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  1. Definitely still rough, but so far this has been coming along nicely.
  2. apb

    MIDI Pack

    Sorrir is not me. Just thought I'd direct you to him since he's done lots of Serious Sam MIDIs.
  3. apb

    MIDI Pack

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bimzubarju8 Here's a Dunes MIDI of both the peace and fight tracks. It's decent but I may try transcribing it myself one of these days.
  4. apb

    MIDI Pack

    A small collection of MIDIs I made a while ago. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yte1qO1n7eQKP3sOuO-b9n2P8EUwBiab Hope they can be put to some good use!
  5. apb

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    Though I love both games, I've always preferred the combat in Quake 1 to Doom, and it's because the enemies all felt far more dynamic. The first time I encountered and ogre in e1m2, it kicked my ass because I was so unaccustomed to early enemies having that much health, because I was in the mindset of Doom and it's many cannon fodder enemies. There were a few levels in the base game that were just a pain in the ass though, specifically e2m4 and e3m4 because of some real cheap enemy placement. It was the custom maps that really cemented my love for the game though, because so many of them just perfect what the original levels were attempting. My favorite custom map is The Masque of Red Death, probably one of the fairest slaughter maps on offer in Quake 1.
  6. apb

    Quake Champions MIDI

    A mostly accurate transcription of the music from Burial Chamber in Quake Champions. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0cI6ef81VIBaEh0NFg4NDZwalU
  7. apb

    Doom Movie FPS Scene MIDI

    I probably won't, to be honest. I made this out of distraction as I was working on an original MIDI pack.
  8. apb

    Doom Movie FPS Scene MIDI

    Sorry if MediaFire was causing problems. Here's an alternative link for anyone else also having problems: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0cI6ef81VIBOEFsTGxkQ25CcEk I only use Mediafire because I've used it for years and it shows how many downloads each file has right next to the filename.
  9. apb

    Doom Movie FPS Scene MIDI

    go for it.