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  1. StalkerZHS

    Why don't source ports REWRITE the entire Doom engine?

    i mean, that diminishing light thing gets disabled when you use openGL
  2. StalkerZHS

    Doom Eternal Delayed(March 2020)

    This means it'll be directly competing with FF7 remake I don't like that idea
  3. StalkerZHS

    Is Requiem That Good?

    Seeing as how (in my headcanon) it's memento mori 3, yes
  4. @riderr3 so awesome that you managed to change PSX soundtracks. would we be able to get a video? I'd love to see it in action
  5. StalkerZHS

    You guys need to see this

  6. StalkerZHS

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    P A L S M A R I F F L E
  7. StalkerZHS

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels remade

    Any updates so far? I'd love to play some of that AESTHETIC nirvana
  8. 1. Community Chest 3 - For We Are Many 2. 1994 Tune Up - Castle Invaded By Hell 3. Japanese Community Project - Hazmat whateveritscalled 4. Plutonia 2 - Ticket to Eternity 5. 1024 Claustrophobia 2 - Taggart Sails to Orion 6. Hadephobia - Dead Planet 7. Speed of Doom - Ruins of Kalnik 8. Scythe - Hell On Earth 9. Plutonia - Oddesey of Noises 10. Doom Core - This PL1MAP28 clone
  9. StalkerZHS

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    One Fine Day (map26) from the 1994 TU project. Seeing the level literally transform into more and more of a hellscape really did it for me as a younger one. And more recently... Maps 12 and 20 from TNT Revilution
  10. they could just update zandronum
  11. StalkerZHS

    Pistol changed in update?

    They did that? When did they do that?
  12. StalkerZHS

    How do you have your controls set up?

    holy sht i just tried using kp8 as attack and its fuken weird
  13. StalkerZHS

    Connection bug or Over-aggressive server admin?

    wait, people still play Doom2016 multiplayer?
  14. WE NEED ALL 40-something SPRITES OF THIS. NOW