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  1. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    2 New Maps now made Map 03 - The Gantlet = 2AR4P2FB (Remixed version by myself) Remake of the map, including some infighting that is always guaranteed and zombie strike attempts (admit it, you always try to shoot all 4 former humans in the map with a single SSG shot). There is a well placed hidden secret which may make the ending a bit easier. Map 30 - Icon of Sin WHM35MBQ (Remixed version by myself). Just you, a BFG, the icon of sin, and a whole load of demons, constantly re-spawning. Get 3 bfg rounds in the head to win the game, but it ain't as easy as point and shoot as soon as you can! These 2 and the others are available under #Doom 2 Remix on snapmap. Feedback as usual is welcome.
  2. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    Co-op wasn't part of my original plan (I'm mostly a SP guy), but I can't see why not, and guessing your question imply there is a demand for it now (even if it's just you) so I'll add it in. edit: And That's them added now, upto 4 player co-op!
  3. Mars Doomball League

    Hey All, Inspired by the pre-release snapmap that was shown which was Doom Basketball, I've created a snapmap of Doomball*. Code: NSCYZ9UE. It offers upto 8v8 game where teams try to score the most points by taking the "ball" into the opposing goal. Teams are part of the Mars Doomball league (MDL), The Phobos Revenants and the Deimos Hell Knights. Obviously as snapmap only offers max of 4 players so each team will have 6 of their respective demons so it's really 2 players v 2. Teams start on opposite sides of the field, in front of the goal that they are defending. Upon a score, everyone dies and respawns for the next kick off. The Official Mars Doomball Arena does have a scoreboard and game clock on it. I've been able to test most of this but not how it works in a multiplayer environment. Please feel free to give it a try and feedback. Doomball* Doesn't actually contain a ball but uses a yellow flag instead (teams are red and blue) so grab the flag and then "capture" it by running it into the opposition goals (e.g. Red Team want to get it then touch a blue flag and vice versa)
  4. Mapping questions thread

    Instead of using items in the pickups section,use item spawners, and edit the properties so it's the item you want. Now in each module (or group of modules) place a map marker (gameplay), and link them to your item spawners so that they spawn on map (or match) start.Then link the spawners back on themselves to respawn on pickup. Lastly, with the link you just made, set the output delay in the on pickup marker to x seconds (x being how long to respawn).
  5. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    I've made a remix of Map 09 "The Pit". Code 866GGQ7K
  6. Mapping questions thread

    Thanks Mike will try that later when I get the chance. And the module I have is the big open empty module (forgot it's name) so room to fly won't be an issue for Revenants, with nothing being placed aimed to limit demon movement, and the Revenants can't fly to where the Hell Knight has obsticals to run around to get to the Revenants (other than players and the other demons). Guessing that should mean equal footing between them and Hell Knights?
  7. Mapping questions thread

    Quick questions that I have. Is there a way to respawn enemies without spawners? I have a map with demons set on different teams, and I want them to respawn when killed so each team has 6 demons on each team at all times. Spawners don't allow the demons to be team assigned, (I think). Less technical question, is Revenants and Hell Knights a good balance of enemies to fight each other or would one always dominate against the other (thinking Revenants in Team 1 and hell Knights in Team 2 for the above idea, along with upto 2 players per team).
  8. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    Created a new snapmap. This time a remix of Map 18 - Courtyard. Layout is nothing like the original but I believe I have the same atmosphere of it. It probably has a Ticks and Traps feel to it (but I don't believe it's cleaver enough to be it) and a sort of Dead Simple inspired section too. Map code PS9XAJV6. Enjoy Special thanks to mikeo007, who helped solve a problem I had getting specific set pieces to work as I intended.
  9. New encounters each visit?

    IT WORKS! Thanks again Mike :)
  10. New encounters each visit?

    Based on the quick play through I did of it, that looks like what I need. Will test out the theory in my map. Thanks :)
  11. New encounters each visit?

    Don't know if I'm being dumb (very likely) but filter doesn't seem to work as intended and I want to trigger the spawn when the player enters back to the appropriate module (so it can be locked down during the event) so plan b won't work either. I've also tried using an AND gate (A is key pick up and B is entry to module) which doesn't trigger it as well. Threw in an infinite repeater to test the gate whenever the player is in the module (starts on module entry and stops in module entry). Any further ideas?
  12. New encounters each visit?

    Hi, I have an idea for a map, which involves a central module which the player will need to go back several times throughout the level to proceed, and I want to do something so that every time they enter the module with a different key, it will start a new encounter. e.g. No key = spawn encounter group 1, returning with red key = encounter group 2, spawning with blue key = spawn encounter group 3 etc But say they have just the red key and already did encounter groups 1 + 2, if they exit and renter the module without any new keys, nothing happens. I have no idea of how to implement this. The bulk of the map is done, but this is the final thing I need done. I ahve all the spawners I need for it, just the logic to get it to work the way I want it. Any ideas?
  13. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    I had a wee go. It's a cool layout but a bit disappointing that there was no secrets in the map (the foundry bit could feature something I feel as you can easily jump in it) I've seen more accurate, but they were too accurate that it wasn't challenging at all, while yours actually killed me, so it looks like yours is probably the one I've enjoyed the most made by others. p.s. it's LBDCLHUS
  14. Respawning enemies

    Use the custom encounters and link them so that when the 1st encounter of 12 imps is finished, it spawns the next encoutner of 12 imps, which spawns the next one upon completion, etc etc. Either that or just have them all spawn on module entry or player spawn if it's just a 1 module kind of thing. For the later, get the spawn for 1 encounter sorted, and then link the spawn encounter object to all encounters (that way, less icons floating about). This will still spawn 12, but when space free's up, it will add more imps. 34 custom encounters with 12 imps each should be enough for any game (with 8 spare imps). Hope this helps.
  15. Doom 2 Maps Remixed

    Now created Underhalls remix now. Code V6QQ7RKH. Thanks to Redrage's info on demon limit info and advice for my original map, it's ended up making areas more difficult but bloody than originally planned, in a good way. Again feedback is welcomed.