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  1. No, I strongly disagree, the yellow key room is where you find the yellow key! The rock wall is either in the yellow key room, or the red door room.
  2. The UMAPINFO for map 36 has the exit taking you back to the level that you just left to get there. Was that intended?
  3. Knee-Deep in KDiZD has the following in the UMAPINFO: episode = clear episode = "", "", "1" This clearly isn't meant to be shown.
  4. jeff-d

    Incompatible display to run linuxdoom

    Not sure if it's of any help to you, but I had this issue too. I bodged it here
  5. jeff-d

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jenesis

    This bug is fixed in Doom Retro and International Doom. Also in my port. Not sure about others.
  6. jeff-d

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    My port shows the keys on the automap when the 'k' key is held down. This allows the keys to flash when the cheat button is mashed helping to be able to see them.
  7. jeff-d

    DOOM Retro v5.4 (updated May 2, 2024)

    Every change breaks someones workflow.
  8. Looking at the code, did you intend to leave mo->player pointing to &player if the special is zero?
  9. Some of the better ports fixed this. Here
  10. jeff-d

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    I'm really sorry. I fixed this in my port in 2015 and for some reason I failed to publicise this. https://github.com/jeffdoggett/Doom/commit/14546b818077bcd2b51297c8f2ac05a9cadc2b15#diff-7d32a55729cba3784b056944307ec02973678523890c77f51e0ce45b0df65366
  11. jeff-d

    Doom It Yourself

    My RiscOS port is also based on the original Linux Doom source code. It will compile and run on HPUX (still no sound). The HP PA RISC machines that I use at work are big endian so the code should also work on other big endian cpus. A lot of source ports are written on little endian machines & the authors tend to forget to use the SHORT() and LONG() macros. There is code in my port shamelessly stolen from DIY doom. Andreas also used some of my code in DIY doom.
  12. jeff-d

    MUSINFO: is doomwiki documentation wrong?

    My riscos port supports 14100 to play the default music for the level. Perhaps we could just play the default if there is a music changer on the level that isn't defined in the MUSINFO lump?
  13. Way back in October 2015 I experimented with the vissprite sorting using nuts.wad as a test file. One method that I tried was to keep the array always sorted. Instead of adding each vissprite to the end of the array I slotted it into the correct location using a binary search. Trouble was, updating the list of pointers each time got expensive.
  14. The Automap colours are trivial. My port looks up the colour rgb in the standard palette and then finds the closest match to that rgb in the changed palette in the pwad.