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  1. Five Magics

    ever had mappers block ?

    Yes. So much that I never even open up Doom Builder anymore.
  2. Five Magics

    Doom 4 should have...

    Holy shit your posts are comedy gold.
  3. Five Magics

    Doom 4 should have...

    Calm down kiddo, It's just a video game. No need to start crying over other peoples opinions. Believe it or not Doomguy777, not everybody thinks the same way you do. And thank fuck for that, so get the hell over it.
  4. Five Magics

    The name of the Doom Marine.

    Since it is never said in the main story. I just always assumed that it was Flynn or 'Fly' like in the Doom novels. Before I read the novels, I just refered to the Marine as 'Doomguy'.
  5. Five Magics

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    B-B-But what about the Super Shotgun? D: But in all of seriousness, I can hardly see why you think this way. Sure the maps were mediocre at times and the textures were all over the place but the new monsters really add to the experience.
  6. Five Magics

    Favourite port [console version] of Doom?

    PSX Doom, that colored lighting always made it scarier for me in most areas.
  7. Five Magics


    Not bad! I liked the Wood theme and it felt consistent all the way through. As for gameplay, it was pretty difficult on UV even when I infighted the monsters, it was fun but I felt that there could have been a little bit more health and a little less empty. My favorite part would be the Cyberdemon Arena, even if two of them felt a little over the top but hey, they helped with some enemies! :P 3/5 Good!
  8. Five Magics

    Favorite Sky Texture?

    Out of all of the wads you all have played through, whether it be an IWAD or PWAD. What would your favorite sky texture be? Like I said it doesn't matter if it is a custom wad or from the core game itself. For me, it would have to be the Episode 4 sky texture from Ultimate Doom. I think it fits the mood for most of the WADs that I've played that feature it.
  9. Five Magics

    The Funniest moment in Doom?

    That's possible? I've never seen that happen before.
  10. Five Magics

    Doom 4 should have...

    But why though? As long as the tutorial is seperate from the campaign or isn't very long, I don't see why they shouldn't. Especially when you mentioned 'new technology' and 'innovation'. Oh of course.
  11. Five Magics

    How do Cacodemons open doors?

    Picking the lock with it's teeth?
  12. Five Magics

    What is your favorite DooM Episode?

    I always loved Episode 2 since the first time I played it. The way the later levels looked always creeped me out. Oh, and that Cyberdemon Battle, nuff said.
  13. Five Magics

    The Funniest moment in Doom?

    Whenever a Pinkie Demon gibs a Zombie. Never gets old.
  14. Five Magics

    Titanfall will have 2 hour multiplayer campaign

    As much as I want the game, I really wish they would do away with Origin.
  15. Five Magics

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    To me, ZDoom maps aren't as fun when compared to early 90's WADs. I don't know why but, the weird & abstract map designs from 94/95 WADs intrest me more than a map full of ZDoom scripts and Custom Monsters. The styles used in older mapsets just feel more 'DOOM' to me.