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  1. Hammer isn't that bad. If you want a truely bad editor, the Unreal Development Kit is looking right at you. Things that should be all too simple are turned into drawn out ordeals, it's incredibly unstable and crashes ridiculously often. The Unreal Engine is also pretty much an industry standard. I've seen developers stand by it when they didn't completely understand how to use it, ended up releasing a buggy mess that needed a far beefier computer then it should of. They'll keep on using it too. That reminds me, no matter how much Unreal devs try, it's nearly impossible to get a successful modding community for a game using the Unreal Engine. It's like they added in "Casual user repellent" or something. Casual users can figure out Hammer much easier.
  2. Never thought I would anticipate a Doomguy 2000 work. Guess I've just elevated up to a higher level of artistic appreciation. And weed jokes.
  3. ... Well, OP never told anyone that Brutal Doom was good or bad on the thread, I would say that he asked a totally reasonable question. Also, regardless of whether he is a BD fan or not, OP has been registered on here since well before BD was released. All of my usernames from 2007 were pure hell put inside a can and then roasted at 415 degrees for thirty minutes.
  4. Ehk. I really hate getting into Brutal Doom talks. As for most of "The masses" that tried out Brutal Doom, they seem to have just played it for awhile and then moved on. BD does have a few fans that really love it, and in my personal experience they haven't been very friendly or very intellectually-minded. Just my personal experience, I'm sure there are polite and smart BD fans around. I'm not even going to talk about Sgt. No dang thank you. Anyway, place your bets! If we keep going on, will this post get helled?
  5. Magnetick

    Da Hood

    Canofbacon, report to the principles office immediately.
  6. Magnetick

    Aliens.... do they exist?

    Wait, that's not right... "Meanwhile on Alien Doomworld: "DESTROY THE HUMANS"""
  7. Maybe "Zion" and "Project Ranger" are code words for Doom 4?
  8. Magnetick

    Aliens.... do they exist?

    Somewhere in the heavens... They are waiting...
  9. Magnetick

    List of CoD-clones

    Serious Sam and Painkiller are good games, they are fast paced, even if they aren't exactly 90's retro. Rise of the Triad may be flawed but it is the only one that feels like a 90's game.
  10. Magnetick

    List of CoD-clones

    We all know that Wolfenstien 3D is the best CoD Clone.
  11. Magnetick

    What I fear in Doom 4.

    I think there is no way it could possibly live up to any sort of expectations.
  12. Magnetick

    A weird thought: What if Doom was released in 1978?

    Oh, man. The potential of this thread was so wasted. I guess I'll try and fix it. If the 1993 version Doom was released on a 1978 personal computer and ran as well as it would on a 486... Id would probably become one of the worlds largest technology companies for starters.
  13. Magnetick

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Nice... Chunky giblets all over my huge widescreen display!
  14. Pretty impressive so far. I was quite excited when I fought the Nuclear Hell Baron in the intro map, as I am a big fan of boss fights in games. So, you said you want to choose a few franchises to base levels off of? How far would this go? Pre-3D/N64? Some possible classic franchises I would like to see are Castlevania, Zelda, maybe Pokemon. Just a few ideas. Also, you looking for any help mapping or anything?
  15. I think editing the title might be best unless the project is very different.