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  1. I defeated it, misleading title, 0/10. Just kidding! I really liked it. It's fun to see this kind of trick applied to familiar classic Doom maps.
  2. hetdegon

    AutoDoom available to download

    Compiled and ran the current git on Linux. Then made it run EP1 in Nightmare. My reaction is a mixture of "technically impressive, manages to get all secrets and survives* even in Nightmare difficulty" and "oh my God look at it go!". In visual terms, it's a bit odd how much it loves to straferun. Other than that it's really impressive and takes amusingly little CPU while working. I think I will make it the nerdiest screensaver this side of Angband+APWBorg. I am kinda impressed on how it's able to get even non-obvious secrets so nicely. The most strange behavior I noticed is how it'll abandon a group of enemies at the exit of E1M2 because it has only 390 bullets instead of 400, which gets it into unnecessary risks in Nightmare. It's also interesting how it doesn't necessarily take the same routes every time. Makes it more "natural". I kind of wish it was available for zdoom as opposed to Eternity, but don't take that as a request or anything. It'd make a great single-player bot companion. I assume you have your reasons for using Eternity instead, though. *It struggles, but managed to clear a bunch of maps after a while. EDIT: Heh, seems if you use the Eternity feature to spawn with a couple of MBF dogs, the AI goes insane trying to kill the poor pups. Bad AI, bad! And if the game mode is set to coop so the bot can respawn, it'll sulk in a corner and stop moving, aware of its mortality or something.
  3. hetdegon

    A Second New Romero Map: E1M4B

    Ooh, I didn't expect to see another map from Romero so soon. Gave it a quick go and it's pretty good. Not as hard as E1M8b but well, makes sense given it's supposed to come earlier. If Romero's new project uses this sort of Doom-like mapping I'll sure be giving it a go.
  4. hetdegon

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    Nah, it's more like being able to slow things down, rewind or peek at memory with general or custom-made tools, giving "superhuman" capabilities to the player making the TAS. The people playing those are very much human.
  5. hetdegon

    John Romero makes first new Doom map in 21 years

    That was a fun map! Played it both in pistol start (pretty tough) and doing the entire episode with it as finale. Worked both ways. Some say it doesn't fit E1, but I thought it worked pretty well. Just a bit bigger and tougher than you'd expect, but not too much. Would love some more. Romero should totally make a megawad :D EDIT: Romero replied right after me, I am never washing my post again.
  6. hetdegon

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Heh, I remember one 10 years ago where I was very sick with high fever, and dreamed I was playing a techbase-styled map until I was feeling so physically uncomfortable that I wanted to wake up and move even in my dream...which I did by opening the console (as in zdoom) and somehow inputting "quit". No controls or anything in the middle, it was weird. I mostly remember it because of the incredible headache I had and because it was only a few days after the cacowards of the year, which I usually play during the holidays. The idea of recreating dream scenes in Doom is pretty amusing. I have done it a few times, the most recent one being this dream I had... http://i.imgur.com/3nAbzA3.png where I came out of a hallway of a pretty boring-looking house with white walls and wooden floors, to find it abruptly opened into a huge cliff structure carved into white-ish rock with some grass and shrubs (not depicted) on the surface. http://i.imgur.com/PuPnHU5.jpg Which was connected to the sea with an opening as seen in the image, and the water was remarkably turquoise-colored. I really wanted to jump into it, but despite wanting to, my dream self went a different direction. http://i.imgur.com/U2KIEqM.jpg And had a building at the right, which I went to instead. The building was some sort of factory-like building, not too interesting to map (and too detailed to even attempt, it was all either empty or cluttered rooms). There was also some amusing dream logic about dead souls roaming the place and a friendly robot janitor being the only one left around there, but I kinda forgot about it despite being more interesting than the map itself, heh. When I woke up I made that crude replica in gzdoom, added swimable water, made a bunch of textures and sounds and put that together. At least I was able to take the jump. http://i.imgur.com/WMmNKnA.jpg Felt good. At the time SLADE and its map editor were in beta (I use Linux so no GZDoom Builder without virtual machine shenanigans, which do weird things to the mouse) and very crashy, so I lost my patience and didn't detail it any further. I did use it as a placeholder map in another unrelated project though, since it's big and open, in case you are wondering about the hud elements in the screenshots. I got a few other dream scenarios I want to replicate in detail, but since I make all resources from scratch, I didn't have the time for it lately, it's in my todo list. I considered the idea of making a wad out of such weird dream scenarios, for the flashy value and to share textures and such, but they would have 0 gameplay value in most cases, so not pursuing that idea very strongly.
  7. hetdegon

    request: doom inventory

    Yeah it's very easy to do in g/zdoom, just define an artifact item with the INVBAR flag in DECORATE, probably of the CustomInventory class. Just check out how they do the Porkalator or stuff like that, you can't miss it. Zandronum also applies, of course, but there are caveats about its DECORATE implementation due to not keeping up. Note that for Doom you might need to set a flag to keep inventory after clearing a map in ZMAPINFO, otherwise you get reduced to about one item of each type, for some reason. Other than that, easy peasy.
  8. Try Lasting Light: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37786&hilit=lasting+light
  9. I think yes and no, while it attracted a small fanbase and gave Doom some spotlight time because of some popular Youtube people, but few move outside of the little community for it. A bit like Megaman Deathmatch. I've seen a few that abandoned Doom and started to get into it again because reviewer X mentioned BD, though. As long as they aren't annoying about things, BD fans don't bother me. If they choose to play Doom like that, let them, they aren't forcing anyone to abandon the ways of old, and nobody should dictate how other people plays. It's about fun, not "what's right" or not. Personally, I think Brutal Doom is not bad. It's juvenile and cartoony, but it isn't different from any weapons/enemies/gameplay mods. You just toss it in when you want something different, that's the point. I had fun with it for a while, honestly. I've been with Doom since the very start, and I love it in its purer form, but it's nice to change things once in a while. There's such a large variety of gameplay mods that are just fun. And, who knows, BD is not that old, we might find a group of people growing up from it and becoming valuable community members and modders. Quite optimistic I know, but I have seen stranger things happen during these 20 years-and-a-half of Doom.
  10. hetdegon

    "My House" Community Project

    I actually always had a thing for house maps, even if they are just the architecture without enemies. I hope this project succeeds, I'd really love a handful of such maps. I could offer to contribute but...I kind of live in a small apartment with white walls and not much furniture, and I don't think a white box is very much up to standards. I'd have to make one up.
  11. hetdegon

    Hexen wads

    If using zdoom, this Hexen wad kind of remakes Hero Quest (the old board game) on it. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=45245 It's at least an interesting concept.
  12. hetdegon


    I didn't try it out in a vanilla port, but tried it in gzdoom and it looks quite nice, actually.