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  1. i'm trying to have the ultimate pack for gzdoom, water can look for some love i think, now i'm with neuralupscale x8 + smoothdoom + gzdoom 4.3.3
  2. Amph

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    i can't find smoothdoom_hires.pk3
  3. Amph

    What do you want for DLC?

    hd texture is nothing like doom eternal graphics lol well yes opinions are irrelevant i'm just responding to the topic and since i can't be satisfied i just go back and play doom 2 again and again, never get tired of it really as long as there are new megawad i can play it for eternity...
  4. Amph

    What do you want for DLC?

    yeah i just want doom 2 with 2020 graphics, and some new monster from eternal that i liked, like the serpent and carcass, these were nice additions, i also like that you can climb wall, this could be another nice addition i want more tanky slow demon not everyone that jump around like a monkey, i don't like the quake 3 arena gameplay, flippering game don't belong here
  5. Amph

    What do you want for DLC?

    i want an option to remove the stupid mechanics that make demon give you health when they die and have my medikit back, placed on the right spot also more traps, better secrets not with retarded disc but useful one with ammo, plenty of ammo and very low amount of health in general
  6. the problem is that it's all random you can't balance it, and you can abuse it easily, you can't do the same with medikit, like i said, with just medikit it's much harder, what if i put few medikit and huge amount of monster, like i remmber in some maps of AV or HR, that make it more challenging also it's make the game more easy, you don't need to search for life when you are at risk just find a stupid zombie...
  7. well it's not staged because normally you have way less health than what you need in doom 2, more ammunition instead, this is done on purpose, here all i see is plenty of health everywhere, you can't die basically, just kill a random scrub and you're done the real difference is that with medikit you can balance it better, just put less or more of them in a combat area, while with enemies you can not, because you can't..you know...reduce the enemies per arena, that would fuck up the game, which mean that you always have 1:1 ratio bteween damage and heatlth and in the end every demon basically nullify the damage that inflict to you by giving in return life when you kill it, which make it look staged kinda, dunno if this is the correct word to use here... that's why i believe is a shitty mechanic, this has nothing to do with me liking it or not... "I don't think I quite understand how enemies dropping health is "shitty", but somehow finding health packs lying around on the ground in Hell is just fine and dandy." yeah because finding random weapons and ammunitiions everywhere is legit in Hell, instead lol
  8. not exactly what i mean, when i play a good doom 2 megavad, i feel the casuality in the combat, they don't look staged like in eternal, it's a bit hard to explain something has to do with the shitty mechanic that give you health when you kill monsters
  9. another invisible enemy could come in hand
  10. another thing to add, dunno why but all the combats looks kinda staged to me, it's like the amount of health and weapons are calculated to perfectly match the amount of enemies, the demons appear not all at once but they come few at time when you kill some of them etc...boring after a while
  11. what about adding Whiplash?
  12. it's fine but i still think that doom 2 is the best fps i still hate glory kill and the fact that they give you life, i don't remember you can disable this shit? i mean disabling it completely, i don't even want to see the highlighting of the enemies
  13. link? i can't find it yet
  14. Amph

    best megawad in the last 3 years?

    maybe i'm missing something but on youtube Akeldama appear with modified weapons, there are more version of it?
  15. Amph

    best megawad in the last 3 years?

    because i have already played all the good old one i like megawad in the tone of Unholy Realms or more difficult, in the vein of AV, MM or HR also would be great