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  1. Sqrrt121

    Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour

    Have you guys seen the NZ rugby shirt? Its pretty cool.
  2. Sqrrt121

    Rpg Mod and Rla hud problems

    I downloaded RPG doom and Rouge like arsenal and was playing them, but I couldn't see my mana. I tried to use nc HUD and doom RPG patch, but I can't figure out how to use the patch and it wouldn't work. I also fiddled with the HUD options and console but to no luck. Can someone help? I'm using the latest versions of doom rpg , rla and gzdoom.
  3. Sqrrt121

    Hardest game Enemy you ever fought .

    Seymour battle ice place FF10
  4. Sqrrt121

    So Star Wars ships need fuel?

    They could use about a thousan lithium/duetrium (Hydrogen) fusion nuclear plant or maybe 1000+? fission plants.
  5. Sqrrt121

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have not played Doom online in over a year and have lost contact with most of my buddies and I do not play Doom regurlaly anymore.
  6. Sqrrt121

    Doomshack.org - Wad hosting & Multiplayer DOOM!

    This is really cool!
  7. Sqrrt121

    Another example that Doom runs on everything

  8. Sqrrt121

    Another example that Doom runs on everything

    Apparently some hackers got doom on an atm.
  9. Sqrrt121

    Killing imps with one shotgun blast

    When all seven pellets hit them for me, theys always see to die.
  10. Sqrrt121

    Playing Doom as a kid.

    My first time playing Zdaemon with a bunch of cool people that I have yet to seen.
  11. I don't get how the "white people" (American, British ect) invaded countries, kidnapped, raped and killed thousands of black people, but still do this.
  12. Sqrrt121

    spooky clowns in california

    Related to Ebola?
  13. Sqrrt121

    The Doom4Guy Personality

    If it's a big a fail as Duke Nukem Forever's console ports I am going to facepalm so hard.
  14. Sqrrt121

    Has Doom become... Boring?

    I really like Doom because of the massive fan base and how if you get bored, you can always play multiplayer or a wad. But there always a possibility that we could start like a Big Doom Revival or something like that.
  15. Sqrrt121

    how much alcohol in 1-2 hours is safe?

    Also i forgot, my mum is 40.