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  1. I'm trying to make a map where monsters will spawn in constantly and chase down the player. How do I make it so monsters know where I am automatically and chase me without actually seeing me first?
  2. dufferton

    Dual wielding weapons

    How would i go about making a weapon that allowed me to activate both the primary fire and alternate fire independently? something like, for example, firing a machine gun in one hand, but being able to swing a sword while doing it
  3. dufferton

    Sprite rotation

    thanks, but thats not quite what i was saying im looking for something more like this (apologies for small image choice) I was wondering if something like it could be achieved with code. I'm super lazy and dont wanna make a separate image for each angle the sprite turns in
  4. dufferton

    Sprite rotation

    Im trying to get a sprite to rotate. Not like how if you walk around it, you see different sides, i want it to look like its spinning in mid air, but i only use one image. is this possible?
  5. dufferton

    weak point help

    how would i make it so an enemy can only be damaged on a certain point?
  6. dufferton

    Monster spawner

    it works! :D thanks
  7. dufferton

    Monster spawner

    Im trying to make a spawner for doom that will spawn a demon, every second. can i have a bit of code to help me with this?
  8. dufferton

    Dosbox not working

    aw yes, it worked! thanks guys! :D
  9. dufferton

    Dosbox not working

    i feel like it should work but is just not. say the filepath to my doom stuff is c:\dooms\doom2 and ive got the wad and doom2 in the same folder. the wad im trying to open is called severaldemons.wad(or something) how would i open that?
  10. dufferton

    Dosbox not working

    im having a bit of trouble running wads on dosbox. i just cant figure out how to do it..
  11. dufferton

    All monsters drop one item

    it works! :D thank you!
  12. dufferton

    All monsters drop one item

    it does, kind of, but i dont know how to make all of the monsters drop the item
  13. dufferton

    All monsters drop one item

    Im making a small mod where one of your weapons requires ammo that you can get from every monster, but i dont know how to make every monster drop the ammo. help please.
  14. dufferton

    AI help please

    yo im just wonderin if theres a script out there that makes a monster run AWAY from the player instead of towards them? (if so please send it)
  15. dufferton

    Try Extreme Weapon Pack for Doom II

    wait guys i figured it out. i needed to redownload zdoom for some reason, but now it works!