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  1. one_Two

    WolfenDoom: Web of Agony

    http://i.imgur.com/h2pkfUf.png Spot the error. Mod looks nice though.
  2. one_Two

    Best players

  3. one_Two

    Best players

    I don't know when you are joking Capo. You can play on GV or elsewhere y/n? If not I must award tournament to KS which no one wants...
  4. one_Two

    Best players

    Play Killstrike and beat him then cement your legend status ok.
  5. one_Two

    Best players

    Tbh a lot more names are coming to mind now like mathayus, caller, armour... I think Capo is very good at his peak, never saw enough of NRM to fully judge.
  6. one_Two

    Best players

    Can only really comment on zan duels, from playing for a few years and observing my top ten are: 01. Fluffles 02. Shadowforce 03. Rosking 04. Capo 05. Ivan 06. NRM (maybe I'm confused, is this skinlanen?) 07. Jwarrier 08. Nati 09. Water 10. Xaver I've only beaten one person on this list :)
  7. one_Two

    vanilla/software sky not working.

    Yep that's the one, cheers for your help.
  8. one_Two

    vanilla/software sky not working.

    Alright well I tried that, and I guess you can as well, this is it in software: http://i.imgur.com/W2h78ue.png And without a line texture I get a HOM.
  9. one_Two

    vanilla/software sky not working.

    Alright cheers, It's quite a big wad so I've just taken where the problem is and stuck it in another, https://www.mediafire.com/?ck3fdf4tk5yzkfn Infact just testing now it seems to act differently on every port I try, some hom, some show texture and some show sky so idk what is going on there..
  10. Hey, so I'm making a few maps and this problem occurs. Basically my wad uses cc4tex so I've copied the texture and patches lump into mine. Now I do intend to change some skys but that's not really the problem, in map01 i have a sky texture as the floor and the ceiling with normal flat and same height, the sky texture bleeds through and so I have the sky on that wall (works fine, idk if I got terminology wrong there) then on map02 i wanna have like a few windows where you can see sky out of it, I do the same thing but it just shows the linedef texture, not the sky, even though that is the floor texture. I've tried numerous combinations of things but to no avail, I'm testing in a number of ports, this only seems to happen in software like odamex and prboom. Glboom works fine. any help appreciated. Thanks.