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  1. maggotjoe

    Dumb Community Event Idea Thing: Weekly.Wad

    Maaay be interested, Hopefully i have the time...
  2. maggotjoe

    Decorate tutorials for custom weapons

    Thanks, yeah maybe i am wierd about video tutorials i think i just like somebody talking it to me and watching every step they do.
  3. hello doomworld, I really want to get into making custom guns and new enemys but i cant quite get down how to use decorate. Ive looked at tutorials on doom wikis and stuff of that sort but it doesnt really click. are there any video tutorials ive only seen one why cant some of these awesome modders help a guy out and make some video tutorials! :)
  4. maggotjoe

    Vanilla E1 replacement for Ultimate Doom

    Looks nice id give it a Play!
  5. maggotjoe

    Office.WAD (complete!)

    It doesnt really look like you put to much effort into this map dude.
  6. maggotjoe

    HE Mars & my other projects

    This is a great map i was happy with the enemy placement and the layout, very fun and challenging this is 5/5 work.
  7. maggotjoe

    Custom made imp

    that is fucking awesome! wow id wish somebody would make some doom figures for the whole world to have!
  8. maggotjoe


    Honestly that is so awesome i cant wait!
  9. maggotjoe

    A more violent approach? aBRASION Test - GET IT!

    Mega upload doesn't even exist anymore can somebody give me a link to this mod!!! please!
  10. maggotjoe

    Decorate tutorials?

    Thank you
  11. maggotjoe

    Decorate tutorials?

    Today i made my first sprites for my custom weapon that i planned on putting in doom. I have the slade editor and i thought the scripting would be easy but i was wrong. Tutorials for scripting and using decorate are scarce. Ive tried using the tutorial on The Doom wiki but its hard to follow and i wish there were in depth video tutorials on Decorate. If you know of any GOOD video tutorials or any GOOD tutorials i would be thankful. And if you know how to script well and make a tutorial i would be even more thankfull!
  12. maggotjoe

    custom skulltag invasion maps?

    Any notable custom skulltag invasion maps? Im sure you guys have played the invasion skulltag wads before but i want to know if any body made some really cool custom invasion maps
  13. maggotjoe

    Cadaver.wad - DONE!

    yeah go ahead!
  14. maggotjoe

    Cadaver.wad - DONE!

    looks good ill be waiting for a link!
  15. maggotjoe

    Making custom sprites

    more tutorials would be appreciated