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  1. DemonDemon

    Who would win?

    Crushing ceiling squishes all! :D Now to defeat it's only other rival... Crushing floor! :O
  2. DemonDemon

    ZDooM Movies

    Or modify and compile the ZDoom source code to start on level 25...
  3. Hola! Been working on ideas for what the level will look like/how it'll play, decided to give a small glimpse into my mind by showing a quick compile of idea sketches I've made. This way, it looks like I'm actually doing something instead of goofing off. ^^; http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/8425/impseesketch10ms.jpg ...oh good god that looks terrible. ;_;
  4. Oo, sounds like fun. :D Considering my last attempt at doing a level for a project got nuked by my faulty computer, I think it would be a good idea to try and make up for it... <_<; Anywho... Slot - 1 Name - Hmm... er... Imp see? Flame Retarded? Pimpin? Whatever. :) Monster - Imp Resource Code - IS
  5. DemonDemon

    Character identification: HL 2 versus Doom 3

    Could be the picture that came with the frame. :D
  6. DemonDemon

    Favorite Id fps game?

    Hm, I like the choices, but I'll just stick to the baby eating. :)
  7. DemonDemon

    Silent Hill movie teaser!

    Looks like fun. :) Well, as much fun as a movie about a total lack of hope and nothing but despair in a darkened relm of evil. ...also reminds me that I really should polish off the fourth chapter of Silent Hell and post it... ^^;
  8. DemonDemon

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    Made mine, got it in on one of the freebie days. :D
  9. DemonDemon

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    Crushing ceiling. On vacations they flip me over and I become a crushing floor. ^_^
  10. DemonDemon

    doom monster hand to hand

    Cyberdemon. "Ooh, here it comes! Here comes the night train! Choo choo cha boogie!" *promptly shot in face* ...what, you didn't say I had to win. :)
  11. DemonDemon

    [Concept Map] The RPG Engine.

    Er, you fail at temporal continuity.
  12. DemonDemon

    Favorite Scene in the Doom movie

    I liked the part just before the last fight sequence where Sarge asks Grimm how much ammo he has left and Grimm does the same. There's just something about the two at that moment that says they have been friends for who knows how long and even as they are about to kill each other, they still hold their respect. Second favorite part is when Sarge first used the BFG. I already knew the blast was blue instead of green (basicaly they mixed the BFG and Plasma gun together so there wasn't too much tech being thrown around), however I had no idea they would take the effect of it THAT far. So my reaction matched up with Sarge rather well. :D Also later in the movie, yet again just before the final fight, there's a whole new blue melting corridor special thanks to the BFG. :)
  13. DemonDemon

    Looking for certain classic theme (Batman)

    Might even be this... ;)
  14. DemonDemon

    Found an illustrated doom story

    Heh, neat, his 'house' is MINE now. >:D Would likely have a fit over the redecorating I've done. ;)
  15. DemonDemon

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Oi, Morrowind is such a good game, but I hope they learned how to better program memory management into the next game. Currently running the game for too long will start to DEVOWER all resources in the computer until you can't even use a memory scrubber to keep it going. :/ Also reminds me of my 'Dragoon' character I have left lying around on my hd. Had the ability to leap 20 feet into the air as well as a 'travel amulet' that let him jump thousands of feet in the air, leaping from town to town, bringing his summoned spear down upon the unsuspecting heads of his enemy. Sure I could have made him invincible to spells and attacks, but that just ain't fun. :D ... *digs up his dragoon char and plays morrowind again* Anyone remember what you did with Keening and Sunder after you find them? ^^;