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  1. I have the Switch version. It's a great port! I'd play it more if it had horizontal motion aiming, but unfortunately I can't stand aiming with an analog stick. Also fast monsters doesn't work correctly in nightmare. I'd like to see them add network play, but that's probably just wishful thinking. Great port nonetheless.
  2. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    If I can't get the ethernet card to work, I will go somewhere that has a phone line and call you with my modem. It will be the best possible Doom deathmatch experience.
  3. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    I know this thread is kind of old but I have recently purchased a true Dos machine that I'd love to try. It has a built in 56k modem and I also bought an ethernet card for it, but I'm having IRQ issues. I know it would probably be even more difficult to set up a true Dos game, but it would be awesome none-the-less.
  4. Nich

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    Are the shotguns made of wood like in classic Doom? I'm really glad to hear that "sprinting" means Classic Doom sprinting and not Modern Military-Shooter sprinting. Is there some kind of stamina meter for sprint? I hope not, because that would mean we probably couldn't have autorun. Also with this melee thing, this doesn't mean it includes that stupid modern game standard of Press B to perform a quick melee attack without changing weapons, does it?
  5. Nich

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I love everything about Vanilla Doom except auto-weapon switch on pickup. It is the only reason why I'd ever touch a source port.
  6. Nich

    Doom 4 should have...

    Air control, just like Quake.
  7. Wow, why did I just now figure that out?
  8. Nich

    Theory: Doomguy is a cyborg.

    What if Doomguy is actually the villain and he's murdering all of the heroes?
  9. I always liked how in Tony Hawk, Doomguy had maxed out speed but terrible jump.
  10. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    I don't know if you guys are still playing, but I'm ready now.
  11. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    I'd love to play with you guys a little later on tonight.
  12. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    'Twas a blast. Thank you as well. Definitely want to do it again some time.
  13. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    Alright, I'm logging into Zdaemon's irc servers. Also, Dwango5 makes me hang at listening for network start info...
  14. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    I have version 1.9, for the record.
  15. Nich

    Does anyone play Dos Doom netplay?

    Alright, I just got my copy of Ultimate Doom installed. I guess we probably should have made sure we were playing the same game before we started.