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  1. Sinael

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    In the "Hell" map there were 4 Cacodemons in the castle towers that never activated, and could not be alerted from below so they just sat there doing nothing.
  2. Sinael

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    No, I refer specifically to the swooshing sound of the Imp's knife. When it flies past you its "swoosh-swoosh" sounds a bit too cartoony, and resembles a chicken clucking quite a bit.
  3. Sinael

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    Why do imps throwing knives sounds like chicken cluckinhg as they fly? I use "WeedsGM4" with TremoloStrings instruments swapped with same from "Patch93s Roland SC-55" - original does not loop properly in some cases. I feel that the instruments in it are better balanced than in Arachnos, while still getting a better quality and "oomph" than default one. Didn't notice any issues so far.
  4. It is not mentioned anywhere as far as I could tell, but the wad is explicidly for GZDoom, the jump is not disabled even if GZDoom has that option, and there's a sound replacement for jump, so my guess was that jump is permitted, even if severely underused in the level design. That PE secret is easily reachable with a jump. Also yeah, finding a secret level supposed to be a bonus, not a punishment as it is now.
  5. The aesthetics and visual design of the maps are good, but the sounds are complete disaster. Pistol feels like i'm shooting a typewriter, Shotguns feel like airsoft, RL is a pathetic "plop". Same about enemy projectiles, fireballs sound like a water baloon splash and not a fiery burst they should be. The instant demon teleport encounters make the maps feel much less fluid and natural in terms of gameplay flow. Feels disjointed. Not a fan.
  6. Sinael

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looks like it is indeed, I guess I remembered a lot of details wrong, thanks a lot!
  7. Sinael

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a map with basic layout being something like this I remember that map distinctly. It was from a fairly well detailed WAD released some time after 2012-2014 It was Boom/limit-removing, no ZDoom stuff I think. It used quite a bit of really cool midtexture and texture trickery to achieve some nice effects. The map I remember was fairly far into the wad, maybe second half. Definitely not a single level wad. The buildings are enterable and exploreable, in the front of the buildings there was area filled with water I think, and from the water there were rising platforms with bridges connecting them, some empty, some with radio towers (radio towers were made with some midtexture tricks and looked really nice and neat, not just a sprite), behind the building there was power/electric station that had mostly brown/yellow buildings, and there was ambush when you activate it. Maybe there were some more bridges The skybox was Dawn/Dusk with blue sky and sun setting/rising beyond the radio tower area. What it is not: Bloody Steel Comatose I clearly remember this map, and I searched all over my wad collection and can't find it.
  8. I hate chromatic aberration regardless of a way it is implemented. Why waste processing resource on effect that emulates bad lenses
  9. Sinael

    Delta Touch on Android

    Any chance of prBoom+ getting updated to DSDA-Doom (its successor)? There are some new wads that need it.
  10. Sinael

    Delta Touch on Android

    It's a direct continuation fork of PRBoom+, so to people who are not interested in the new features it would be completely identical in all regards. However MBF21 and DeHExtra it supports greately expand what can be done within DeHackEd format, stuff like ability to add much more new actors and frames, new actor flags, new codepointers and ability to alter more of the previously hardcoded things and so on. There are new mods and maps in the work that use them.
  11. Sinael

    Delta Touch on Android

    Are thre any plans on updating PRBoom+ up to DSDADoom? I'd really like those MBF21 and rewind features without the performance impact of GZD, and I'm sure many would appreciate them as well.
  12. Sinael

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Is there a way to have this mod in Weapons-only form, without any other modifications? Preferably still with ability to mix and match between extra weapons.
  13. Sinael

    Necromunda Hired Gun

    The guns look like they are from modern FPS, not fitting in the 40k universe at all. WHERE ARE THE SKULLS ON THE GUNS?
  14. Objective reasons: It's emulating a lense defect that actual artists struggle to eliminate. It adds visual noise to the image without adding any detail or putting things in focus like DoF does, and does not convey anything (like motion blur tries to convey motion). It does not serve any actual artistic purpose. Personal reasons: It is quite literally headache inducing for people with myopia (nearsighted) like me. I can not look at a ChromAb image longer than 2 minutes before my eyes begin to hurt. Even slightest bit that DeviantArt people love to use is immediately extremely noticeable to me and I can't "unsee" it, because it physically hurts my eyes. Anyway, for me, exploring levels is ~75% of what makes or breaks an FPS game. Procedural levels are VERY hard to make interesting so I don't think this game would be up my valley.
  15. Sinael

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    This looks VERY promising so I'll be eagerly waiting for new developments. The issue there is the actor spam. Spawning a new actor that has logic (i.e. reacts to environment in any way) has a fair performance cost. This is not an issue when there are only few such actors spawn per second. However main BD/PB gimmick - location damage - relies on spawning several additional actors per monster, 10-15 times per second. This kills performance rather quickly, especially on maps with 400+ monsters - you will have about ~6 times worse FPS than without BD. (70-80 fps vs ~500 for example). Now combine it with complex map that runs at otherwise fine 120-150 fps and you'd get sub-30 framerate. Add in gratuitous blood splatters each one being separate actor as well, and you get the idea lol. You can't do anything about it without completely rewriting the core of its main feature to use some sort of script instead of actor spawning, which would require too much effort to bother for people who could actually do it. Since it has very little to do with the rendering, and much more with the core game logic, it can not be improved by graphic engine optimisations (i.e. this fork)