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  1. RetroWolf92

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a Deathmatch wad that might also have been CTF friendly. The levels had a cyber punk-ish aesthetic and had mostly chip-tunes and retro-style music as level themes. I have recreated what I can remember of one of the tracks and uploaded it to my SoundCloud. Hopefully it helps. I vaguely remember the map it played on, too. It was two symmetrical, mirrored bases with a grassy courtyard in the center and a starry sky above, I think. The doorways into each base were on opposing sides, too, and I remember the exteriors of the bases being mainly light gray (possibly one of the GRAY textures or SHAWN2). I remember there being windows, but I don't remember whether or not they were open or with translucent textures. PS: Now that I think more about it, the sky in the courtyard might have been cloudy as I now seem to remember there might have been a rain effect.
  2. RetroWolf92

    "Instant Pinky" bug

    I've been working on a DOS Doom compatible megawad this is just a weird and kind of funny bug I have run into. When I load a saved game (mostly on custom maps, caught this on D!Zone maps, too.) with fast monsters active, it causes any Pinkies or Spectres to move in my face instantly and do instant death bites.
  3. RetroWolf92

    FPS Higher than 60?

    Is there a way to interpolate Doom 3 to run at more than 60 frames a second? Ideally since my monitor is 144FPS that's the target I am going for.
  4. Uhhhh wat? You're talking about "Inferno", right? That episode takes place in Hell itself, not mars. XD and I do personally believe all Dooms are in the same canon. My thought is that Doom 3 is the earliest point in the series, with Doom 1 happening probably the same day. What lends to this idea is that, if I recall, both Doom 3 and the original Dooms take place in the 22nd century.
  5. RetroWolf92

    Doom 3 or Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    Vanilla all the way. BFG Edition is a nice touch-up if you only have a console, but it's ultimately redundant for PC because: 1) There are HD Packs for Doom 3 that look better 2) The copies of Doom and Doom 2 packaged with it are edited (which I am strongly against) 3) Plenty of mods, including cooperative (I'd recommend OpenCoop)
  6. RetroWolf92

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    This looks awesome and I would love to play it. Any luck with I.D.?
  7. RetroWolf92

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    What about Icarus: Alien Vanguard? That was another PWAD by TeamTNT.
  8. RetroWolf92

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a fairly big WAD. I know it was Co-op but I can't recall much else except there was a big map with this as the soundtrack. I want to say that it was an invasion map but I don't remember for sure. [youtube]
  9. There's an old DOS frontend for Doom that can do something similar Vandomizer's "Total Fucking Chaos" mode. It's called D!Zone and it's a pretty nice frontend, too. You can randomize much more than monsters and items, though. D!Zone can randomize items, monsters, decorations, lights, flats, and sector types.
  10. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    More like I 'm trying to do is do program a script so I can do something akin to a puzzle script. Like, knock on this wall 4 times to do X.
  11. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    Fixed the hallway lighting issue, just set the actual wall brightness up and it looks fine. Another question, how do I go about adding to an integer value? I know you can set a global integer value to whatever number, but I specifically want a script to add +1 to it every time it is run.
  12. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    Look at the first screenshot at the top, it's admittedly a little hard to spot. But compared to the others, there's not even a hint of texture visible from the distance on the first screenshot. But there is on the others.
  13. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    Negative, just tested.
  14. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    I should have clarified a few things early on: 1) I am using Linear falloff 2) I am running on Zandronum. And what I was trying to point out with the screenshot is that the lighting is perfectly even on the later halls, but this one has one out of place pitch black wall on the left side. Nothing I have tried has corrected this.
  15. RetroWolf92

    Sector lighting falloff

    No, no wait... something's still up. I've taken screenshots here of what the brightness levels are supposed to look like compared to what they actually look like in game.