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  1. Raptomex

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

    This is actually quite fantastic. Would love to see more. I hope there's plans for future updates especially when it comes to stats. Kill breakdowns, deaths, etc.
  2. Raptomex

    Stat tracking mod

    I'll check it out. Thanks.
  3. Raptomex

    Stat tracking mod

    Like Monster counts and stuff? I mean more like how many kills, how many deaths, monster kill breakdowns maybe, etc. Something that could save my stats just for my own novelty. Not a big deal, just curious. If I knew anything about programming or coding, I'd probably make something.
  4. Raptomex

    Stat tracking mod

    This may sound like an odd question but does anyone know if a stat tracking mod exists? Whether it be in-game or a program running in the background? Specifically for single-player, supports GZDoom? Just to track things like monster kill counts, time played, death count, etc.
  5. Raptomex

    Doomsday 1.15 released

    Is there a way to fix the aspect ratio or at least make it correct? I have it set to 1:1 but it still looks slightly stretched.
  6. Raptomex

    DOOM Lives! Teaser trailer inside.

    I'm excited. But skeptical.
  7. Raptomex

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    I applaud this not having multiplayer. So far this is the best FPS I've played since the last Wolfenstein (2009) which I felt was highly underrated. Really enjoying it.
  8. Raptomex

    Doom on Oculus Rift

    This. The Facebook takeover really lowered my interest in it.
  9. Raptomex

    CoD was made by DOOM lovers/mappers?

    Too bad CoD is nowhere near as good as Doom. But, yeah, Doom influenced a lot of people.
  10. Raptomex

    Unable to load saved game

    I installed the original Doom 3 from my disks. Windows 8 64-bit and I'm running it as administrator. It runs and plays fine. I recently installed the Perfected Doom 3 mod which I have ran successfully in the past with no problems. After installing it this time, I started a new game, but I am unable to load any saved games. I receive this error: Aynone ever encounter this or know how to fix it? EDIT: I figured it out.
  11. Raptomex

    My first map. Looking for feedback

    Awesome thank you. So there's no way to import into Doom Builder then? Or must I make the map first and use XWE to add new textures?
  12. Raptomex

    My first map. Looking for feedback

    Yes it does thank you. As for XWE, I was trying to change the skybox of this map to test it out. I exported a separate one from Doom 2 just to replace it with the current one but my map has no patches in XWE. So I really don't know how to do it. Are there tutorials? EDIT: Well I successfully swapped out the skybox via XWE. Very cool. My next question would be for texture replacements. Can I import custom textures into Doom Builder 2? If I must use XWE, I can just replace textures or must I define them in MAPINFO?
  13. Raptomex

    My first map. Looking for feedback

    My only experience is with Doom Builder. I wanted to add a different skybox but I was going to save that for a later project. I have ideas for a megawad and I want to create my own textures. Including a skybox. I have no idea how to make music for Doom so I don't know what I would do for that. Community Chest 4 uses the song "Oooh Baby" by Anvil in map 2. If not, the rhythm is extremely close. So converting metal songs seems like a cool idea. But I don't know if that's legal, allowed, or even how to do it. Other than the music I'd like to create some of my own textures and skyboxes and see what I can do. I have SLADE and XWE downloaded but I just haven't tried them out yet. I have another question. I assume it's possible to create maps in Doom Builder and import it to SLADE for texture and skybox editing, correct?
  14. Raptomex

    My first map. Looking for feedback

    Thanks. I wasn't sure how to specify so I guess it's not pure vanilla? I didn't aim for any real source port features. Just using vanilla resources. Good to know for future reference, though.