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  1. StalkerZHS

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    https://www.youtube.com/ playlist?list=PLFK2eL5cls5YXjYUvfy0NEI4M6INsS5Od There's this too (just remove the spaces)
  2. StalkerZHS

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    Imagine mapping in the 90's, where nobody knew how to make a map complex enough for that in the first place
  3. StalkerZHS

    Most creative Cyberdemon encounter?

    I think for me it'd have to be one of the memento mori's, whichever one required you use the cyberdemon to kill the IoS
  4. The Ultimate Final Doom: coming in 2030
  5. Mmmm, it is epic, but it feels too similar to Revilution's. I dunno if that's what's intended or not but I don't think i'd like to have 2 revilutions
  6. Well hey, there's a chance they mightve forgot. And @Gothic if in doing this I managed to remind anybody else, then all the more to ya. I just wanna see this thing running on my gzd before 2020
  7. Hello?! Is anybody still here?! I'd love some updates on how things are going!
  8. StalkerZHS

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    quake's is the sexiest sounding shotgun black mesa's is the 2nd sexiest sounding
  9. So uh.... why does E1M1's exit switch lead to a room full of cacos? Also NIGHTMARE CACOS AND INVINCIBILITY? Im using the same psx1.13 thing a lot of you guys used on the last few pages
  10. What wads are those from? especially the ice one?
  11. StalkerZHS

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    yeah the HoE palsma riffle should go "bwuh-wuh-wai" like old doom
  12. StalkerZHS

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    Maybe it was an imitation forged from remaining argent energy as a placeholder until you get the real one back
  13. StalkerZHS

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    At the end, I thought "I've got a message for ya..."
  14. StalkerZHS

    Which Floaty Enemy Is Cutest?

    I love how everyone is posting Kurashiki's art. I wish more japanese people drew doom