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  1. jac0b

    Jacobs ladder map

    Jacob's Ladder is a duel deathmatch compilation WAD. Jacob's Ladder A01: Download TXT Download WAD
  2. Yep, I've tried that and it works nicely. Thanks so much for your work on these utils! =) These will save many hours.
  3. The texture patch graphics were not successfully copied over to the new output .WAD again with texspy and textract 0.9.3 beta using the piped method exactly as you wrote it within your previous post. The WAD processed was: http://www.db4d.org/wads/jacobs_ladder_beta08.zip The CMD output shows textures being copied, but again they only appear within texturex. The patch graphics were not transferred. Feel free to try yourself and see what I mean. Hope it's not user error on my part.
  4. I attempted your method and the result was a .WAD file with: - a new texturex smaller in size, hopefully less all unused textures - a new pnames - flats (hopefully only called for) There were no textures in the resulting file. If there's a chance you'd like to process this one through as a test, feel free. You can download the .WAD here: http://www.db4d.org/wads/jacobs_ladder_beta08.zip I also noticed issues with animations in game. It appears that only the first texture within an animated sequence as described in animdefs is copied into the new texturex. If you process this, please let me know how it turns out and what I need to do to end up with an output.wad that contains a texturex, pnames, and graphics files called for by the input.wad's maps, cutting all the fat. I appreciate your help.
  5. I'm trying to use texspy and textract in order to cut the fat off of a compilation WAD containing many maps. The maplist has changed over time, but old textures still remain from maps that are no longer a part of the compilation. My goal is to clean out these resources that aren't needed. Can you explain whether and exactly how that could be done with your tools, texspy and textract? Can you provide the commands for a compilation.wad example? I would greatly appreciate it.