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  1. Audio-Visual Feedback. You keep bringing this up, can you elaborate? Is it an animation thing? Weapon sounds aren't loud enough, or don't have enough bass? What is especially puzzling about this is you reference Overwatch... which I have no drive to play anymore because of lack of visual feedback when hitting an opponent and also weak, non-lethal sounding weapons.
  2. As both a SS and PK fan, I can say that, while individual mechanics might be similar, the games play very differently. Mechanically, as well as gameplay-wise, all 3 of these games are unique. First off, the SS games don't require nearly as much spatial and vertical awareness from the player that Doom 2016 or even PK does. SS boils down to a circle-strafing gauntlet where you are constantly backing up and funneling a horde of enemies that just run right at you. It's similar to Robotron in that sense. Doom 2016 has a risk/reward concept much more in tune with something like a japanese shmup game -- pushing through enemies and being aggressively tactful to maximize survivability and DPS at the same time. It's a build up of momentum thing, where you have to almost plot out a rough scenario in your head then execute to wind up and keep momentum high. This is extrapolated on in Arcade Mode. PK is somewhere in the middle, where collecting resources is important so you are encouraged to kill fast to maintain resources... but it still has the same circle-strafe/backpedal reverse-herding gameplay that SS has, for the most part. There is a lot more variety in map layout in PK than SS though, so that alone mixes up gameplay a little better. To simplify the argument by calling Doom 2016 a ripoff or clone would be not understanding the underlying mechanics of the games. It would be like shrugging off the differences between games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters... They may share mechanics, and on a superficial level, seem like the same game, but each game plays very differently and are both rewarding in different ways.
  3. Obzen

    Can you help me get past my New Doom issues?

    What I would emphasize is setting up macros and learning your arsenal to maximize your damage output. Once you get some upgrades and a couple of power weapons you do massive amounts of damage. You can kill anything in seconds. Don't forget about the chainsaw and grenade. If you aren't killing fast enough, you aren't maximizing your DPS.
  4. Obzen

    Classic levels are poorly balanced

    I was pretty harsh on the lighting and texture problems in the initial reveal... but having played the game and beaten around half of the classic levels, I can forgive them. That must have been a decent amount of work just modeling out those classic levels with 3D brushes. I'm sure if they had more time they could have added light sources and all that. As they are, they are a fun little diversion. I can forgive them not balancing them because they are unlocks. Bonus content in games is usually kinda unfair... par for course. A little polish would have gone a long way, but as it is it's still kinda fun. I dunno, maybe I'd care a lot more if the core game wasn't as good as it is.
  5. You can have a trigger disable it. Use a trigger volume that disables the trigger when touched by the player then have something else enable your trigger later on.
  6. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    I don't mean to be rude, but you come here, complain about limitations and things not working within SnapMap without giving any examples or screencaps and without explicitly saying what you are trying to accomplish, then quit because you've somehow managed to hit network limitations despite not even figuring out how to hide a weapon on spawn or troubleshooting why your spawners aren't working and I'm supposed to believe you are a programmer?
  7. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    Are you using SnapMap on PC? you can change the values quickly by pressing the x key to type them in manually. Just memorize the 3 values and it's a breeze.
  8. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    On Door Open > Random Integer > Reference specified integer in object's options menu (x on pc) This does not work? I'm on my work comp right now, but wouldn't Integers act like a Boolean or a Container where they need to actually be referenced outside of the scripting tree? Let's say it is outputting to a hud element, you would actually have to go into the HUD options menu to reference the integer in a drop-down menu, right?
  9. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    Why exactly would you want a variable as a parent trigger in the first place? To randomize a value or timing of something? Just set the parent trigger as on player spawn or something. What are you trying to do that scripting is limiting?
  10. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    You can put an invisible player blocking volume on top of the box to make it climb-able. This is actually better because sometimes you want boxes to be an obstacle and having them all be climb-able would be a headache. I'm almost certain this is how they do it in single player, actually. This method allows any object they want climb-able.
  11. Obzen

    Snapmap Has Issues

    While a triggered output may only be set to certain things, you can tie those triggers to a Boolean value and have that value output on change. Wouldn't this effectively give you an "on change" trigger? I'd need some specifics here because any scripting I have tied to spawners works exactly as I intend it to. You can have a weapon both destroyed and spawn on any given input. While it's slightly inconvenient, you can still tell it to be destroyed on player spawn, then have it spawn based on any trigger you want.
  12. Obzen

    Snapmap suffers from major bugs!

    While the weapon limit is disappointing, the enemy limit is completely reasonable. It isn't even a problem when you mix in the AI Spawner. You can have massive amounts of enemies in a map, just no more than 12 at a time... which is not much different than the Single Player that gets praised so much. They've stated they will be looking at feedback and will be updating SnapMap continually. The game is a week old and as limited as SnapMap is, it hasn't even been out long enough to really see what talented people can do with it. So let's be reasonable here. I know it's hard to tell, but there was a time before Source Ports, Doom Builder and TrenchBroom where making maps was not nearly as hunky dory as it is now. Doom's original engine limitations and early tools were not only very hard to deal with, but had plenty of limitations of their own. On one hand, custom layout and assets allowed more customization in Doom compared to the new one. On the other hand, scripting in SnapMap makes vanilla Doom look completely primitive in comparison. Let's take it easy and see where this goes. There's plenty that can be better, let's hope id hear our suggestions and this thing grows into something great. The original Doom has 23 years on Doom 2016, let's see how the community and tools mature with this game... or at least wait a bit to see what can be accomplished. I doubt any decent custom content was coming out for the original Doom a week after it was released.
  13. Obzen

    Engineering Bay 24 - Progression based traditional map

    Looks great, I'll check it out tonight. I've been looking for some nice SnapMap singleplayer. I've been working on my own map for about 30 hours and am curious what others have come up with in the meantime.
  14. Obzen

    Snapmap suffers from major bugs!

    This isn't a bug. There is a 12 enemy limit for enemies spawned into a map. I'm sure this is to prevent performance issues. You need to make sure that any manually-placed enemies are hidden initially and have them toggle to visible by a door opening, passing through a volume, upon another enemies' death or any other creative means to make sure there are not lingering enemies spawned on your map that the player isn't near, because that is what's preventing other enemies from spawning.
  15. Obzen

    Placing Enemies, only spawnable?

    You can place enemies on your own. It get tricky because the engine only allows 12 or so enemies at once and sometimes it isn't really good at managing it. A lot of times the enemies in the room you are standing in won't spawn while a few demons from a room on the other side of the map will. You need to get smart about hiding enemies and setting up trigger volumes or doors to spawn enemies. I've found it's good to use the spawner and save the manual enemy placement for special encounters or really cool ideas you have because the pool of manually placed enemies you can have is quite low. EDIT: you can edit enemy health, the damage they deal, their behaviour, you can set up ai paths for them to walk, you can even name them and give them health bars and pretty much make your own boss. It's really really cool, TBH.