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  1. Yes I heard about that, but one day that will be possible and who knows what will happen?
  2. I could make a map but I'm still learning some tricks at the moment and I might release my own wad and if this is still going when I'm finished, then i'll do one but until then i'm unsure.
  3. Sure can.
  4. Holy shit! A thread for a possible World War 3? No, its never gonna happen and if it does then we are all screwed. North Korea could get involved and start throwing nuclear bombs at all of us, especially you America.
  5. I guess the release of a new Wolfenstein means, we'll go back to kill some of those damned nazis!
  6. This thread really is quite interesting, but I didn't think it was a suprise since the Icon Of Sin's sound was just a voice all reversed and stuff. Still it's cool to know what the sounds and all that come from
  7. I really like asking alexandria, they have heaps of potential to be big in the future. It's only been a few years for them and I think they are awesome.
  8. Okay, I have one that I'm looking for. It was this level but all it was, was the player in this massive car with this song in the playing in the background. If you fell off the car it would say *your name* tried to leave. Does anyone know what the heck this map is? I have no damn idea what it is.
  9. half of that is pop music, not metal music.
  10. thanks bro, that fixed that problem
  11. Hey guys, I recently downloaded Herian 2 to have a little play through and this error keeps coming up whenever I try to extract the file from the zip folder. I redownloaded it and tried it again but it doesn't seem to want to extract the file. I need some help.
  12. I might make one myself, just gotta update my screen recorder.
  13. Here are some of MTrop's Coffee Break, It's a very enjoyable short WAD and I suggest getting a copy. :)
  14. Cool, I've liked Judas Priest quite a bit, where can I get these midi's?
  15. Okay so reverse what I said last time and I'm voting TNT 2 for the mordeth award, it's been so long...... Also I think we should add a dedication to the community award, which could be given to members who dedicate their lives to the doom community. So anyone who agrees with me? And about Mordeth coming out, I don't think it's going to be worth it, like how Duke Nukem Forever took years and was just crap when it came out.