Looks much nicer <3
  7. gnudist

    New wad names

    Gzdoom requirement would be epic fail for a project that's a free as in freedom alternative to doom content. Unless gzdoom changed to gpl while I wasn't looking
  8. gnudist

    An Obambirthday

    Accepting odd gifts as POTUS is a fail NOOBama
  9. I must suck at getting the point across if others are repeating what I've already wrote. And yeah, I also forgot to clarify on the scaleable fonts thing that doom's weren't. That was intended as a warning to those who saw the above and assumed they could take windings.ttf from windows and use it as if it were public domain
  10. Fonts aren't covered by copyright here but that's not true everywhere. And scaleable computer fonts are considered software for the purposes of United States copyright law even though the design of the characters themselves is not copyrightable. you should not include unlicenced fonts if you want your source port in linux repos, mirrored by non US sites or care if your source port is 100% free as in freedom
  11. gnudist

    Prboom Plus on Android. OUT NOW - Doom Touch

    Public Github repo or source tarball upload somewhere would be greatly appreciated. more so the first
  12. gnudist

    Texture usage in other projects

    It's all good as far as using FREEDOOM assets are concerned. Being a permissively licensed project you may use the art even in a closed product. You do need to include the license/copyright notice though
  13. provided you're not including additional code from third parties you're correct. There'd be trouble if you had contributers prior to the switch who did not agree to the licensing change or assigned copyright over their contributions to you.
  14. There's a bit of a contridiction in the license file. It claims delphi doom is GNU GPL(which allows for profit use), but it then goes on to say you can use it as lond as it's NOT for profit. A license that dissallows such use is not only not GPL'd but it also runs counter to the ideals of the free software movement the GPL was born out of, that the end user of the software has the FREEDOM to modify and run the software for any purpose. see: http://gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html see also http://gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html
  15. tried to get at the daily build site but it 404'd