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  1. Sinael

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    I think I mentioned it in my post - there's a bug, or rather an oversight in the scripting - the barrier supposed to raise as you approach it and release the archviles, then lower when you kill them all, however the archviles are released before you approach the barrier, so you can kill them first. Then when you approach exit, the barrier will raise, but won't be lowered since you already killed the archviles.
  2. Sinael

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    Some bugs: in Ravage in the chasm area there's a section under the bridge at the cliffside with broken/absent geometry - you can falll there and not die, being stuck forever. In Nexus - the door before the exit got closed right before me and I couldn't find a way to progress. My guess it was going to release Archviles, but I already triggered that encounter and killed them before triggering this sequence, couldn't find way to progress for 10 minutes, nocliped after trhat. In Per Nox ad Astra in the final confrontation one of the monster waves didn't trigger and they didn't spawn, essentially locking the progress. Had to noclip into their holding pen and trigger them that way to progress.
  3. Sinael

    Big spoilers about the levels from a german stream

    I hoped for more levels than original had since it was pretty short. Alas.
  4. There's a bug on E1M6 where a group of linedefs lower platform by value, and its a repeateable action so you can submerge the platform under the ground by repeatedly using it. I guess the platform was meant to rise back at some point but it never does.
  5. Sinael

    DHMP - Doom High-res Model Project

    The problem with all these 3D model annimations is that there are no momentum or weight to them. Doom sprites do not concern themselves with this since the frame count is too low for that to matter - the problem arise when people try to re-create the animations 1:1. The most obvious example is Pinky - the walk is smooth as if he's skating around on wheels (or the floor is really slippery). The movement loop of his legs is one smooth motion. Instead it needs a pause when he lifts a leg, distribution of the weight, then a sharper motion when he plants it. You also need to calculate the animation so that his other foot remains planted on the same spot instead of "skating" forward. This is not noticable in original Doom because all motions are "sharp" due to frame count. Here, whatch this video that explains it a bit better (from about the middle) Another issue with HD model packs is compatibility. Many wads alter appearance of monsters slightly, or make new ones, and even if its just one alteration happens (like creator using that one blackhorned pinkie) then it all falls apart because now there are sprite enemies walking among polygonal ones - the clash is terrible. Example: Ancient Aliens that replaces many monsters with sprites tweaked thematically.
  6. Because you are not supposed to do that. "You can jump there" is a troll trap. I played throuhg the map quickly. You are supposed to find other keys and use them to open a nearby door that leads to the switch, which lowers this section for a few moments enough for you to run up to it and grab the key.
  7. Sinael

    [HELP ME] GZDoom squashed endgame screens.

    You can try defining the image size and offset in TEXTURES lump, see if it works. GZDoom in general requires some poking around and defining additional stuff toreplace game assets, but it is also more flexible with what it can do.
  8. PRBoom/PRBoom plus are as close to vanilla as possible while incorporating Boom features. That means explosions aside from Archvile attack to not apply vertical momentum to anything, including you. Rocketjumping in Doom consists of blasting against a wall to get more horizontal speed, but it does not allow you to "jump". ZDoom and GZDoom treat explosions differently and apply vertical momentum if the target is not touching the ground.
  9. Sinael

    White dots/pixels on walls! gzdoom

    Great! Looks like dpJudas's spotlights code also got merged. Means soon we'll be getting some more advanced dynamic lighting options and actual flashlights that aren't a string of light actors.
  10. Sinael

    White dots/pixels on walls! gzdoom

    It has nothing to do with FXAA, nVidia GPUs or AMD GPUs, drivers or anything like this. It's a Rendering Quality issue. GZDoom has 2 methods of rendering - high precision and low precision. Lower precision obviously means higher speed, but the cost is that sometimes white dots appear on texture seams. https://zdoom.org/wiki/OpenGL_options Setting "Rendering quality" in Opengl options to "quality" (or gl_render_precise to 1) in THEORY should rid you of hte artifacts in question. The problem is, since GZDoom 3.0 the feature does not work and only low precision rendering is available. Zandronum should still have it working though, try setting it on and see what happens.
  11. Sinael

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    IMO Mark chained himself to the Brutal Doom with his fame and Patreon support. He can not find it in himself to break away from it and try something new. Or he simply can not do something new. Maybe it's for the fear of loosing support of his fans and the income they are getting him. Maybe it is for other reasons but I digress. Several other prolific modders that were mentioned before entered the scene after Mark and produced much more varying content and feature-complete mods, while BD continues to lumber on, slowly getting several features nobody asked for in the time it took other people to start and finish their projects. But Mark is not a one-trick-pony. Not at all. He just needs to find it in himself to declare BD feature complete, polish it and fix the bugs (those I mentioned STILL happen - tested it with latest version). And focus on the thing he is actually good at - mapping great continuous, detailed campaigns. Even if those maps would be balanced with BD in mind, as long as they are playable with other mods (at least without crashing the engine), I think people would appreciate his work much more than they do now. He has his own dedicated facebook, youtube,discord and twitter
  12. Sinael

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I actually played through PL2 with the latest BD release which is why I mentioned it a lot, and those are the isues I encountered just yesturday, but whatever.
  13. Sinael

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Yet here we are. What I fear is for BD to make a big enouhg splash to attract publishers attention to Mark's patreon which coult totally lead to a precedent of a DMCA on a Doom mod (there's ben a few examples of that recently in other games), which will obviously impact the rest of us.
  14. Sinael

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Funny you say that. Just today one Unreal Engine 4 game called Guilty Gear Xrd has managed to BSOD my PC twice. I'm pretty sure it did not had the access to the kernel in any way. "Professional Whiner" is a job now. I don't see why modding can't be. It's totally fine... Until someone starts to profit off of other people's work. IMO Sgt. Mark should've cleaned up the house and made sure to use only his own resources and eforts before going commercial. Even with the theoretical crediting of all the willing and unwilling contributors, I still find it extremely dishonest and detestable that he took money for something that contains work by other people that do not receive monetary compensation for their "contributions". On other note, Modding is a job only until a big company DMCAs you and shuts your patreon down. "It's okay since they totally appear in the menu!... Menu is broken btw." And still even on that splash screen hiden away in the inmost dens of the mod's directories, there's no mention of Terminus and quite a few other people, and those that are mentioned are listed as willing contributors. There are few people in there that EXPLICITLY did not gave any permisions to use their work for profit, which is what Sgt.Mark does now, one of them is present ITT and clearly states so.
  15. Sinael

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Nuts.wad was totally possible on Boom at the time. At crawling pace, but still. And it does not crash or BSOD, not even once as I tried it in numerous configuratons. Also when you are running it, you totally expect what is coming. In Mark's case a mod and a mapset were made specifically to crash GZD purely because he wished it so.