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  1. StalkerZHS

    What was the best "Inside a computer" mod you've played?

  2. I'm taking the music for maps 10 and 11, for sure
  3. Since there aren't enough people signing up to compose, can I take the music spots for maps 7-11? In the map file for map14, I included some remade title sequences too.
  4. DON'T TOUCH THAT MAP14, I forgot to tag secrets. here, it should work now Map14true.zip
  5. MAP14: Revelation MAP14.zip
  6. Would I be able to take the spot for D_DM2TTL and map 14's music?
  7. I'd like to request Map 14. I'll take Genesis if I can
  8. StalkerZHS

    Best MAP01 Track?

    I've never played BTSX (which everyone seems to enjoy, so I should someday...)
  9. StalkerZHS

    Doom Community Iceberg (Entry Suggestions Needed)

    Ghouls 3 Aborted Baby Image
  10. StalkerZHS

    I feel too old

    i was 14 when i tried making my own megawad "The Berserk Chronicles" a 32 map set where you only get berserk i made 5 maps, never released it, and quit it's time to pick it back up again
  11. Reject Modernity, return to 2009 beta
  12. Remaining Maps 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32 "Map 21 should be released..." SOON_tm (8 months later)
  13. StalkerZHS

    Most Excruciating Gaming Accomplishments?

    Have@It on UV KH2FM LV1CM
  14. StalkerZHS

    Longest Doom break

    about 7 years, between the ages of 6 and 13. my ma banned me from it because I was apparently making threats to the kids in class, even though i remember no such thing