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  1. Still got any room? I made a map for the original and would love to get in on this too.
  2. Flamen0d

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    And you don't even tell me what's so bad about my map. Yeah sure there were lots of little things wrong with it, but can you please have the common courtesy to tell me what's the matter instead of just taking the map off and leaving me to hope I don't make that huge unknown mistake again.
  3. Flamen0d

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    what bullshit is this e3m4-e1m4 was made by me.
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/?7a2bey2i3hi2t5h fixed most of the things that were problems in my map E1-3M4 edit: 1-3 not 3-1
  5. I plan on fixing my map with the help of Magnusblitz's essay. Yeah, I still really suck at making maps.
  6. I'd like to try and make a map for this.
  7. Actually I think I'm not ready yet to contribute to something like this yet. I'm too new to midi's and anything I compose for map01 doesn't feel like it belongs there. Lippeth's "Death Mask" will fit way better into map01 than anything I can come up with, so just take me out of the list.
  8. Sorry I took so long to make something to show. Here's a sample of my midi. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7skmi4l4zdpd34z edit: Just realized there was something wrong with the midi. Here's the new link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5z3wxnss4dspd3c
  9. Sorry I'm really late to reply to this. The improvements that you made and the ones you've mentioned are great. Just some texture alignment issues with the exit but that's easily fixed. Feel free to update it more if you want to.
  10. Yeah, I would like mine detailed up. Just for convenient's sake here's the link again. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?t2xovv8by0sy5i5
  11. Flamen0d

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hadephobia

    Sorry, I'm going to review these maps fast for this post because I'm behind a couple days. map01: Pretty good, and represents a jail well. Enemy placement is average, but I never felt like I was in danger throughout the map, but maybe that's just because it's map01. The secret is really easy to find, and it's the only one in the level, so it didn't really have that much exploration and nonlinear level design. Overall the map is okay, but the only thing it has going for it is its detail. map02: Overall I liked this map pretty well. It has as much detail as map01 and also addressed the problems it had as well. The secrets were pretty well hidden but I had to wall hump for one of them. The trap with the 2 chaingunners almost killed me, but I like stuff like that. Maybe it's just me, but the level felt a little cramped. Map 02 imo is a good, solid level. map03: Again another solid level, but it's nothing too exiting. Enemy placement imo is pretty bland. All the monsters seemed to be right in front of my gun all the time except for that one fenced hallway place before the exit. The overall level design was pretty good, and even though the detailing was a little less than the last two levels I honestly don't care unless it hurts my eyes. The secrets were also in good spots. I was going to say I didn't like that spot where you had to wall hump, but if you get the map from the other secret you don't have to. map04: Have to say this map is probably my favorite so far in terms of gameplay. The fights are all a challenge and none of them feel really cheap. The only concern is that it's possible to easily miss one or two of the secrets. Also, some of the places can be too dark, almost to the point where I couldn't see my own gun, And it's for no apparent reason. Other than that it's a good map. map05: This level is very interesting. I honestly had a very fun time playing this level. The enemy placement was, for the most part, pretty good, but there are so many places that the enemies are that it can turn a bit irritating. This might be just me, but I didn't like the music too much. It might be the instrument choice. I also ran out of ammo a lot of times, but that's most likely my play style. Overall this map is very fun, especially with its interesting style and architecture. Those are my reviews for now. I'll get caught up tomorrow or the day after depending on how much time I have.
  12. Wait! I want to fix my item placement first. idk where ammo/health should be exactly.
  13. Flamen0d

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NUTS.wad (aw nuts!)

    Overall nice level design, though it did feel a bit boring because I was never really fighting that much, however that's the only thing the author has to change. The secrets were a fun challenge to find, but even if you don't find them the items are so well balanced that you just flow through the level fine.