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  1. Feniks

    Some Guy Beat E1M1 in 9 seconds!?

    I thought I would never beat it in 10 seconds, because I had lots of "nearly perfect" 0:11 and 0:12 runs in the past, but I recently got 0:10 with a very improvable run. So... erm, maybe I'll beat it in 9 seconds one day. I'm still not good at speedrunning. Perhaps my favourite E1M1 run is the one from Doom Done Quicker.
  2. Feniks

    Your Top 5 Favorite Doom Players

    Daniel Lindgren definitely needs to be mentioned here. He basically redefined Doom speedrunning. Truly incredible skill for his time, as some of his demos still don't look dated, even though they were recorded just a couple of years after Doom's release. My other favourites: Adam Hegyi, because of his commitment and exceptional movement skills, stx-Vile, because of his movie runs, aggressive playing style and very good movement skills, kimo_xvirus, because he has managed to beat a number of nearly optimised runs, Looper, same as above. And plenty of others, of course.
  3. Feniks

    Doom Vs. Heretic/Hexen?

    Ditto. I can't really say Heretic or Hexen are worse, because I haven't played either of them. I've only watched some Youtube videos and can legitimately say some music from Heretic is highly enjoyable. But they both use freelook and that kind of puts me off. I'm not going to get used to it, I'm afraid I'm too set in my ways. That's not to say I never play Quake with freelook, but I don't play it seriously.
  4. My take on this is that people just want to make and play Doom maps, not Quake ones or something completely different. Thankfully, a lot of Doomers still enjoy Doom in its rough, "untainted" form. I mean, what's the point of enhancing visuals, adding new effects and so on, if it never measures up to modern shooters in this regard? Of course, it is possible to add more variety to Doom while still keeping it simple and retaining the retro feel, but relatively few mappers have done it well as of yet. Of course I don't mind custom textures, as the stock ones might get a bit repetitive after some time. But I like when they still look like part of Doom in a broad sense. For example, Plutonia 2 did it perfectly.
  5. Feniks

    Maps with lots of Revenants?

    Map29 and map31 from Speed of Doom. A lot of AV and HR/HR2 maps too.
  6. Feniks

    Headaches While Playing Doom

    I don't :)
  7. Feniks

    Headaches While Playing Doom

    I must be different then. I've never got headache or motion sickness from vanilla or Chocolate Doom, nor Wolfenstein 3D. Maybe it's because I've set a low mouse speed combined with pretty high acceleration. But when I first tried PrBoom+ with the default mouse settings, I got motion sickness immediately. The sensitivity was way too high for me so that I had to tweak my settings for quite a long time. Head bobbing is no problem for me. I even like it, it was Doom's trademark years ago :)
  8. The Plutonia Experiment Doom 2 The Way id Did (not finished yet, but I'm sure it'll make it to the top five) Perdition's Gate Speed of Doom Alien Vendetta I still haven't played many classic megawads, to be honest.
  9. I don't get all the "a bit too much" comments. Episode 1 isn't difficult at all on UV, it feels like it's perfectly suited for mediocre players like me. It is somewhat harder than the original Doom 2, but that's okay. Hey, DTWiD's Inferno was nearly twice as hard as the original episode 3, but no one complained! On the contrary, most people were pretty satisfied with its difficulty. To me, this is probably the best megawad ever. Honestly. To hell with detail and aesthetics, Doom is all about gameplay, not visuals. I remember that, back when I was a lurker on here, I read a pretty long-winded post by 40oz where he explained that Doom 2 had been one of the main inspirations for his map design, at least in terms of gameplay. Well, I must admit that I played UAC Ultra 2, and it wasn't nearly as entertaining as this wad. In UAC Ultra 2, there were plenty of insipid E1-style fights that were neither very challenging nor fast-paced. Sure, the player can rush through the maps, but even so, they aren't particularly entertaining. However, D2TWiD is a different kettle of fish. It keeps you busy all the time, forces you to play fast, but you're allowed to play even more aggressively if you want to, and you'll only be punished by death if you completely screw things up. Unlike in most ultra-hard PWADs, here you can survive most near-death situations with enough agility and persistence. The thing placement is exemplary on each map I've played.
  10. I've played through the first 8 maps from a pistol start. While pistol-starting is fun and this wad apparently supports it more than the original Doom 2, I encountered the P_AddActivePlat error on map08. Didn't really want to play through the whole map again. Also, I noticed a HOM on map07. But besides that, this wad is a blast. The gameplay is absolutely phenomenal, and I dare say it even surpasses Doom 2 in this regard, which doesn't happen very often. I also checked some of the later maps and I basically loved each map so far, they're all what Doom is all about, the essence of Doom. Their pace is almost unrivalled when it comes to custom levels, there are many traps but they're survivable as long as you're playing well. There's lots of interconnectivity and height variation. Map07 has already managed to smash all Dead Simple remakes to pieces. Map08 with its frantic pistol start reminded me of Refuelling Base. DTWiD was okay, but really pales in comparison to this project. But then again, I love Doom 2 and "just like" The Ultimate Doom. And please, don't make these maps easier, really. And don't remove any revenants. Thank you guys for this megawad! For me, it's inevitably going to be one of the greatest, even though aesthetes may sniff ("oh, it looks so plain!"). Anyway, those who are obsessed with graphics really should play Battlefield 3 instead!
  11. Why? The Crusher introduced the revenant, and there were already four of them on that map. D2TWID might be a bit harder than Doom 2, why not? I don't think you should take those revenants out, the map is more fun as it is.
  12. Alien Vendetta was incredible for its time, both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Plenty of authors have been trying to live up to it since its release, and most of them failed. I'm sure it would be just as well received as it was back in the days. No idea which AV maps could be considered filler, really. On the other hand, I'm completely sure that Hell Revealed wouldn't be well-received now, even though it's such a classic and probably the best known megawad. As for the visuals, it's underdetailed and even downright ugly at times. Whilst Donner and Niv clearly emphasised the gameplay, many maps actually don't play well. There are tons of barons and other high HP monsters that aren't that challenging but take a lot of time to kill. It consequently turns the wad into a tiring slog. There are exceptions, though, such as map11, map25, map22, and even map24, which I hated for years, but recently beat it on UV thanks to a more tactical approach. But even so, even if the maps aren't all that perfect, there is some fun in overcoming the odds, I'll admit. Maybe that's why it's become such a classic.
  13. Feniks

    Auto Aim on/off

    Well, I can understand that using ZDoom with mouselook off and autoaim on may be quite painful in places. Since ZDoom fixed the bug that allows projectiles to pass through decorations, shooting rockets at monsters high above can often be desperately futile and way too ammo-consuming. This is one of the reasons I stopped using ZDoom at all, I no longer even play any ZDoom-only wads. It just makes the gameplay unbalanced, even though mancubi are far less threatening. Truth be told, ZDoom is apparently intended to be played modern style.
  14. Feniks

    Worst monsters on fastmonsters mode

    Spectres are certainly the most annoying, followed closely by demons. I agree about shotgunners (how could I disagree?), but chaingunners are even worse. That's basically why I rarely ever play on the fast monsters mode, the altered monster behaviour too often makes it ridiculously unbalanced. I recently wanted to go through all Doom 2 maps from scratch and with "fast", but The Focus made me sick. Since it's no use beating my head against the wall, I quit and don't think I will try it again in the near future.