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  1. It is very DM like, but a lot of hiding places.
  2. Comes down to whether you're a perfectionist (which I assume most are) or not.
  3. Doom was created in the early 1990's and released in 1994 (if I recall correctly) and people are still playing and discussing it today. So I would like to know you are still interested in the game and why you think it is still popular. For me it is creating detailed WADs and always challenging myself to do better.
  4. Zdoom in (Doom in Hexen Format)
  5. It's Zdoom in Heretic
  6. Now I'm offically done haha.
  7. I have a waterfall doom texture that I took from a WAD but it isn't animated in the game. How do I do this?
  8. That helps. Thanks
  9. Ok, got that to work but cannot get a teleport to work. Person doesn't teleport at all. Using the normal teleport, put in teleport destination, set tags. Don't know what's wrong
  10. What is the equavalent to lift go down quickly and then back up (action 123) in doom with heretic? I can't work it out. Not only this but i can't get anything to activate. For example how do I get a lift to go down by pressing (space bar) the lift itself. I put in a tag on the side def and then tag the sector with the same tag and it does not work.
  11. I copied all the coding from the early example you PM'd me. Copied all the script, and other details in Slade. Then I did everything in DoomBuilder, such as the players and camera view and everytime I play, I do not teleport after the 3,2,1.
  12. I'm working on a Dock level- with crate layouts and a small ship. But the coding is what i'm still having trouble on.
  13. How long does it take you to make a level? just curious
  14. I love how styled they are- although they are over loaded with monsters.
  15. Good for a first map. I enjoyed the layout, but like others I noticed problems.