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  1. narcissus

    Scuba Steve's Must Play Wads, for Newbs

    Sorry for the VERY late bump here, but I know that when I got into Doom three years ago Steve's list (along with cacowards) really were my guiding light. I like flashier mods that really go the extra mile in terms of presentation, and I'm curious to know what else would he or anyone else like to add? :)
  2. narcissus

    Scuba Steve's Must Play Wads, for Newbs

    Hey Scuba Steve, I've been away from the doom community for the last few years. Outside of Pirates Doom, what other titles would you recommend that really twist and push presentation in new ways? I love TCs or anything with substantial graphical changes. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, saw this cool mod on youtube and went to download it... and the sendspace link is expired and the only copy on doomworld I could find is much older. Anyone mind uploading this beauty?
  4. narcissus

    X-mas nightmare doom 2 (2007)

    Thanks guys! Works perfectly!
  5. narcissus

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Okay guys, I think I'm losing my mind. A few months ago I played a great retro mod that I THINK was for Doom, though there's a smidgen of a chance it may have been Duke 3d. The single player mapset wasn't gigantic, but I remember that the first level was very scripted, with full voice acting and a military base/ tech facility being overrun. Lots of creeping around, watching things go wrong, and very little shooting in that first level. I think there may have been a wintery theme, but nothing like Winters Fury, Assault on Tei tenga, or cold as hell. Any idea what in the world I played? Am I entirely off my rocker here?
  6. hey guys, has anyone found a way for goldeneye to be playable on windows 7? Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a snag trying to get the goldeneye TC to function. I'm d downloaded near every version on ModDB and paired them with ZDoom and ChocolateDoom, along with the stand alone edge version. No matter what I do, I'm always missing some textures. The New Game and Quit game on the title screen are just blank squares, and I can't pull up any objectives or have them appear on screen (like in youtube videos I've seen). For example, the truck from the first level is missing, etc. The standalone edge release in 2009 plays perfectly, but has no sound. Any advice on how to get this guy working? I'd love to give it a go!
  7. Hey all, been running my way through the most interesting cacowards/top 100 WADS these last few months, and I've greatly enjoyed the experience. Currently I'm running through Strain, loving the new enemy types and gradually escalation in difficulty. Which brings me to this post. I downloaded and was super pumped for Cold As Hell... only to discover that the game is way too difficult for my meager skills, even on the easiest difficulty setting. 72 enemies on the second level (central transit) all at once? With damage increased, a reload function, movement speed reduced, fast imps, and freaking Mancubus'?! I suppose I could throw on infinite ammo and iddqd, but that seems to defeat the point. I recently played through Epic 2 - which also introduced some pretty great skirmishes towards the end. What wads would you recommend that have great atmosphere and action but are at least playable to a non Doom veteran? Shame about Cold as hell, really. Excellent creepy sense of place and style to burn.
  8. narcissus

    Action Doom 2

    Action Doom 2: Whoa, what an awesome experience! Especially loved the completely unexpected house level, great change of pace. Is there anywhere online that lists all the secret items? I found the zirconia, action comic and a computer in the city levels, the bobble head in the subway, the 2d sidescroller and necronomicon in the forest areas, the source code and the action doom box in Phylex... but nothing in the bridge! Any ideas?
  9. narcissus

    Action Doom 2

    Yeah, I thought about posting my question in there, but I didn't want to resurrect an old thread. And I scoured those pages and don't think I found what I was looking for, though I think I'm just looking for an excuse to play more Action Doom 2. :P
  10. Hey guys, me again. This time I've been playing through Massmouth 2, the very last game I've dug my teeth into out of all the games listed on the top 100 wads list. Aaand I'm stuck, and I can't figure out if its because of the engine or not. Level ten, Texas Linguine, finding the six keys, and I can't past a triangular object blocking the monster's mouth in the top right corner. On the lets Play I found, he just waltzes in the mouth on top of the tongue, no problems. Some googling shows several threads about what may be a sloping issue - an apparent problem with zdoom. Since I ran into a weird texture bug early on I switched from zdoom to skulltag. I then downloaded an old version of zdoom (2.0.96) that someone on youtube recommended. And... same problem. Am I missing some switch, or is this the sloping issue? If it is, how would I fix it? EDIT: D'oh! used a version of GZDoom and it works perfectly. Cheers to the random commentor on the doomworld download page. Mods, feel free to delete!
  11. In License to Spell Doom, but does anyone know where/how to get all the detonators at the end of the second map? I couldn't find anything in this thread. I've gotten two so far (one with a forklift, one underwater) but the rest all seem blocked by walls or unreachable jumps (the one to the north by a fan - am I supposed to somehow jump from the barrier to the vent?). I'm new to Doom mods, and started with the top 100 wads... and have promptly gotten stuck on this beast of a mod. I'd quit and move on but the zdoom scripting has really impressed me so far.
  12. narcissus

    License to Spell Doom: help needed

    Thanks for the help, I'll have to sit down with a large glass and puzzle it out sometime soon.
  13. hey guys, making my way through the top 100 wads and am having a complete blast. Unfortunately my neurotic self won't let me forget that I can't figure out how to beat the embassy level in Twilight Warrior for the life of me. How do I get the steel bars to retract so I can leave? I found a youtube video of a speedrun and I didn't see any obvious switches I forgot to hit. Is there a trigger the game is failing to hit for me? Thanks!
  14. narcissus

    Best "licensed" mods to play?

    Hey guys, I rather strangely never played the original Doom, though I did sink serious hours into Star Wars Dark Forces when I was a kid. Anyway, I'm working on a writing project that chronicles the evolution of licensed games, especially tv, movies, and comics. Whilst speaking to a friend about playing such abominations as The Sopranos and The Shield videogames, he recommended the Batman Doom TC. Some digging around online through the googles also points to an Aliens TC, Goldeneye Doom, and a Star Wars mod that looks a lot like Dark Forces. What other un"licensed" mods would you recommend? I'm not really interested in just reskins of existing levels - though if any are especially awesome that'd be great too. Apologies if there's some super obvious weblink that lists everything i'm looking for, I'm quite new to this!
  15. narcissus

    Best "licensed" mods to play?

    Hey Steve, You were right, that hall is for deathmatch! Turns out i was missing some well concealed smoke bombs. I'm already missing another secret in chinatown, probably something to do with a switch bordered with red lining that won't respond to anything - including cheating to hold a red key. Only finished with 20% of the secrets! What a fantastic atmosphere though, this is some seriously impressive work. Especially love the idea of returning to the Bat Cave after each boss, fan service at its finest. :)
  16. Hey guys, I just started playing BatmanDoom for the first time. Seriously awesome, but then I started trying to hunt for secrets... and the first level has me stumped! So there's an elevator that reveals itself in the hallway after you activate the train - but I've no idea HOW to activate it. I ran around for a solid hour, completely baffled, and somehow I got the dang elevator to show up. Anyone remember this from ye olden times? I also posted about this in the WADS and MODS forum, but this may be the better forum for my question. Dang, devious secrets! (Or odd scripting, I'm seriously confuzzled at what could trigger it)
  17. narcissus

    Best "licensed" mods to play?

    Cool, I'll add it to the list. Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a snag trying to get the goldeneye TC to function. I'm running windows 7 and downloaded near every version on ModDB and paired them with ZDoom and ChocolateDoom, along with the stand alone edge version. No matter what I do, I'm always missing some textures. The New Game and Quit game on the title screen are just blank squares, and I can't pull up any objectives or have them appear on screen (like in youtube videos I've seen). For example, the truck from the first level is missing, etc. I managed to get the Batman TC working just fine - and its fantastic! Would love to know whats causing the goldeneye mod to act up though, or if I'm just out of luck. I tried the standalone Edge with freedoom and it plays perfectly... if it had sound.
  18. narcissus

    Best "licensed" mods to play?

    Good lord, there's so many! I've got a preliminary list of over twenty mods to play, can't wait to dig in after I polish off Doom 2. I know its a bit odd to ask just for levels based on pre-existing properties, but are there any other ones you could recommend my way? You know, star trek, movies, tv shows, etc.? Also, are there any really humorous mods you guys would say are must-play? Not so much a joke wad like ones that make fun of poor design, but farcical levels with plenty of odd sound clips and sprites - Sky Must Be, and the Turbo Charged Arcade are already on the list! Again guys, thanks so much for keeping the community going - its pretty damn awesome that there's still so much stuff available.