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  1. Vanilla? Unlikely. I personally like skulltag because it feels less 'bloated' than zdoom/gzdoom and has some other fancy things like new built-in weapons.
  2. Windstryke

    What controller do you use to play DOOM on PC?

    Keyboard+mouse. As an old-time PC gamer I just see FPS with a gamepad as weird.
  3. Weird changes. Not a hardcore nightmare grinder myself but, like... Why? The FPS lock also sounds odd.
  4. Howdy, forum. I apologize in advance if that sorta' thing is not allowed but I feel like I need an opinion of someone as much in love with oldie 90s fps as I am. I've recently started playing games, recording it and then commentating over it. The first game I've chosen was HeXen so I'd just like to hear some of the doomers' thoughts on whether or not what I've got this far is worth a watch or it needs severe improvements and if the latter, what's wrong? Here's one of the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q80tp-pW0N0 Thank you!