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  1. Basically the slew of "OMG NINTENDO NOT DOING SOMETHING STUPID WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!?!?! ECKSDEE" jokes are like what 5 years too late?
  2. Orangestar


    Oh wow hot dang someone liked the writeup I made all those ages ago. Some of the info is kinda outdated, (I don't know anything about the recent balancing changes.) but neat.
  3. Orangestar

    Regarding the Flashligt...

    No duct tape on Mars, no Flashlights in Hell... and no Unobtanium on Earth.
  4. Orangestar

    Doom Voxel Project

    Is anything missing people working on it? Cause I'd be glad to lend a hand. VOXELS GOD I LOVE VOXELS
  5. Orangestar

    Doom versions with co-op

    The removal of it was the stupidest thing ever, and done poorly. They only removed it because it "didn't always work" (which was the iPhone's fault) and even though the menu option is gone, the code for it is still there, and starting the app still asks if you want to connect to a WiFi network if you aren't already.
  6. Orangestar

    Mozilla Firefox, what's up with this shit?

    Google search results are based regionally. Perhaps he lives somewhere close to where a lot of people fell for the scam?
  7. Orangestar

    The /newstuff Chronicles #429

    Uh, All the "Pagan" screenshots link to screenshots of 32in24
  8. Orangestar

    Buying a new Doom computer, is this strong enough?

    This, pretty much. Doom's not very hardware intensive. More or less, it's usually the WADs that cause slowdown. I remember getting terrible slowdown in Skulltag (Single Player!) playing some slaughtermaps on both Hardware (OpenGL) and Software rendering.
  9. Orangestar

    Doom 64 Thoughts

    If you've got a few minutes to spare, use JoyToKey to map your controls to keyboard/mouse inputs.
  10. Orangestar

    ridiculed for doom

    I didn't mean to say Minecraft was bad. (Quite the opposite actually... if only just a little misguided and unoptimized.) I actually went to a FIRST Tech Robotics Competition (I was lead programmer) and the host of the state competition gave every team access to their wifi, so I downloaded ZDoom, PRBoom+, and a few megawads to screw around with during down time. (I keep DOOM2.WAD in my Dropbox for such emergencies.) I certainly got a few "Oh sweet! Doom!"s but then when I busted out Brutal Doom and explained how strong the Doom community has gotten, they were really interested.
  11. Orangestar

    ridiculed for doom

    The worst perpetrators of this are these guys. "That game looks so old! It's bad! I hate it!" "What about Minecraft?" "Yeah, but Minecraft is good!" No, you fat 'tard, Minecraft is popular.
  12. Orangestar

    Ketchup - Universal Gore Mod - Test 4

    I'm guessing the CQ support is in an early stage, considering Cycloptuses bleed red and get regular-zorched sometimes. Having little bits of helmet/cyborg parts fly everywhere would be cool though. It'd work for Hacx too.
  13. Orangestar

    [WIP] Voxel Vehicles Pack (Beta 5 release)

    I have an uncanny love of voxels so I am 100% behind this.
  14. Orangestar

    Your greatest achievements

    Since I'm a noob, the only thing I was thinking was "Oh, so THAT'S how an Archvile jump works!"
  15. Orangestar

    Your greatest achievements