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  1. Echoplex

    Thoughts, and feedback

    The objective of hellgate is to be like a Doom 2 throwback. Its not going to be a slaughter fest or "omg this is retarded hard" I want the feeling to be fun and tough. Thank you for the feed back. I can't wait to get level 10 done because then I'll post the wad of 10 on here for play. I'm still play testing and tweeting this and the previous 8. And some day all 32 will be finished. But right now my short term goal is 1-10 Map 7, "Home?" is the one I'm excited for everyone to play. That map made me stop building for a few months because of how long it took to make, detail and test.
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/download/60ofpnonfw2vcgc/test.wad (ZDoom in Doom format) I've been working on my megawad "Hellgate" and this is my most recent map in the project. Its MAP09 in Hellgate which is why at the start of this test you get all the weapons and ammo and health, this is more to test level flow and monster placement Ammo and health is still a work inprogress, which is why there is only some in first 3 rooms, but the keys are in place and the exit has not been placed in the map. once again this is more to test level flow and monster placement. Thank you for your feedback and ideas. -L P.S. watch that first step, it's a bitch.
  3. Echoplex

    Tiny Maps

    http://www.mediafire.com/?lg5wb5996f4zeuh It took about 45 min, and did a play test or 2. ZDoom (doom in doom format)
  4. Echoplex

    Hellgate Lotis (demo?)

    In my mind i liked to believe that they were done but i knew if i had people play them there would e thing that need to be fixed. And yeah this was built for Zdoom, i didn't know using flats causes issues with other formats? And yeah, i'm not sure how to fix that damn door in level 2 where it takes forever to open the first time since it starts at the ground. that's this made me smile i did make some switches for a way to cross the gap. the 2 floating skull rocks, the taller one raises a part of lava little by little and the short one drops it to the ground. I thought it was a pretty well hidden switch, and i guess it worked lol. And i'm glad it wasn't lame for me to put a IoS image in L2 I wanted the feel of an unfinised IoS being built by Hell in a UAC base. and i do need to put one or 2 more in there, its hard to forget, "oh i built this so i know where exactly to go...but people playing don't" I do want to fix Lv 5 more, because i love the idea of fighting the bruiser brothers again only its tougher with some health and low ammo, and you're in a lava pit. and i wan't to give the level more character, and make it not so bland at the start. thank you for the feedback, this is absolutely what i want.
  5. I guess this would be called a demo, but anyway here is the wad or i guess soon to be (i hope) mega wad. its the first 5 levels of Hellgate. built using Doombuilder w/ zdoom (doom in doom format), only Doom II textures used, and meant for i guess vanilla style play (no jumping or gravity stuff) its a simple wad i guess you can say. I haven't been able to do anything other than build the levels (so no custom music or level titles.) and it has only one difficulty, i haven't expanded for anything higher than HMP (but its still pretty tough). for those that want to just play it here is the link, please offer feedback, i'm new at this. (side note: Lv5: They're Back?!, i know its a little like a slay fest but i have reason for it. It was the only way i could make the mini-boss at the end a challenge, just play through and see what i mean) http://www.mediafire.com/?o4l1l2fwax05za1 for those wanting to know some of the story stuff, here it is: L1: Failsafe (keep the UAC prisoners from escaping) L2: Hellgate I (stop the Hellgate and its gatekeeper from being built) L3: Normandy (its time to march on hells shores again) L4: Hellfire Point (A molten daemon spawn encampment) L5: They're Back?! (...and they haven't forgotten your last fight on phobos) After the stop of Hell on Earth, Earthlings began to rebuild. Meanwhile the UAC worked on ways to prevent those events that nearly wiped out humanity for happening again. But only 2 years after the HoE disaster, A UAC base holding some of hells captives is raided. It looks like Hell isn't done, and something bigger is leading a well planned attack on earth. thanks and enjoy.
  6. I'm working on my 5th map and when i'm done with it, i want to realease my first 5 as a trial, and get some feed back them. so how do i go about sharing them for download?
  7. Echoplex

    Help with creating maps

    it might seem like quite a bit at first, but once you figure out the flow of "this is how i do this type of door" or this is how i do this kind of switch" its just 2nd nature, based from trial and error. the people on these forums are a huge help, even though they get the same questions repeated, there always will to answer it again lol.
  8. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    gaaaah i found the back ups!!!! :) thanks for the help guys. i think i'll just stick with Doom in Doom format, since i got it down pretty well
  9. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    yeah, i have zdoom linked as my testing program
  10. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    So im using this UDMF format, and i want to test my map, but when i click on test, it brings up an error saying " 'THINGS' not found in MAP01 " the only THING i have in my map is the palyer 1 start...any ideas?
  11. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    Couldn't find it, but oh well...I can rebuild it, i have the technology.
  12. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    no i changed the format of my exsisting maps, the warning that came up just said that some of my line defs may not work properly, so i assumed i had to redo some doors or switches which i was fine with. my 4 maps got cleared out. give me a moment to mourn. (1 & 2 weren't too bad, smaller starter maps, but 3...that one was a lot of work and i just finished it 2 days ago)
  13. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    soooo...changing from Zdoom (Doom in doom format) to Zdoom (UDMF in Doom Format) can delete you maps...
  14. Echoplex

    formats and resources question

    when changing the resource in Doombuilder, what is the most common format? i've been doing Zdoom (Doom in Doom format) but should i use another? (i ask because i see people use zdoom (doom in hexen format) often) and right now i'm just using stuff from the Doom II wad, does it complicate the wad if i use textures and such from Doom, Doom II and Plutonia?
  15. This helped me make mine. Easy to follow insturctions on the many options of the Monster teleport ambush http://forums.newdoom.com/showpost.php?p=433267&postcount=33