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  1. jlehrjr

    MIDI Editing, without the cables and keyboard

    aaaand here it is... http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/freeware/
  2. jlehrjr

    Best of the Best Megawads

    [/B] yeah those were the last two I added. as you can see I hadn't been keeping up or had enough rainy days
  3. jlehrjr

    Best of the Best Megawads

    sweet! I was worried no one would respond at first I'll be gone this weekend but have shortcuts to those two pages in my folder of website todo's for when I get back
  4. I had an idea for 8-bit atari style with large rooms at first and doom 2600 looking enemies, and only in later levels were there actual hallways, doors, etc. just a killfest of little atari fuckers
  5. jlehrjr

    Best of the Best Megawads

    I'm working on a small compilation site to assist people that are unfamiliar with all that the doom community has to offer with some great megawads, deathmatch wads, and single levels that are all worthy of introducing them to our world. In other words, list em! I'll screenshot 'em add 'em and sort 'em! it will eventually be http://www.jerrylehr.com/personal/Doom and possibly if large enough http://www.megawads.com there's a crappy intro and a lot of unfinished pages, I'm working on the megawads section at the moment... just needed some more qualified help
  6. jlehrjr

    D!Builder2 & Visible Lines from Start

    Ha! I'm a dumbass... just a quick glance I guess, at third glance I found one called "Shown" things like this usually happen after I ask, so disreguard that ;) -Edit- Sail me on down to post hell! :D
  7. I've been mapping, working on a map called hollow grounds, and I wanted to place the name in wall fragments within the actual map as sectors matching their neighboring sectors so they're only visible on the map. The problem is, there's no option like DEU in Doom Builder 2 that says "line visible from the start" Did this option get canned or is there an alternate way of doing it or an alternate menu location?