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  1. Little Ishida

    New Super Shitty Map Contest!

    Aaaah.This again. Seems my map from last year wasnt shitty enough? Sign me up
  2. Little Ishida

    DOOM lovers in the UK

    Liverpool here (Well....Wirral.....No I do not have 2 extra fingers or any other deformity brought about by inbreeding) And while I've not had any experience of putting out any decent maps (outside of joke ones)I'm well down for the idea of a national WAD like Russia's Whitemare. Assume this goes ahead, what would the requirements be? Vanilla? Limit Removing? Any Deadlines? I'm cautiously interested, mainly because I want to do this but i'm wondering if I can match up to the quality needed.
  3. Little Ishida

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whitemare 2

    May as well give this a go, GZDoom (Doom-Strict compatibility settings) No jumping or crouching (duh), Mouselook on, Auto-Aim off, Continuous play, Saves kept to a minimum (Aka, save when it gets way too hard). Also playing on UV. Nice foreboding music on the title-pic MAP01-“Entry Gate" by Slavius [B0S] Well, this is pretty well detailed, no secrets based on the HUD, but for map 1, this is easily forgiven. Sniped a few out the window by standing on the little raised ledges near the little bunker. Walking out and letting a few hitscanners weaken eachother then dealing with the left-overs typical map01 stuff. Over into the next little area and the surprise on the wall immediately gives me horrible Plutonia flashbacks, well at least there aren't any revenants. So after introducing the chaingunners to Mr Shotty,I finish off a few more hitscanners above, then the imps behind the next door. Good first map, although I have a horrible feeling the chaingun will make the next map a little too easy. Kills/Items/Secrets=100/100/100 (28/0/0) Time/Total=4:30/4:30 Health/Armour=66/69 Ammo=192/23/0/0 MAP02 - “Hall King" by Arsenikum Aaaaaaand my fears are confirmed as I take out 1/4 of the map in the space of 10 seconds. Moving on, that chaingunner managed to scratch me a little, and....a mancubus? In Map02? Pleasantly surprised. After putting the shotty to good use, I carry on in search of the Yellow key down a shaft, chaingunning the imps and fellow chaingunner...thats it? No Secrets or extra enemies? This is shorter than map 1! Still, Mancubus caught me off guard. (Also, the door at the bottom of the lift wasnt working, a quick check in doombuilder said it should of worked, so i had to noclip through.... i shouldnt really have to, but ugh, affected my time) Kills/Items/Secrets=100/100/100 (32/0/0) Time/Total=4:36/9:06 Health/Armour=27/26 Ammo=164/19/0/0 MAP03 “Snowbox Ascension" by Arsenikum Good Music, and the enemy count has literally doubled...AND A SECRET TO FIND!!! Lots of hitscanners on low health, I see a Caco and i hear a revenant, great. Hit and run behind the building to whittle em down works until theres nothing left but the enemies on the "stairway" up, including 3 revenants and a helly. Slowly weakening them while dodging the revenenants works like a charm, figuring out i needed to shoot the switch let the revs get a hit on me though, leading to my first death. 5 deaths later and i finally lower the pillars, whew. Got the Rocket Launcher afterwards thanks to some quick running along the ice. Kills/Items/Secrets=100/100/100 (64/0/1) Time/Total=5:34/14:40 Health/Armour=100/0 Ammo=55/22/12/0 Deaths/Total=5/5
  4. Little Ishida

    Maps From Other Games

    The mansion from the original Resident Evil would be good. Hell, someone even started it, but it seems its another one of those projects that'll never see the light of day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpxfLJJ28E0
  5. Little Ishida

    Dream Doom feature

    Closest i can suggest (and something you all probably know about) is the linetarget command in ZDoom. It gives the name, Spawn health and current health of whatever enemy is in your cross-hairs. Comes in handy when you want to know how much health a cyber has left, or if you want to summon a new enemy that has a very awkwardly obscure name.
  6. Little Ishida

    good tnt evilution pharoah/carribean remakes?

    Scythe 2 has 5 Egyptian Themed maps in it, and there's the recently released Pirate Doom for Sea based levels
  7. Little Ishida

    Things in Doom we've accepted

    The fact that running diagonally while facing the same direction is mysteriously faster than straight up running. I tried this in real life once.... never again....
  8. Little Ishida

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have often wondered what the result would be if I opened Heretic in PrBoom+, activated god mode, and gave it to someone under the influence of hallucinogenics... I prefer TNT to Plutonia I prefer Hexen over Heretic I've never played Wolfenstein 3D (only Wolfendoom) And despite playing PSX Final Doom to death since 2001, I never played any PC doom until 2011 ...I think thats the worse stuff out of the way
  9. Little Ishida

    [WIP] SCP-173 Mod and Multiplayer concept

    This looks very interesting, the scp enemy is spot on. One thing that concerns me is the multiplayer, how are you going to pull this off? Wouldnt it be very one-sided if 1 player could just stare at it while the rest finish the level (If this is co-op/survival were talking about here)? Other than that, good work so far, i look forward to the finished result
  10. Little Ishida

    Doomworld Mega Project 2013 - 54 maps - /idgames link

    Go-on then, sign me up. I've got a Dead simple-Esque map idea scrawled out on paper, just throw in some enemies other than your usual Mancubi/Arachnotrons and it'll be good to go.
  11. Little Ishida


    First off, I have to commend you on bothering to put secrets in and Putting new enemies in areas where you have to backtrack, like that Archvile. 2 Very easy newbie mistakes to make, and you avoided them. Now, the bad. Too easy. Too many supplies and not enough enemies to use them on. 2nd, the Extra Scriptings really weren't needed, especially the one involving the marines. Hope that helps with making improvements.
  12. Little Ishida

    Shitty Map Contest!

    Any other Submissions?
  13. Little Ishida

    Shitty Map Contest!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you this thing here... http://www.sendspace.com/file/ihbd0s I call it "HellyHellHellest.wad" Story:Your in hell, get out. Enjoy
  14. Little Ishida

    Completing three old levels of mine

    Quite a good map, I like how all the walls lower to the point where it almost looks like a completely different map at the end.Detail is good, wide variety of textures without it looking too boring or breaking theme.Enemy Placement is good too, you do well with a (relatively) small number of enemies. The Switch hunting isn't too bad (I've played worse) and while it isn't always clear where to go (as mentioned)I soon found where within a minute or so. Now the bad. As mentioned with the Soulsphere, there's falling down there, and it's also worth mentioning I managed to pick it up through the wall (I'm playing on GZDoom if that makes a difference). Also, the gates blocking the Blue key can be slipped past by back peddling into the wall, and strafing towards the pillars while slowly looking left or right. This makes 1/3 of the map skippable.
  15. Little Ishida

    Shitty Map Contest!

    Absolutely nothing good can come of this. Sign me up, I'm sure i'll be able to cook up a "good" WAD