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  1. Maybe try and get rid of those lighter-brown diagonal metal lines? Rip a psxdoom metal texture?
  2. Frankly, I'd love it if you could have the left side of the status bar be base-themed and the right side be hell-themed
  3. Oh, I meant that should be in Zandronum, because zandro sometimes lags on some maps while gzdoom doesnt
  4. There is a code inside PrBoom/GLBoom that allows it to play almost any wad, no matter how large or ridiculous without lagging I want that code to be in GZDoom. And no, there's nothing wrong with my hardware.
  5. If we were to make 3d models of anything, first we'd have to base their animations off of smoothdoom for fluidity's sake.
  6. Any map that takes an hour to beat when speedrunning
  7. I feel the Archvile replacement should look as similar to the half life vortigaunt as can be (while still being within the art style)
  8. I think the lost status bar from the 2013 demo of TNT2 Devilution is pretty freakin epic Shame that Revilution got released and Devilution seems to be dead dust now...
  9. The JAPANESE versions of Doom tho? Anyone? Nobody?
  10. apparently, by penguin0/critikal's definition, there's an underage orgy in the sewers before fighting IT
  11. I wish GZDoom was able to HANDLE ITS OWN SHT Recode the engine to not have ANY FPS limits. PR/GLboom can play a giant map with no lag, but GZdoom will lag? wtf GZDOOM should be able to play a giant map just as smoothly as PR/GLboom
  12. A better topic would be BFG vs the RYNO
  13. Ahem Wolfenstein -> Ten flies won
  14. No no no, UDTWiD will definitely get released before TNT2 Devilution