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  1. Doom 3 pinky klooks more like a fiend imo
  2. this is how a skeleton creeps thru yer closet
  3. so so sorry to hear that...
  4. I actually really like the Halo games
  5. probably goat milk because, satanism
  6. oh okay it's fine then! and im sorry. but cool i like some 'level start' animations like that (like what duke nukem 3d did where duke cracks his knuckles) thanks so much for giving us all this info on the game despite how much you have to answer like ,every day by the way! (and yes i know you dont HAVE to answer but its the fact you answer in the first place)
  7. Jesus Christ sorry calm down dude. I ment like was it a bunch of scripted nonsense but then good gameplay like wolfenstein:the new order? or did the game not have scripting/limited scripting or, at least, doom 3 type of scripting (as in you could move/look away from it) and just play like doom?
  8. I kind of hope it has that electronic-industrial esque music heard in wolfenstein: the new order.
  9. Was it like "ok here is gun and level do things" or was it like "heres level run ok scripted explosion *insert camera spazzing out like a pig with it's throat slit here* ok scripted weapon unholster scripted enemy exploding bla bla kden heres level" ?
  10. I can't help but be reminded of those mini pizza bagels when I see the doom 4 revenant's face. I'm dead serious.
  11. As long as his helmet looks decent and, if they show it, his face looks distinguishable as doomguy, then I'm okay with it EDIT: Also, the hand reminds me of something from Doom 3 so, I think I'm perfectly okay with this
  12. I always wondered... what happens to all the demons at the end of doom ii after you kill the IoS? I mean yeah it's just a game and any form of logic applies but I mean, if doomguy doesn't kill everything, wouldn't the demons from the level he exit that are alive think "Hmm, that guy trying to murder us has left and can never return. Maybe we should go kill people while he does his thing."? Well, for me I always just imagine after killing the IoS, all the demons are killed/sent back to hell in some sort of weird sort of... I guess symbolic type of way if that makes sense?
  13. Makes sense since cacos and PEs dont have any animations for moving/flying
  14. Using my EXPURT drawring skills, i illustrated doomguy with how he holds a shotty http://i.imgur.com/90CWiZH.png
  15. Does she swing her arm in a half-circle motion, too?