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  1. we already have the ULTIMATE TC for the pc version... so this is a mod to in a way convert that to the psx version?
  2. They should announce the Final Doom remake already
  3. We immediately need to make them change it from "Eternal" to "Hell on Earth" or something along the lines I mean, why name it "Eternal"? THATS JUST WEIRD!
  4. StalkerZHS

    I think Doom should have taken a more Quake direction

    Quake is the most atmospheric ID game of the 90's and probably has the sexiest sound design in ALL OF VIDEOGAMES that shotgun man oh my goodness that quake shotgun
  5. Hello? Did anything happen? Is this still alive?
  6. StalkerZHS

    How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    Don't make earth look like a resource-deprived place. If Argent Energy is used to power mars (and it seems reasonable to think that they've been using argent energy for at least a year.) I don't know where I heard this, but I think it's said that Argent powers the whole solar system, so obviously Earth would be using the energy and bounce back from whatever crisis they had before.
  7. I don't care, just keep posting. I want both a Revilution and a Devilution!
  8. On Page 17, CoTeCio posted a metal STBAR (but no STARMS so I made one myself) I've tested it out and it really does fit well for the entire project, more than the marbar and basebar could hope having only their own territories. CoTeCio, if you have the STARMS of your old version, maybe you should sent it on in?
  9. I always knew that was the reason why E1M1 sounded so different. I tried making a custom wad replacement in Slade, even trying to overwrite the Iwad in DeepSea but neither worked!
  10. StalkerZHS

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Overlay the spectre effect over the liquidfall textures... holy crap if you can do that it'd make for some wicked flow
  11. StalkerZHS

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is it wrong that I FIRST saw that as the outline of the BFG10k rather than the gddmn doom logo?
  12. StalkerZHS

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Well instead of keeping it as some dumb console command, make it a much more visible thing in the options menu!
  13. StalkerZHS

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Resolution scaling or whatever its called. This feature exists in Zdaemon (as "Virtual 320x200")
  14. StalkerZHS

    Which Doom has the best story?

    It'd probably be just the intro bit of TNT's story the part with the giant demon ship has been my favorite out of them all for years and years