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  1. Well, Imageshack went full potato, so I had to rehost and relink all the images. I apologize if this comes off as resurrecting a dead thread.
  2. Just checked that, nothing wrong there. It's not read-only.
  3. Bug report sent. I hope it was clear enough.
  4. I did some more testing. Changed a setting directly in the cfg file by changing fullscreen to 1. That one saved. Then I tried "reset to defaults" through the game. It went to windowed mode as expected, but right back to fullscreen as soon as I restarted. The game can do absolutely NOTHING to the cfg file! Gonna look into that bugtracker.
  5. Maybe I should have mentioned earlier that I'm using Windows 8.1. Does that have something to do with this issue? I tried to run it as administrator. No luck there.
  6. I just choose quit from the main menu.
  7. It already IS in my documents folder.
  8. For some reason Odamex 0.6.4 doesn't save any game settings when I try to change them through the main menu. Is there a way to fix this, or do I really have to edit the .cfg file to be able to get my settings?
  9. Ah, that's good to know. So video game music from any non-album source is good to go?
  10. Invictius' post about IWAD midis got me thinking... Would it be against the rules of /idgames to have NES music that's been converted to MP3/WAV from the original NSF file in your PWAD? Let's say that I'd want to use music from Skate Or Die 2 in a PWAD for Odamex. I'd find the original NSF songs and convert them to MP3/WAV with the possible edit of removing the intros so that they would loop smoothly in game. I'm pretty sure /idgames would reject the WAD if the songs were in MP3, but what about WAV?
  11. Thanks a bunch for the review, nub_hat! Sorry that I forgot to include you in the map credits for testing. I realised my mistake way too late.
  12. Slab6 has a color replacement function. I can't remember the button right now. It's been ages since I last used the program. Every single functionality is documented in the txt file that comes in the zip.
  13. Use Slab6 by Ken Silverman instead. That's what I used to make these. As far as I know, it's the only voxel editing program that reads the KVX format. Here's the link to the zip file:
  14. Yes! Finally my vehicle pack was featured! Thank you! I've been waiting for this for a long time. I really hope people find this pack useful. The full vehicle list can be found in the txt file.
  15. I've been working on a Lego themed total conversion for Doom 2. The finished TC will have 6 levels set on a tropical island. So far I'm in the middle of replacing weapon sprites, and experimenting with basic textures. I'm going for a light cartoon look with subtle outlines. I'm making the sprites and textures from models made in MLCad, a 3D Lego modeling program. The models are then rendered with LDView. Here are some screenshots and a download link to the test WAD. I'd like to get some constructive critisism early on in this project. Remember, I'm not going for realism, but for a clean cartoon look! The pistol and the weapon pickups. They are quite big, because I wanted them to be to scale with the environment. The hammer replaces the fists. I tried plain minifigure arms at first, but I couldn't make the punching animation look convincing. The hammer's swinging motion suits better with the limited movement of the minifigure arms The chainsaw The shotgun. I suggest downloading the WAD to see the pump animation in action. Still have to figure out a replacement for the SSG. The submachine gun replaces the chaingun. The plasma gun. I tried to keep the spirit of the original.