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  1. Astewart41


    Okay this sucks Id's FTP is not up thus I can not get an update for Doom2 from 1.666 > 1.7a which then goes up to 1.9 etc... I actually got ahold of a patch to upgrade 1.666 to 1.7a, only to find that it DOES NOT WORK... WTF?!
  2. That's wrong. John Carmack (in his email) expressly told me (along with Todd) that levels made BY HAND, are perfectly legitimate and legal, they have no grasp on what I do, provided it is MY work, not theirs. Like I said, according to John and Todd, textures that I just export from the IWad are illegal and they will not give me permission to do so. But levels that I do are legal and they gave me that permission. Anyways, It'll be a while before I do all of them, the first map pack will be 5 levels from 3 games, and an additional 5 "jumbled" levels (which are basically mixed maps for fun). I'll release the full Doom2 theme pack some other day. However, mark my words... It WILL be done.
  3. Doom2 didn't use mipmapping. What he's talking about is how the textures seem to have a kind of "film" tile on them, which means the further away you get, the more it seems to be a synthetic texture. You should use the blend brush in Wally combined with ReMip Deluxe when doing this. (ReMip deluxe is F11)
  4. This is a DM map pack. I guess you're right, maybe I won't use the Doom2 textures, but, I can legally, however, reproduce their levels, provided it is by hand, and not exported/imported directly.
  5. I need some DM maps for my ICLDM mod, I want DOOM deathmatch maps if possible, and not too complicated, a good example would be something like Danzig, obviously, this will be ported to Half-Life format for the DM mod, however, I GUARANTEE that it will be 100% true to the original form, minus the OpenGL lighting effects and weapons (obviously). I am already porting Danzig to this, since it's my favorite Deathmatch map I've ever played, however, I'd like to see some of your maps! I will give the author of the deathmatch map full credit, and credit myself only for porting it if it's not my own map. And if any additional textures are being used, please specify this so I may extract the textures with WinTex and import them into a Wadfile. You can contact me at AJS2254 (AIM) or Astewart41@hotmail.com Thank you in advance! Andy
  6. Astewart41

    Aliens TC Remake.

    Aliens TC has been done. I believe it was our very own Mordeth who did a Dehacked patch and some graphic work a long time ago. Wasn't that you, Mordeth? In any case, it was a fair TC, though, no offense, the levels were kinda fucked up (well more than kinda, but still fun), I thought it was kinda fun. The mod I'm speaking of is an AVP total conversion for Doom2. There was also an original aliens TC (not AVP) put out a long time ago, the Smartgun replaced the Plasma Rifle then, and still fired "projectiles", but were projectiles with Cyan and two pixels. ^_^ (Thus making it invisible except the pixels) The pulse rifle for that was kinda weird looking, really big. Also, the secondary fire (grenade) was a seperate weapon with 50 rounds (heh). I used to play it a lot. Good luck with your mod man, watch a lot of Aliens and Alien3 / Alien for reference, Alien Resurrection isn't much of a reference because it has a parallel story line, almost nothing to do with the original three movies. (Or play AVP)
  7. Astewart41

    This one is for you, dad!

    If anyone wants to get ahold of what I have so far, please let me know. (Includes a wadfile exclusively made for the Doom2 textures, patches directly exported from WinTex and imported from Wally) I also didn't specify it was for Half-Life (Oops heh). Yeah my dad always thought I was good at making levels so after he died I said, "Fuck it I'm still doing it." Meh, sorry this isn't a place for venting my own personal problems but I think it's a good backdrop to start my project on. My dad was a damn good guy and I'll miss him, he was too young to go (only 52) /Me goes back to listening to Rob D's Clubbed to Death
  8. I haven't been at the forum lately for a pretty shitty reason. My dad died on the 11th of July at home, and afterwards I was living at my mother's. I was there and I saw everything. I guess the purpose of this thread is to let you know I'm pushing forward on my Doom2 thing, it's going to be a themed deathmatch map pack with corresponding textures from Doom2, and same sector dimensions etc..., John Carmack never told me I couldn't still do the levels, and my dad really wanted to see it done. REGARDLESS of what Id's standing is on it, I am still going to do it, and still am going to release it online. The map pack is part of a themed league deathmatch "mod" if you will which combines elements from many different games into a big deathmatch arena. I have started texturing for some of these games and Doom2 is the first on my list. Anyway for all of those who have my AIM and wonder if I have blocked anyone, I HAVEN'T so don't worry I just got the net out here (ADSL 128 K) and my old ATX power supply fried out the day after my dad died so I know I have shitty luck... But I got a kickass Antec KS-282 now :) Wish me luck, tell me what you think. Andy
  9. Astewart41

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    id shut the project down, thus I only have 1 map completed, and Map02 was about 85% so... Meh
  10. Astewart41

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    I just cummed knowing that I actually talked to those two. :) Well I'm already working on Hell on Earth (changed mod) so this one will be promising. You guys will like it.
  11. Astewart41

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    Me, Todd Hollenshead, and John Carmack discussed the copyright issue, and they do NOT want us to use the Doom2 copyright materials, however, the project is going on, just that it's not Doom2 and Doom2 textures will not be used. Here is a transcript of the emails I wrote, and the replies. (Me)At 10:47 PM 7/5/2002 +0000, you wrote: Greetings! My name is Andrew Stewart, I have to admit I'm an id fanatic, so as a tribute to the GREAT contributions you guys at id have made to the gaming community, I have contemplated a new project entitled "Doom2K2 - A Tribute" which is a total conversion for Half-Life of Doom2. The question I have for you two, is may I have your permission to use your copyrighted material for this project? The copyrighted materials in question are textures, levels, and monster likenesses (By likenesses I mean 3 Dimensional Half-Life format .mdl's). (John Carmack) Media that you are creating by hand, like levels and monster models, are probably ok, but textures and sounds that are just converted are probably not. Ask Todd <Email Address removed> if you want an official legal ruling. In the past, we have had to tell people no on these things even between our own titles, and moving any media to half-life is probably worse. I would recommend that you chose a less touchy project to undertake. I really dislike having to discuss intellectual property issues, because I don't necessarily agree with the stances we are strongly encouraged to take. John Carmack (Me - same email forwarded to Todd Hollenshead) Greetings! My name is Andrew Stewart, I have to admit I'm an id fanatic, so as a tribute to the GREAT contributions you guys at id have made to the gaming community, I have contemplated a new project entitled "Doom2K2 - A Tribute" which is a total conversion for Half-Life of Doom2. The question I have for you two, is may I have your permission to use your copyrighted material for this project? The copyrighted materials in question are textures, levels, and monster likenesses (By likenesses I mean 3 Dimensional Half-Life format .mdl's). (Todd Hollenshead) We wouldn't grant that sort of permission for a number of reasons related to copyright and trademark concerns. But even if all of those issues could be addressed, we're still not interested in seeing DOOM II created inside another game. We like DOOM II the way it is. tsh -- Well there you have it folks, but the mod isn't dead yet. The mod will just not be using proprietary INTELLECTUAL id property, however, this mod is still dedicated to id. I love those guys. I'll keep you people updated on the going on of this project.
  12. Astewart41

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    One thing concerning the copyright issue: Copyrights expire after 7 years and therefore one can use any part of the game, provided they credit ID. However I am still going to ask for permission. ID has, countless times, released SDK's and source on the Doom and Doom2 engines. I converted the Doom2 textures to a Half-Life .wad3 package. All I have to do now is make sure they're all scaled in multiples of 16. Don't ask me for maps because I still cannot legally provide them until I have ID's express permission. Stop being so negative. :) Edit: The concept of Doom2 in Half-Life seems to be ringing in a lot of negative criticism towards me, and I really don't have time to be flamed, so if someone would like to help me out, please just get to it, this project will NOT be shut down. I am going to continue working regardless of whether I have permission, not to be disrespectful but by only working, I am not doing anything illegal. I will not be present at the DW forums again for a long time otherwise, so I would appreciate a little help if it's possible. And to the comment about JDoom models - They are .md2 format, Half-Life uses the .Mdl format. If someone can convert them, I'd appreciate that very much so. See you all later, Andy
  13. Astewart41

    Doom2 for Half-Life

    Hey everyone, I haven't been here for a while because of recent events going on in my life, and the fact that I'm busy but I bring good tidings to the Doom community. I am doing a Total Conversion for Half-Life, of Doom2! Using WadAuthor, Wally, and WorldCraft, I am going to recreate Doom2 in a 3D motif with extras in Half-Life, first doing a Deathmatch pack, and the original Single play missions. I have so far done Map01, though it's going to be re-done with textures, and Map02 is in the works. I need modelers though, so if anyone can model me some weapons, please contact me through MSN at Astewart41@hotmail.com, or through AIM at AJS2254. I also need DLL work done for the weapon and monster coding, if you can do so, please contact me. :) Wish me luck, I know when this is complete, you'll all like the results. One more thing, I'm 100% serious about this, I won't stop until it's done. ...Gimme some insight and ideas...?
  14. Astewart41

    Doom: the sitcom

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry! I didn't even read that post up until a minute ago... KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEE EDIT: It's a shame I have that guy's first name... :(
  15. Astewart41

    Doom: the sitcom

    That blows... WTF?! Argh The SRM Counterstrike pic owned... I liked that one... Hehe, David Schwimmer as O.M.G Camping Fag... Hahahahahahaha