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  1. S|aVe.3rN.

    What games do you want to see made with the Doom 3 engine?

    NOW THAT Would kick ass , alice was a twisted game i loved it to high hell , seeing that game on the doom 3 engin would just be amazing , altho i thought they where working on a wizard of oz version now ? just like alice , but diffrent story and everything.
  2. S|aVe.3rN.

    Doom 3 on TV

    yah i was just watching a clip from the tech tv show of doom 3 *sighs* lol the morons stated , "is there sound in the alpha ? (asking some guy in the backround) No there is NO sound in the alpha" *sighs* lol
  3. S|aVe.3rN.

    Any good IRC channel for Doom 3?

    maybe not but on doom3 on etg has alota ppl in them
  4. S|aVe.3rN.

    Any good IRC channel for Doom 3?

    gamesnet and ETG (all on both channels) #doom3 #planetdoom #ua-corp
  5. S|aVe.3rN.

    Stupid monsters... :) *SPOILER*

    lol yah , if you go to the empty map , lol thats the best to spawn monsters , also stand aroudn the walls and hit your "+" key on your number pad to add a light source ,and then spawn like 6 pinkys and a hellknight rofl , its so crazy and fun
  6. S|aVe.3rN.

    Trent Reznor no longer looking after the soundtrack?

    yes i can agree with that , the sounds Trent did so far are damn amazing , the crys and whispers thos really kick ass , also the demons , what they sound like is pretty damn good to :D specially that hellknight and pinky :X
  7. S|aVe.3rN.

    Stupid monsters... :) *SPOILER*

    i dont know how that makes monsters stupid lol , its ai , it was like that in Doom I and II , and i thought of it to be pretty cool , how if one monster got attacked by another they would turn on eachother , i hope they throw that in Doom3 , it makes it very intresting and throws in a bit of excitment to see how deadly these suckers are , pretty much showing a "only the strong survive" type of mood for you ...
  8. S|aVe.3rN.

    Doom 3 anyone?

    its got bugs ,but yet again its an alpha , all in all , for it being an alpha its damn amazing :)
  9. S|aVe.3rN.

    Post your FPS here

    I would show you the fps screenshot of it , but i dont want to get banned for posting pictures , i have 4x AA on and Anisotropic Filtering is at off , i dont really see any diffrence with it on , so i have no need for it, most the time it rests at 64 fps , but it will drop to 30 - 15 when im in fights... and it wouldnt suprise me that the geforce3 would run better because doom3 was pretty much built off of the geforce3 technology , sure yes they used the ATI in the e3 demo , but the game was used on a geforce3 in its early test ? as carmak stated in the geforce3 announcment video a long while back
  10. S|aVe.3rN.

    Post your FPS here

    well after my friend handed me a cd that he burnt of it ,i guess my temptation was to much so i tried it , for about 2hrs then deleted it , this is what i got ... 64 fps ? (with Quinqunx Antialasing) ( that seem to be the cap set for the game , because it was like changing really fast between 64 and 69 ) - and it played like it was higher then 64 frames 2.4ghz 512 DDR Ram GeForce3 Ti 500 and i believe this game runs more off of video card then Proscessor my test on my server machine 10 - 20 fps 800 mhz 512 sd ram GeForce2 64mb GTS
  11. S|aVe.3rN.

    So its true ? :\

    the betas and crap really leaked out :\ *sigh* thats such a shame , no im not here to post links or support it , i find it a grand shame that its accually happend , doom 3 was one of those games i would see that would never be leaked , but i guess i was wrong , :\ , im not in support of the leak at all , even tho i have the greatest hunger for doom 3 , i want it , i need it , i crave for it lol , but i cant just take it from behind id software like that .., its a shame , well to put some point in this post , what are your views on the past few days of whats been coming out with doom 3 ? what are your thoughts on the issue ?
  12. thx =)to keeping troll free , as fer the wall paper , tell starlight what you think , the link to her website is there ..indykat was a good friend of hers, indykat is umong the 6000 missing, and shes been helping out in newyork to find her remaines =\, im just doing the deed of spreeding her wall paper around, for ppl to see it ect ect...
  13. some of you might not care for the issue but im doing the deed for my friend to spred this around , she didnt ask me to , so im doing it under the table , shll be surpised when she wakes up in the morning , but this wall paper was made by Girlz - Starlight - the leader of the girlz clan http://www.girlzclan.com , one of her members was a Victum to the Sept. 11th Disaster , and she made and dedicated this wallpaper to her , its very touching and i thought i would share it with you all http://www.girlzclan.com/wallpaper/911/911_1024.jpg
  14. S|aVe.3rN.

    If you open up my mind ...

    youd see somthing like this , i conisder this my "doom" mind lol, but o well hope yah like it , took me about 40-50 mins .. here yah go .. http://twistart.homestead.com/files/darkmind.jpg
  15. S|aVe.3rN.

    New Artsite ...

    yah im not really gonna over do my site with flash , im only leanring flash for basic site intrest and for movie intros - not like for the webdesign it self , but for an intro into the website thats all =) i dont over do it like some sites were the whole site is one moving object and you have no damn clue wtf to click on lol