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  1. Way back in October 2015 I experimented with the vissprite sorting using nuts.wad as a test file. One method that I tried was to keep the array always sorted. Instead of adding each vissprite to the end of the array I slotted it into the correct location using a binary search. Trouble was, updating the list of pointers each time got expensive.
  2. The Automap colours are trivial. My port looks up the colour rgb in the standard palette and then finds the closest match to that rgb in the changed palette in the pwad.
  3. jeff-d

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    If I remove those lines from my port it makes no difference - it still does not render correctly. I guess that this means that I haven't copied the relevant parts of the Boom code into mine. Does anyone have any clues where I should be looking?
  4. jeff-d

    Loading games in prboom-plus, command line

    FWIW there's a windows registry setting for the "Open command window here" option that allows just a right-click to show it in the menu.
  5. jeff-d

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    What I was hinting at though, was that the special case of -1 -1 / 2 = 0 -1 >> 1 = -1
  6. jeff-d

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    Sorry for quoting a post from the previous page :) Wrong. Think about a right shift if y = -1
  7. jeff-d

    Black Ops (smooth weapons dehacked mod!)

    I had exactly the same issue! VGA pointed me here:
  8. jeff-d

    Black Ops (smooth weapons dehacked mod!)

    https://github.com/bradharding/doomretro/commit/17d2cb772f0f42e15832ec2ace8757ef94e30859 Don't forget that there are a couple of bugs in the finale sequence that will also need to be stamped on. https://github.com/bradharding/doomretro/commit/9beddb27d3f03bd61ac823ac812030a6be49b868
  9. jeff-d

    Chocorenderlimits link?

    Not sure whether this helps but I got sick an tired of map authors designing levels with the switch that operates a lift or opens a door positioned a long way from the item in question necessitating a frantic dash before the lift/door closes again. So my port has a built in cheat whereby holding down the ` key pauses the countdown for these actions. May be able to do something similar here.
  10. jeff-d

    A DOOM Distro For the Raspberry Pi 3?

    FWIW you can install RiscOS onto a Pi. Then you can use my port! https://sites.google.com/site/jeffreyadoggett/ https://github.com/jeffdoggett/Doom Edit: The Noobs version of RiscOS isn't compatible with the Pi3 - it's a bit more of a faff to install.
  11. jeff-d

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Yes. It's a quote from "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen, repeated line whenever Tim makes a smart comment on Tool Time.
  12. jeff-d

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    There you go Fabian, someone has mixed \ and / on the same line. (For the rest of you this was a conversation we had on the git site for crispy doom)
  13. No. All of these methods require the user to: a) Know that she has a faulty map. b) Know the above remedies. Yes, WE know the above, but I'd suggest that the vast majority of players have little clue about it. There's no cost penalty in having the port fix it.
  14. It's actually relatively straight forward to do. In P_SpawnMapThing you currently have: // check for apropriate skill level if (!netgame && (mthing->options & 16) ) return; Which can be: // check for apropriate skill level if (!netgame && (mthing->options & 16)) { if ((gamemode == commercial) // TNT MAP 31 has a yellow && (gamemission == pack_tnt) // key that is marked as multi && (gamemap == 31) // player erroniously && (mthing -> type == 6)) { mthing->options &= ~16; //printf ("Yellow key rescued! %X, %X\n",mthing->x, mthing->y); } else { return; } }
  15. jeff-d

    DOOM Retro v2.7.5 (updated November 18, 2018)

    Unforunately it's a bug which I introduced into Doom Retro. Brad copied my code that fixes the spawncube East/West problem. Sadly, my new code for A_SpawnFly cannot cope with being called when not used for a genuine flying cube. I fixed (aka bodged) my version some time ago (here https://github.com/jeffdoggett/Doom/commit/b688f5bab7f97a895b323fbee7c6bf207a6aab7e ), but Brad didn't copy the mod across as he possibly didn't realise the significance.