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  1. I want a mix of music. I don't want ambience blaring throughout the whole game (It's not Resident Evil) and I don't want heavy metal blaring throughout the whole game either (This isn't a SLAYER concert). We need a balance of both this way it's enjoyable for both PC DOOM fans and PS1 DOOM/DOOM 64 fans. The enemies should scare you. I hated how in DOOM 3 hardly any enemy scared me. They should stay true to the original DOOM monster design and make it 3D and HD and make it scary as fuck. Weapons should feel powerful. And it should be you slowly progress your way up the weapon ladder (ala Half-Life 1/System Shock 2). Guns should sound powerful but not too powerful. A shotgun should sound VERY powerful. A pistol should sound not too powerful but still like a pistol and NOT like a Nerf Gun (points at DOOM 3). A Machine Gun should sound like a Machine Gun not like an airsoft gun. A Chaingun should sound like an Assault Rifle. A Rocket Launcher like a Rocket Launcher. A Plasma Rifle like a Plasma Rifle. A BFG9000 should sound super powerful. Also if there's going to be gore. Let there be dynamic gore. I want to be able to shoot off legs, shoot of arms, heads, and much more. And each enemy should have their own unique death animation. Scary levels and puzzling levels are a must. I loved PC DOOM for some of it's puzzling levels and bizarre levels. And I loved PS1 DOOM/DOOM 64 for it's ambience and scary levels (Cat and Mouse, etc.etc.etc.) Being surprised by a Cyberdemon in Cat and Mouse was scary as hell. I swear.... DOOM 4's boss encounters should challenge you and scare you. The bosses shouldn't look like big ass dinosaurs ripped right out of Ocarina of Time (King Dondogo) and then have these floating Scrags that have lights. I'm sorry but none of the bosses in DOOM 3 scared me. If your going to make DOOM 4. Make it scary, make it fun, make it exciting, make it very fast-paced, make it what DOOM represents to us the DOOM Community. Thank you for your time.
  2. When I mean fatalities I mean in real-time. None of this quick-time event bullshit you see in modern games. I just want DOOM 4 to disregard all of the "modern" gaming mechanics. DOOM 4 should have levels that are open, big, and have multiple paths. DOOM 4 should allow exploration of levels. (None of that RETURN TO COMBAT ZONE shit) DOOM 4 should have easter eggs (put 4 levels. 2 that are tributes to Wolfenstein 3D and 2 that are tributes to Quake! Also this time DO NOT CENSOR OUT THE SWASTIKAS OR KILLING THE NAZIS! NOTHING WRONG WITH KILLING NAZIS YA KNOW!) DOOM 4 should have secrets (I should be able to find secrets) DOOM 4 should have secondary firing modes for your guns. DOOM 4 should have a really cool story with a really cool ending that keeps us waiting for the next one. DOOM 4 should be fun, and there should be tons of replay value. DOOM 4 should have a horde mode and a co-op mode that you can play with your friends. DOOM 4 should have a multiplayer that's really awesome. Here are some ideas. Instead of boring old headshots... what about decapitation instead with a shotgun?! :D Instead of boring old multiplayer levels.... What about playing on the campaign levels and not only do you have to worry about your enemy... but also you have to worry about the demons! DOOM 4 should embrace everything that DOOM represents to the DOOM community. Which reminds me, thank you schwerpunk for not hating me. By the way, cool username I'm of German-Austrian descent! Hallo, Sie sprechen Deutsch auch? Wie auch immer, ich danke Ihnen für nicht hassen mich. Ich bin wirklich für DOOM 4 aufgeregt! By the way, I was just asking how he is in German and how much I'm excited for DOOM 4. And agent or DOOMUK you better not say that I'm a Nazi for speaking in German. It's offensive because I'm a Jew and on top of that if you hate me just because you hate me that sucks. Also, if people can speak Spanish I can speak my German. And yes I speak English perfectly. Now back on topic.... DOOM 4 should have a long campaign none of these chinsy ass campaigns that only last 15 hours. We need long campaigns that have 192 levels. Since the levels are big and are long.... heheh! Tons of playtime! :D
  3. DOOM 3 BFG Edition... meh I could do more on this PC. They had the chance to put in Sikkmod, Wulfen Parallax Textures, Monoxead's Textures, Xio's Skin Pack 2.0?, and much more. Also, they could have remade DOOM 3 to be more like DOOM 3 Alpha both gameplay-wise and story-wise! (Oh and they could have made the DOOM 3 Alpha Shotgun model.) But oh no... they had to make it crappy.. One more thing, they censored our beloved DOOM by putting in pills instead of red crosses, and erasing all the swastikas from the Wolfenstein maps and all the Nazis that you could kill. On top of that rumors are spreading around that they will put in green blood! >:(
  4. DOOM 4 should have... Dynamic deaths. I should be able to see decapitation. And many death animations like Brutal DOOM. That's what I have to say. But if you guys are going to hate on me... then I feel very sad. And yes I do have a "damn life".
  5. DOOM 64 hasn't been ported to ZDOOM or GZDoom properly.... it would be nice if someone managed to port it properly and not do a half-assed port! (See ZDoom forums at DOOM64 Zandronum/Skulltag/ZDOOM attempt) Please! Put the same magic you did into this into DOOM 64 for PC! If you already haven't, check out the tutorial videos on the official Doombuilder website. They pretty much give you all the information that would be needed to work on this project, as it isn't as high maintenance as making a new map from scratch.
  6. What I am going to say is this. Hire Bobby Prince. By the way I have serious doubts Agent played the classic DOOM's. He/she was probably one of those ones who only played the Playstation port. Sergeant Mark IV I can respect because he pretty much made Brutal DOOM and is also telling us what could happen on DOOM 4. Also, fucking id Software should hire him.
  7. I don't know about you but I think the AI should be super smart... Imps should crawl on the ceilings. And they should be able to pop out of nowhere and surprise you. Also, I think that each playthrough should have different enemies and stuff... About weapons, weapons should vary from a pistol all the way up to a BFG9000. In order Fists Sword Knife Chainsaw Pistol Pistol with 3 Round Burst Machine Pistol Sub Machine Gun Semi Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle Chaingun Plasma Rifle Plasma Chaingun Plasma Launcher Rocket Launcher Napalm Thrower Sniper Rifle Plasma Sniper Rifle (Railgun) BFG9000 BFG10K I know this might be repeated stuff or what not. But honestly, those are the weapons that should be in DOOM 4. Also, I would like it so you could have multiple attachments. But you have to find them. Because they will be scattered throughout the game like secrets. Secrets should make a return. And music if it's going to be in the game.... God please let it be memorable music. Also, the music should fit the level and change the mood and atmosphere of the game... For example remember in E1M8 how you had a depressing song as you killed two Barons of Hell?! I wish something like that could happen in DOOM 4. Like the music is depressing and stuff. :P Anyways, thank you all for your time and for your patience with me and for reading this! :D
  8. GOD DAMN IT LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE! I mean dynamic weather in REAL fucking TIME! Also, just cause I want heavy metal in DOOM 4 doesn't mean I'm retarded or what-not. I JUST WANT GOOD OL FUCKING DOOM! IS IT THAT HARD TO ASK OF?! I'm sick of all these liberal politically-correct video games. WE NEED A HARDCORE FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER OUT THERE ON THE MARKET!
  9. I wish DOOM 4 would just be everything DOOM 1 was. I understand all the hate on me. I understand everyone bashes me. What I've been trying to fucking say is that DOOM 4 should be completely different from DOOM 3 and be more like the Classic DOOM's we all played... It should be like DOOM 1. Also, if your going to do anything new maybe have a dynamic weather like it will change from sunny to foggy to raining to nighttime to sunny..... Oh and also I really wish id Software could get SLAYER to help write the music and sounds (ala what Trent Reznor did with Quake.)
  10. DOOM 4 should be everything DOOM represents. Loud rock/metal music blaring on levels where there's hordes of demons. Tons of blood and gore Centered weapons Running 100000 mph Bunnyhopping Rocketjumping Satanic imagery Killing demons! Ambient music on the appropriate levels.
  11. DOOM 4 should be everything DOOM represents. Loud rock/metal music blaring on levels where there's hordes of demons. Tons of blood and gore Centered weapons Running 100000 mph Bunnyhopping Rocketjumping Satanic imagery Killing demons! Ambient music on the approtiate levels.
  12. If anyone is reading this. One thing I love about any first-person shooter is immersion. One of the reasons I love Far Cry Instincts Predator and Far Cry 3 and DOOM is because the maps were impressive and really showed off the engine and are just fun. It's not about making a game heavily scripted and boring as heck. It's about making a game fun for generations to come. I just love blasting Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, The Who, and Rush while playing Far Cry 3! :D So DOOM 4 should really have a good atmosphere, immersion, and should be about fun not about trying to be like an interactive movie...
  13. Doom 4 should have new gameplay features.... I don't know about you but I think you should be able to grab a Zombieman in a headlock then pull out his pistol and shoot the other bad guys with the hostage Zombieman's pistol.... Or more interactivity with dead body parts....
  14. Mitt Romney?! Why the hell do you bring politics into this?! It's none of your business if I'm a Republican or Democrat. Anyways, on topic. I think that DOOM 4 should be a leap forward in engine technology. Motion blur SSAO Bloom Shading Lighting Iron Sights Blood and Gore Realistic Physics
  15. He has a point there. Resident Evil 1 started the trend way back in 1996 with typewriters and journals left around.... DOOM 4 should have a sense of atmosphere, immersion, blood and gore, and it should scare us, excite us, and make us laugh! It should also have ambient and heavy metal soundtracks. Which reminds me... A full-color long instruction manual would be nice! NONE OF THESE 2 PAGE BLACK AND WHITE GARBAGE WHICH DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A DROP OF COLOR IN IT!